Jimmie Johnson NASCAR Champion

Congrats to Jimmie…he earned it and it was more than a miracle that you may realize. He has come much further than you may realize. Congat’s to Chad and crew also!
Ho hummmmm….now we must all come up with new things to write about. The big NASCAR inspiration is over. Now what? How creative can we get?
I am of to la-la land. Doc’ changed my pain meds, added a couple other ones and they are kicking my butt. To those that I may promised I would do something for you….forget it. Ain’t gonna happen today.
Tally HO!!
Onward to 2007.



  1. I now owe Bab’s a Matt Kenseth Champ car and a 2006 Jimmy Johnson Chanp car…..

  2. 🙂 I could use a Jimmie Johnson Champ Car…hehe! OH Clance, I am almost done with my pinup girl, I’ll post her on my blog so you can see. She’ll be up by 9pm if you are still conscious, enjoy those new meds!

  3. I’m withdrawing from NASCAR for the season, and I may need meds. I get downright depressed. I may turn my RantsnRaves blog into a photo blog for the next two months, but I haven’t made up my mind yet.

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