NASCAR Homestead Astro-Predictions Denny Hamlin

Happy Birthday Denny!!

Denny has only these two active aspects today for his daily chart. His long term aspect
are about following his dreams. Obviously those are happening. Denny’s Natal chart shows big promise in life for him. Watch out for the future. This young man is going to do great things. Look where he is at in his life right now. It only get’s better.

Denny Hamlin, born 18 November 1980
Moon Opposition Chiron Theme: No chance **active only on race day
At this time feelings, desires and moods pull you in a direction which is not very
beneficial for you and could easily undermine your self- confidence. It is hard to say
what form this actually takes. Maybe you buy some clothes in which you look a bit
strange, or you challenge someone to a game which you have absolutely no chance of
winning. One way or another you could be subconsciously determined to make yourself a
laughing stock or show yourself up. It is possible that you do this not to yourself
but, unintentionally, to someone else – particularly women and children who are close
to you are potential victims. Fortunately, this influence is very weak and lasts at
most half a day.

Moon Square Ascendant activity period from 18 November 2006 to 19 November 2006. Theme: Wrapped up
Weak, transient effect: This morning your emotions are strong when dealing with others,
which can be either good or bad, depending on how you handle it. On the plus side, it
gives you a great deal of sensitivity toward others. You can feel their moods
immediately and respond to them so that you are able to fit into any group you are
with. You value emotional contacts now, and you project feeling, warmth and concern to
others. But on the negative side, this influence can also signify that you are so
wrapped up in your moods that you can’t get out of yourself and relate to anyone else.
In either case your moods are likely to fluctuate rather rapidly, so do not take your
emotions too seriously at this time. You should make an effort to be with others,
because forcing yourself to relate will bring out the better side of this influence.


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