NASCAR in Homestead – The Chase Final Astro Prediction – Matt Kenseth

Matt Kenseth, born 10 March 1972 Mars Trine Med.Coeli activity period from 18 November 2006 to 21 November 2006. Theme: Taking the initiative **

At this time you feel very self-assured and confident, and you will have the necessary material and physical resources to carry out whatever objectives you have in mind. If necessary, you work very hard to gather people who will work with you and to assure whatever backing you need. You undertake every task with great zeal and energy. And you don’t stand about waiting for someone to give you directions. You take the initiative yourself and finish the task swiftly. Also you will contribute everything you have to the effort. You are sufficiently confident of success that you are willing to take risks, and such risks are reasonably likely to turn out well. This process takes place in such a way that you learn more about yourself, and at the same time you are able to let others know clearly where you stand.

Mars Sextile Moon activity period from 18 November 2006 to 21 November 2006. Theme: On the lookout
You will have a strong desire to experience with all of your faculties as a whole person, not just with your mind. Also you will defend your beliefs and opinions with emotional and passionate fervor. It is not that you are looking for a fight, but you will not run from one either. You won’t allow anyone to walk all over you so long as this influence lasts. You seek out relationships and friends who will arouse your emotions as well as your intellect, and you may be on the lookout for someone with whom you can have a passionate sexual relationship. This influence also makes existing sexual relationships more intense. You will have the energy to work very hard, but only on projects that affect you personally. There is some impulsiveness with this influence and a tendency to leap to conclusions.

Chiron Sextile Neptune exact at 17:25 activity period from end of January 2006 until beginning of December 2006. Theme: Day Dreaming
Valid during many months: This influence will make it easier for you to contact the world of your dreams and fantasies. This may not be especially apparent when carrying out your daily routine, except perhaps if your occupation allows you to express your creative side in some way. If this is the case, this could be an inspirational time in which you could feel unable to keep track of the overwhelming flood of images emerging from your unconscious. This time will also be positive for you if your work involves caring for those suffering from physical and emotional pain, because it makes you more sensitive, helping you to understand many of the underlying causes of human suffering which are incomprehensible to the rational mind.
This influence will also help you to better understand problematic issues which you would usually rather ignore. It would probably do you good to get away from the rough and tumble of everyday life occasionally, giving your mind the chance to wander. Images from your childhood and adolescence could come to you during times of withdrawal, and these could bring back both beautiful and painful memories. This soothing time will help you see painful memories in a new light, making it easier for you to forgive those people who hurt you. Releasing yourself from your inner hurt will also increase your sense of freedom.

Moon Trine Ascendant exact at 07:52 active only on 19 November 2006 Theme: Maternal instincts
Weak, transient effect: This influence is good for all kinds of relationships in that all your contacts with others this morning are warm and emotional. You do not choose superficial or formal contacts but instead desire to make a personal connection with everyone you meet. At the same time you feel a strong need to protect and nurture those whom you are close to. There is something of the maternal instinct in the way you care for others. You are also very sensitive to people’s emotional needs and wants, which enables you to respond to them at a very deep level of understanding. You will want to feel that you belong to any group that you associate with at this time. Fortunately you will also be able to make others feel that they belong with you. Your emotions are so much closer to the surface of your being that you can see them clearly.

Moon Trine Med.Coeli exact at 21:15 activity period from 19 November 2006 to 20 November 2006. Theme: In tune
Weak, transient effect: Tonight your personal needs and career needs are balanced, and there will not be as much tension between them as at other times. Also your emotions are in tune with your intentions so that you can go about your business with complete oneness. There is less of the feeling that two sides of you are struggling for mastery over the whole. Under this influence you have a great ability to relate to others on an emotional level, because you feel your emotions so richly yourself. You are sensitive to others’ needs, and you understand how you can use their moods and sensitivities for positive ends. On the other hand, you may choose to retire into your own personal world. The richness of feeling and emotion that this time brings may make you feel like being alone or with only your closest loved ones.

Moon Sextile Moon exact at 21:23 activity period from 19 November 2006 to 20 November 2006 Theme: A need for intimacy
Weak, transient effect: This is a time of deep feelings. Tonight you want to be surrounded by familiar people and objects that remind you of pleasant past experiences. It is a good time to be with relatives and family and to go over old times with them. Or you may feel like doing nothing more adventurous than staying home and curling up with a good book. With this influence there is a great need for intimacy, which you wish to share with the people you are in contact with today. When you are with a group or before the public under this influence, you are able to establish a good rapport. This is a good time for making any kind of public presentation. Friends, especially female friends, are important to you at this time. You have the ability to sit with them, listen to their troubles and offer a sympathetic ear, as well as good advice.
Transit selected for today (by user):
Moon Sextile Moon exact at 21:23
activity period from 19 November 2006 to 20 November 2006.

