Only in Idaho…

While you are waiting for ‘scope’s, I will share one example of why I perceive the majority of the people who vote, to be morons. Read more here at MSNBC .

Sheesh!! Katrina victims? We need protected from from Katrina Victims??? In Nov. 2006??? Watch out…Ada and Canyon County and every county in Idaho is at risk!! Lock your door and get your guns sighted in. Unbelievable idiocy.
I can’t believe this made National News. Greenleaf’s resident’s are probably even proud of it.
I am embarrassed to be in Idaho, once again. We don’t not grow as many potatoes as we used too. We grow Dumb Ass Potato Heads.
‘Scope’s will be up in a little bit. They will get my mind off this bunch of at least.

Sheesh again!


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  1. What… you don’t believe this won’t give the city “a better platform from which to promote gun safety?”

    But on the other hand how will those Katrina refugees learn to “shop for groceries with a rifle slung over a camouflage jacket,” if they’re not allowed into the fine city of Greenleaf?

    Seems the town has quite a conundrum on its hands.

    Not to mention a plethora of half-witted moonbats!

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