NASCAR Blog Thieves – Here we go again…

This Feed is for personal non-commercial use only. If you are not reading this material in your news aggregator, or at the site you are looking at is guilty of copyright infringement. You are on the site of a thief.
Stealing is not ok…
It has come to my attention that at , there are entire posts, all copyrighted material, including text , art, and original photos from my blog, The Church of The Great Oval, all posted without my permission. I notice that this site is also allowing commentary about my posts, which is absolutely unacceptable and violates the Fair Use doctrine of the copyright act. The use of my art and original photos without permission is unauthorized derivative work, which is also a violation of my copyrights.I have not only copyrighted my blog as no commercial use but some posts and all original pictures are ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, use with written permission only. I certainly would not grant permission to anyone for commercial use or personal gain…FUCKING pay me for it Asshole. **oops…forgive me reader’s….I am washing my mouth out with soap. I violated my own policy. That’s ok tho…
It’s MY blog!
So onward now…
Dear Sploggers ~ other wise known as Blog Thieves and other names that cannot pass a Pastor’s lips:**I have already sworn a bit today. I believe I may not be the only one…

The purpose of Aggregation is not stealing entire blogs and adding them to your site as if we were/are contributors. Your site gives the impression that we are all collaborating and part of your website. You are taking commentary on my/our copyrighted work. Your site is also for the purpose of making money which is strictly forbidden in my copyrights. I have also notified, or been notified by, many of the other writer’s whose copyrights you are violating, including scraping the entire editorial staff at Scene Daily , including Lee Mongomery’s newest post, or, Full Throttle, and how DARE you steal from Antonette, and my CIM sister Bethie. You have jumped into the wrong Motor Sports crowd Buddy. We are all inter- connected, both in Spirit and Ethernet Spirit. You are stealing from the U.S., Canada, and the Phillipines. I think you think you are real smart. You are not.
Retaliation by submitting our names and email addresses to various search engines, home biz spammers and other ugly little creatures will only do you more harm. You will get in trouble with not only those of us from whom you are stealing, but the biz’s that you are fraudulently submitting our names to won’t like you much either. Do you not realize that you can be and are being tracked? DUH…Do you think you are the only person in the world with some fancy software that you are using for illegal purposes, of which I am sure it was not designed for.
Now, take for instance the picture at the top of my blog. I have this really neat little ditty embedded in it that tells me everywhere it goes…the IP of anyone who lifts it right clicking…Any website it ends up on…It tells me all sorts of neat things. We all have invisible things beaver’s to tell us what’s happening, embedded in our blogs… It may take me awhile to find it…but that’s only cuz I am kinda lazy… I have many pals that are not. I also happen to have a very badly broken ankle/leg, which allows me the pleasure of having a lot of time to just sit around with my foot above my heart…Keyboard on my lap…Looking around…Wherever I need to look.
Get it?
It is illegal to steal…And to Spam. And you are stealing from a Church! What kind of a human would do that? Oooohwheee!

This is my blog…I can say and write anything I want as long as I do it legally. I have a thing about KARMA.
What comes around goes around my friends…I am watching you buddy. If you 403 me, I will just have to send out my Lug Nut Troops. You don’t want that. Then you would probably be trying to ban the only traffic you get…
Onward Lug NutZ!!
Tally HO!!
© 2006 The Church of The Great Oval
© Clance’McClannahan ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape



  1. Hear hear! Go get ’em, tiger!!!

  2. Paybacks are a bitch ya know! I am going to make this person’s life miserable.

  3. You go get ’em Clance’!

  4. Clance…”often copied, never equaled”!!!

  5. Hell has no FURY….

    Send me a note Clance, I’m very curious what the comment was that hit the shitcan.

  6. It was Porn SPAM. Imagine that…

  7. Very nice post Clance. Do you like your porn Spam fried or right out of the can? LOL Peace and Love, Mike.

  8. Thieves who are into porn…hmm, they are probably operating out of prison. That sucks Clance, I hope you can rectify this to your satisfaction.

  9. someone at the nascar forum busted them doing the same thing :/

  10. How did you find out that person was stealing your posts? I’m just curious. I hope no one steals mine! EEK!

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