**Uranus Trine Ascendant activity period from beginning of June 2005 until end of January 2007.  Theme: Transient relationships***
Valid during many months: This is a time of increased freedom in and through your personal relationships. You are able to express yourself to others in ways that have never before been possible for you. This may take the form of a new interest or hobby or a new field of study. You may be attracted to technical and scientific subjects, as well as to occult studies such as astrology.
You respond much more quickly to people around you now and generally give the impression of being more alive and willing to challenge life, and you are. You may also seem somewhat impulsive and perhaps a bit nervous, but most people will not find you upsetting.
Sudden new contacts with others may provide opportunities to branch out and do things that you have never done before. You may have a chance to travel, for example, or to take up some completely new activity. Your old way of life no longer interests you, and if someone tries to convince you to keep to your old ways, you just get bored.
New relationships may begin now that challenge you creatively, but they may not last longer than this influence, so it is well not to make any permanent commitment until later. Even though the relationships may be transient, they will have a liberating effect upon you and increase your capacity to experience life. Often the other person will act as a “guru,” that is, he or she will open up spiritual dimensions that you have never experienced before. However, do not expect this person to come in standard guru clothing. It could be anyone, and very often he or she will not look at all like the conventional notion of a spiritual teacher. Enlightenment takes as many forms as there are teachers and students.

Jimmy Johnson, born 17 September 1975
Saturn Opposition Moon
activity period from end of October 2006 until end of July 2007.

Theme: An emotional trial
*** Valid during many months: This is one of the most emotionally trying influences. It is frequently associated with domestic or professional problems, emotional depression, loneliness, difficulties with women or difficulties with personal relationships, often leading to breakups.
This influence represents an “alienation crisis,” that is, a crisis brought about by the discovery that you have been neglecting your emotional and psychological needs. As a result you feel alone and disconnected from others, like an alien in the world whom no one else can ever adequately understand.
To a greater or lesser extent, everyone’s life revolves around an overall task or purpose that makes one’s life unique. The purpose may be a job, motherhood, fatherhood, some movement that you believe in or anything else that gives you a sense of purpose. Often an alienation crisis occurs when you discover that you have gone too far too fast in pursuit of your life purpose and have neglected your psychological and emotional needs. Perhaps you have neglected your relationships or your domestic life, or you have repressed your feelings. In this way you build up a wall between yourself and others, which makes you feel alone and alienated.
You must make your personal life and your profession or other central purpose work together. That will require changing your lifestyle so that you can pay equal attention to both.

Moon in the 12th House 12 exact at 02:31
activity period from 19 November 2006 to 21 November 2006. 

Theme: Maybe not all that bad
At this time you may be tempted to withdraw and keep your feelings secret, especially if you are at all insecure about your inner self. Perhaps you, like many people, have always felt that if others really knew you, they wouldn’t like you. So you keep your entire emotional life secret. But whatever you hide from others, you will also hide from yourself. And whatever you hide from yourself can control you without your being aware of it. This is a time when your unconscious attitudes and fears can be very difficult. You need to communicate your deep inner feelings to another person, preferably someone you can trust. Probably you will not feel much like socializing now. And in fact it is a good time to be alone and face any aspect of yourself that you are reluctant to face. It is probably not really all that bad.

Moon Sextile Med.Coeli exact at 07:58
activity period from 19 November 2006 to 20 November 2006.

Theme:Intense feelings
Weak, transient effect: This influence normally indicates a few hours of unusually intense feelings. This morning you will have a strong desire to know yourself and to experience life largely through the emotion. This is probably not the best time for work that requires a completely clear and dispassionate state of consciousness, but you will not feel like doing that kind of work anyway. You will want to engage your emotions in whatever you do, and you will experience a richness of feeling and inner life that is satisfying in itself. This influence is good for any business matters concerning the general public or for any situation in which you have to appear before the public or a large group. Otherwise it is not an influence that stimulates drive and ambition.

The very telling aspect went into affect the first of Nov.?

Mars in the 12th House
activity period from beginning of November 2006 until beginning of December 2006.

Theme: Self-defense*
Valid during several weeks: Past behavior patterns that have become completely unconscious now become active and come into play without your knowing it. Your efforts at self-assertion are undermined by these behavior patterns that you are not even aware of. And unfortunately the people who are alienated by these actions probably will not come out and say so, but will work behind the scenes to block your efforts. The only way you can counter this effect is to become completely conscious of yourself and these little self-defeating acts. If you feel emotionally upset as you often will during this time, refrain from any kind of significant confrontation with others. Instead, confront yourself. It is best at this time to work alone as much as possible.

In case you did not see Jimmie Johnson’s scope earlier this week, you can read it here.

Yes… I am sticking my neck out here. I believe J.J. may get a DNF. Something not too good is going to happen anyway.

I think the Chase will come down to a very close Kenseth ( Kenseth winning) and Harvick finish with Jr. and Denny right behind. Tony will get rid of Jeff Gordon so he can’t help J.J. and then rush to help Denny and Jr.
Yup that’s what I think…
Tally Ho!
Onward Lug Nutz!! Enjoy!!



  1. Woot!!! Go Matt!

  2. AAAARRGH, I was just pondering the possibility of a DNF for JJ last night, that would be so frustrating after working so hard all season, to lose it the last race. IF it happens, I hope it is at least fair, that no dumbass with agenda takes him out.

    Kenseth. Humbug.

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