Thanksgiving is over.

Well ,I made through Thanksgiving with all the little ones, daughters and hubby’s. Nothing broken. Wood floors still shine after a good mopping. The only damage that was actually done was I dumped a huge cup of coffee in the middle of my living room, and one of the kids flushed something down the toilet that created a bit of a well, back up issue…which somehow turned into a flood the floor issue.
The new meds the Doc put me on are kicking my butt and I am sleeping a lot. Forgive me if I don’t get around to reading you all for a few days. I do get to put more pressure on my leg now and begin to re-learn how to walk. The torture device has been changed again but it will keep both my feet headed in the same direction. My bones are knitting well to all the titanium in the leg/ all is well there. Still can’t drive…I MISS RIDING MY BIKE A LOT.
Check out this blog Stop it! Quit following me! She is a dear friend of mine, a fabulous artist in her own right and a huge Jimmie Johnson fan. She lived in Daytona for awhile and has a lot of interesting stories about NASCAR and life. Lorelei is awesome you will love her. Make sure you read her posts from the very first one on. She is a kick!
So Onward Lug Nutz and keep the faith…Tally Ho!!



  1. Did you kill that kid? I would have. I’m glad you are sort of kind of getting better. Thanks for all of your help with the “thief”.


  2. Hi Clance,

    Got your message!

    I can be reached at

    It would appear that Antonette has had the same probelem as well.

    Take Care, and I’m glad you are on the mend!

  3. Wow, thanks for the nice words Clance! Now I feel I must live up to your high praise of me, the pressure is on. 😀

    I’m glad you’re healing up, it sucks being house bound when you’re an active outdoorsy sort. That titanium stuff is pretty cool, I was hoping it would set off the alarms at the airport but no such luck (I have a bunch of titanium anchor hooks in my shoulders that were supposed to keep my arms on.)

    So…what was it that got flushed? Kids can be pretty creative with such things and you’ve got my undivided attention in case I need to have one to ruin someones day.

    I still gotta check my gmail! That’s what I got online to do…about 4 hours ago! Later tater! Lorrrrralai

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