NASCAR Chase Astro Predictions for Phoenix – Jeff Gordon

Congrats to Tony for the TX win!!
Jeff Gordon married yesterday…
Gordo announced his engagement to Ingrid Vandebosch in Sonoma, and then won the Nextel Cup race the next day…could that happen this weekend??
Jeff Gordon, born 4 August 1971
Jupiter Conjunction Jupiter – activity period from Nov. 5th to the 14th.
This influence indicates the beginning of a new cycle of growth and progress. However, it is often the focus of exaggerated expectations. You may expect sudden windfalls, great wealth or luck. and all kinds of wonderful opportunities. And these things do happen sometimes with this influence, but most people should expect more subtle, but equally useful effects. Events now, such as meetings with persons or even changes in your psyche, open the way for you to become wiser and more mature and to have a broader understanding of the world. At this time you will reach out consciously and unconsciously and ask more of the world, but at the same time you are willing to give more to the world.
This influence can make you feel either more demanding or more giving toward others, but you are not likely to get much out of it if you think only of what you can get. The law of conservation of energy in the universe says that you can transform the energies in your life from one form to another, but you cannot create them out of nothing. This influence represents a time when you should see whether you are doing that in your life.
Concretely, you can expect persons who are good for you to come into your life. Or circumstances will arise that give you increased freedom or an opportunity to do something that you have never done before. Educational opportunities may come to you at this time, or a chance to travel. Sometimes this influence does in fact bring about financial advantage, but you should not sit around passively waiting for it to happen. This is an excellent time to invest or expand in business as long as you are very careful not to overdo it or overextend yourself.

Jeff’s ‘scope for the race in Phoenix this weekend is equally interesting. His Moon is in the 11th House, in effect from Nov.13-15.
This influence can signify any one of several different effects. It can indicate a time when emotional contact with friends is very important to you. If you or your friend has something very personal to say, something that touches either of you at a deeper emotional level than usual, this is a good time to say it. Contact between yourself and friends is much deeper than usual now. A related effect of this influence is to bring a female friend or friends into prominence in your life, and in general you should find it easier to get along with them now. In friendships you will probably feel more protective and supportive than usual, or you will attract someone who gives you needed emotional support.

Today is an interesting day in the World, isn’t it? 12 years. Astro cycles are interesting. It was a good day for Mercury to cross the face of the Sun. Glory!! Glory!!
I was wondering tho…if Gordo got married in Mexico yesterday…did he skip voting or mail in his ballot? Is he did mail in his ballot, has Jeff’s vote really been counted?

Tally Ho!! Onward Lug Nutz!!
**yup..I am home, just in time to influence the outcome of the Chase!!!
Stay tuned…



  1. About time you showed up 😀

  2. PLEASE, influence it for Earnhardt. Please!

  3. Clance…I’m flashing back to Nancy Reagan as I read about which moon Jeff Gordon may be in, ha!

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