Kevin Harvick wins in Phoenix!!

Wow!! What a great race! Congrats to Kevin Harvick for the Sweep!! As I said…he was going to be”in tune”. His aspects were in absolute perfect alignment for him to win, even tho he had near battery failure and even had to be pushed to restart the last 3 laps of the race. I think that car kept going off pure Harvick energies.

Now…let’s talk about the rest of the race. Astrologically speaking. Did I tell you Jimmy and Chad’s scope’s were about as perfect as they might be able to be? There could have been no greater aspects for Jimmy **(yes… I know I always spell Jimmie wrong, I do it on purpose. Don’t send me 500 mean emails because I do it. I am not being mean. It’s faked Typoneese. Typoneese is the Official Prayer Language of The Church of the Great Oval.) and Chad today. They once again, overcame adversity with a tremendous show of skill and finesse. J.J. drove with absolute beauty. He now needs only to finish 12th at Homestead to take The Championship. Can he keep up this momentum? Will J.J. and Chad’s aspects continue to be complimentary?

Jr.’s aspects were right on. He made the top 5. He is still capable of winning The Chase. He has come so far this year. His Dad would be right proud of that boy. No. I am wrong. His Dad would very proud of Dale Jr. the Man.

Matt Kenseth’s aspect’s are right on, tho I don’t think he realizes it. The race started today with the #17, 17 points out. Interesting numerology. He has had some issues…but look where he is.

Denny’s aspects were right on. He is in and capable of winning.

Jeff Gordon did have a run in with someone who had similar inclinations. Now he’s out of the Chase. Karma? Maybe. Who owns J.J.’s car??
Carl did show a bit of temper. I am actually glad to see him not trying to be perfect Mr. Smiley this year.
Tony? Well, NBC didn’t say much about Tony but I imagine he wasn’t singing

Mark Martin did well. I am so happy for him. He needed the lift. Jeff Burton? Well? Do you think I was right…or wrong?
Ryan Newman is very well aware…Good Job Ryan. I hate to hear that Ryan may lose Matt Borland as his CC but family is important. Good call Matt.
The Elder Alien? I think his marriage has turned him into a part-time Earthling. Who woulda thunk this time last year that he would be an Honorary Deputy? (**Did anyone else catch his interaction with Eva today? That was very telling. The man is head over heels in love and so is she. Sweet…)

I Wonder if Brian France will be an Honorary Police Officer this time next year?

So…we move into the
Big Week.

Yes… I have done the ‘scopes for Homestead…and NO! I won’t tell you what they say… Right now anyway. I have a few wagers to make. If anyone will win anything on this, it will be ME. Well… I take that back. There is another NASCAR Blogger who, if I am wrong will win something. He/She isn’t talking tho. I will be sharing with the founding members of The Church of the Great Oval early. I will hint at it all week on the Blog (s?)…I have discussed it here and there…in the past…and recently. We can make it a Quest… like the Davinci Code. No Hex. Dawg. Think he is listening? Go Jr.!!
Think Platinum….like my #1 #88 fan is still digging, to make me rich.

Onward Lug Nutz!!
Tally Ho!!
Drive with his left foot!!



  1. I don’t know. That deputy act may be some alien plot.

  2. What Babs said…
    Kurt just seems phony to me. I don’t know what it is about him. Maybe he just likes to distance himself from the public while still doing the mandantory PR. Congrats to Kevin, and I think the championship will go down to the wire. Jimmie hasn’t always had the best of luck at Homestead.
    However, if he does get the championship, after having come so close before, I will probably get emotional and still need boxes of kleenex.
    I Like the new template.

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