NASCAR – Jimmie Johnson’s Astro- Prediction for Homestead

Here is Jimmie Johnson’s ‘scope for Homestead. Can he over come this? Good thing he has a fair point spread. I think he may end up with a DNF.

Jimmy Johnson, born 17 September 1975
Saturn Opposition Moon activity period from end of October 2006 until end of July 2007.
Theme: An emotional trial
*** Valid during many months: This is one of the most emotionally trying influences. It is frequently associated with domestic or professional problems, emotional depression, loneliness, difficulties with women or difficulties with personal relationships, often leading to breakups. This influence represents an “alienation crisis,” that is, a crisis brought about by the discovery that you have been neglecting your emotional and psychological needs. As a result you feel alone and disconnected from others, like an alien in the world whom no one else can ever adequately understand. To a greater or lesser extent, everyone’s life revolves around an overall task or purpose that makes one’s life unique. The purpose may be a job, motherhood, fatherhood, some movement that you believe in or anything else that gives you a sense of purpose. Often an alienation crisis occurs when you discover that you have gone too far too fast in pursuit of your life purpose and have neglected your psychological and emotional needs. Perhaps you have neglected your relationships or your domestic life, or you have repressed your feelings. In this way you build up a wall between yourself and others, which makes you feel alone and alienated. You must make your personal life and your profession or other central purpose work together. That will require changing your lifestyle so that you can pay equal attention to both.

Moon in the 12th House 12 exact at 02:31
activity period from 19 November 2006 to 21 November 2006.

Theme: Maybe not all that bad At this time you may be tempted to withdraw and keep your feelings secret, especially if you are at all insecure about your inner self. Perhaps you, like many people, have always felt that if others really knew you, they wouldn’t like you. So you keep your entire emotional life secret. But whatever you hide from others, you will also hide from yourself. And whatever you hide from yourself can control you without your being aware of it. This is a time when your unconscious attitudes and fears can be very difficult. You need to communicate your deep inner feelings to another person, preferably someone you can trust. Probably you will not feel much like socializing now. And in fact it is a good time to be alone and face any aspect of yourself that you are reluctant to face. It is probably not really all that bad.

Moon Sextile Med.Coeli exact at 07:58
activity period from 19 November 2006 to 20 November 2006.

Theme:Intense feelings
Weak, transient effect: This influence normally indicates a few hours of unusually intense feelings. This morning you will have a strong desire to know yourself and to experience life largely through the emotion. This is probably not the best time for work that requires a completely clear and dispassionate state of consciousness, but you will not feel like doing that kind of work anyway. You will want to engage your emotions in whatever you do, and you will experience a richness of feeling and inner life that is satisfying in itself. This influence is good for any business matters concerning the general public or for any situation in which you have to appear before the public or a large group. Otherwise it is not an influence that stimulates drive and ambition.

This very telling aspect went into affect the first of Nov.
Mars in the 12th House
activity period from beginning of November 2006 until beginning of December 2006.

Theme: Self-defense* Valid during several weeks: Past behavior patterns that have become completely unconscious now become active and come into play without your knowing it. Your efforts at self-assertion are undermined by these behavior patterns that you are not even aware of. And unfortunately the people who are alienated by these actions probably will not come out and say so, but will work behind the scenes to block your efforts. The only way you can counter this effect is to become completely conscious of yourself and these little self-defeating acts. If you feel emotionally upset as you often will during this time, refrain from any kind of significant confrontation with others. Instead, confront yourself. It is best at this time to work alone as much as possible.

Jimmy is hosting a special call-in edition of his weekly XM Satellite Radio show today
You can talk to Jimmie and Marty Smith during the show at
866-250-8535. Jimmie and Marty will also be answering e-mails sent to
Should we tell him his ‘scope is lousy? No?? Yes?? Do you think it would influence his thoughts and make him worry about it….therefore creating a “loser” mindset? OR…??
Do you think it will make him more determined to “overcome adversity”?
You know how the team is about that. If he wins at Homestead it would be overcoming adversity alright.
It would be a Miracle.
But….if anyone can do it, J.J. and Chad can. I will post Chad’s ‘scope later today.

Onward Lug Nutz!!
Tally Ho!!



  1. YESSS…anyway, if Mr. Eyebrow man decides he wants to overcome adversity, I’ll hold you responsible. LOL.

    And a call-in show? Who here wants to bet that his phone lines won’t blow up like Earnhardt’s did? *Raises hand*

  2. If I’d seen JJ had a call in show soon enough, I’d have had all his lines lit up. Boy howdy I would. Am I the lone Jimmie fan here or am I just feeling paranoid again? NO bustin’ juju on Jimmie, the planets of our solar system being against him aren’t enough to make you happy??? Ok, so if he takes the Championship in spite of the neggy chart, does that make him an even more awesome, talented and skillful driver?

    I still say JJ’s gonna take the Championship, though I’d really love for Jr. to take this one, I just don’t see Jr. getting too many chances, his luck is sporadic as hell. If Kenseth wins, can JJ ‘n Jr. combine their points and select a winner that overrides Kenseth’s win? I think that should be a NASCAR rule for sure.

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