Robby Gordon – Natal Chart and Personal Astro-Portrait

This is Robby’s Natal Chart and Astro-Profile based on the aspect’s in effect on the day he was born. This shapes our tendencies for life, in the Astrological “World”.

Robby Gordon
born on 2 Jan 1969 local time: 12:00 noon (**always used if actual birth time is not known to produce most accurate chart possible. This may affect aspect’s such as the Moon transits and the Ascendant at the time of his birth.)
in Bellflower, CA (US) U.T. 20:00
118w07, 33n53 sid. time 18:56:38

Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Cancer
This astrological combination indicates a sensitive individual who is vulnerable to external influences. Your general life outlook is one of economy and prudence. You find fulfillment in home life and there are good prospects for possessions, fame, and reputation.

Emotionally you tend to concentrate, conserve and utilize energy, as well. You constantly relive experiences in an effort to organize your life and achieve a unity of will.

The key to a more harmonious existence lies in heeding your individuality and just opinions.

Ascendant in Aries, Mars in the Seventh House

At the time of your birth the zodiacal sign of Aries was ascending in the horizon. Its ruler Mars is located in the seventh house.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiacal belt and its natives seem also desirous of being “first” in all activities with which they happen to be involved. The cardinality of the sign makes you extremely active and capable of displaying ambition, impulsiveness, courage, and boldness in order to satisfy your desire for prominence in the world.

The general course of your life will be filled with many ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ and changes conforming very much with the psychological nature of your temperament. Whether you triumph or not in life depends on your ability to develop your most positive inborn qualities and, simultaneously, exert some control over your less favorable characteristics, such as a lack of prudence, and a certain disregard for the feelings and opinions of others.

Aries gives a tendency for its natives to be inclined to politics and public work. You should be successful (or at least attempt to be so) in any work or activity that necessitates pioneering ideas and/or a militant disposition. You also appear to have an ardent attitude in any project that somehow or another involves new concepts or original work and in which you are given a position of leadership. One of your problems is that in your love for achievement in novel projects you tend to destroy old concepts and former contributions which would, perhaps, have been useful for your endeavors. Impulsive, critical, despising mean or dubious acts, you will create many excellent friendships but also important enemies. Your life is rich in passion and ardent love. In sexual matters you are quick, aggressive, and to the point. You also are a lover of pleasures, which you feel with a bright, open, and sparkling character.

Mars, the ruler of your life events, is found located in the seventh house. This indicates a life full of events and changes, and a fighting disposition of the native which can create open and powerful enemies. There is a tendency to become involved in wars and conflicts, both public and personal. Your marriage or any other intimate relationship could be subjected to quarrels and animosity, and your partner could become the dominating member of your household.

Saturn in the First House

Saturn is in the first house. Saturn’s placement here gives you a conservative, sometimes gloomy and self-denying outlook on life. Because every contact is of great importance, you tend to be rather detached and even aloof so that you can be sure exactly where you stand. You can be self-conscious and may feel awkward and prudish with others who appear to take things more lightly. The depth with which you look at yourself is characteristic of the way you relate to others.

You were taught very early in life to be self-reliant, and you were often given more responsibility than usual for your age.

Your intellect is constant and usually unfettered by momentary feelings and whims. Logic plays an important role in your thinking processes. Grandiose schemes and theories have little interest for you.

Once you accept your own limitations and face up to your challenges and responsibilities with a sense of purpose, you will be able to succeed in whatever field you decide on. Your health is generally good, so long as you exercise sufficiently to relieve tension.

**Note: Saturn is technically near the end of house 12 and is therefore interpreted in house 1.

Saturn Conjunct Ascendant

Saturn conjunct the Ascendant indicates that you are conservative and self-disciplined. You tend to be shy about asserting yourself, so people may assume you are indifferent to them.

Your lack of self-confidence will eventually be replaced by self-assurance as you learn through experience to understand yourself. You do not have the kind of aggressive drive that impresses people on first meeting, but you show reliability, and they learn to depend on you.

You are efficient in mobilizing your resources and are sure to realize your goals, but you underestimate your abilities.

Responsible to a fault, you will never let anyone down who depends on you. Learn to love yourself more, so you can feel you deserve the good things in life that you work for so diligently. You can be victimized by people who take advantage of your unwillingness to fight for your rights, but you never forget such incidents.

Moon in the Third House

The Moon appears in the third house at the time of your birth. Your intellect is very sensitive to external events always changing and adjusting to the situation.

Memory is strong and of a pictorial nature. The mind, however, is liable to become too subjective and shallow with an overemphasis on superficial learning and with little practical use or lacking in intellectual sensibility. On the favorable side, there exists a vast reservoir of creativity which could be successfully applied to such pursuits as writing and poetry. Physically, the Moon will give you an intensely active life full of changes, mobility and fluctuations.

The demands of this position are simple: exert yourself in acquiring better control of your unstable and persistent imagination, increasing, thereby, powers of concentration and you will find delightful improvements not only at a mental level, but also in the ability to communicate with others more realistically.

Sun in the Tenth House

The Sun was in the tenth house at the time of birth. The Sun here promises honor, success, and prestige in adult life. Publicly you appear as a vital, proud, powerful person. Your individuality has the need to manifest itself publicly and often to foist its energy on others. You have come to life with a satisfactory physical and moral heredity and you are going to acquire the favorable disposition of many persons of power to assist you in your ascent through life.

Your liabilities include an exaggerated pride, arrogance and a tendency to rely too much on your own resources.

Note: The Sun is technically near the end of house 9 and is therefore interpreted in house 10.

Venus in the Eleventh House

Venus was found in the eleventh house at the time of your birth. Your aspirations in life are very aesthetically oriented.

You strive for peace and harmony and if it were left up to you the whole world would be more humane, kind, and considerate. In your more personal relationships, Venus gives you the capability of obtaining substantial gain and assistance through your friends, who will desire to assist you with the best of intentions.

Planetary positions
planet sign degree motion
Sun Capricorn 12°16’15 end of house 9 direct
Moon Cancer 2°02’46 in house 3 direct
Mercury Capricorn 27°24’47 in house 10 direct
Venus Aquarius 27°44’21 in house 11 direct
Mars Scorpio 2°13’23 in house 7 direct
Jupiter Libra 5°33’43 in house 6 direct
Saturn Aries 18°50’11 end of house 12 direct
Uranus Libra 3°59’40 in house 6 stationary (R)
Neptune Scorpio 27°49’53 in house 8 direct
Pluto Virgo 25°06’00 in house 6 retrograde
True Node Aries 4°11’20 in house 12 retrograde
Planets at the end of a house are interpreted in the next house.

House positions (Placidus)
Ascendant Aries 21°27’21
2nd House Taurus 25°28’51
3rd House Gemini 20°32’34
Imum Coeli Cancer 13°01’52
5th House Leo 7°26’40
6th House Virgo 8°48’52
Descendant Libra 21°27’21
8th House Scorpio 25°28’51
9th House Sagittarius 20°32’34
Medium Coeli Capricorn 13°01’52
11th House Aquarius 7°26’40
12th House Pisces 8°48’52

Major aspects
Sun Square Jupiter 6°43
Sun Square Saturn 6°34
Moon Trine Venus 4°18
Moon Trine Mars 0°11
Moon Square Jupiter 3°31
Moon Square Uranus 1°57
Moon Square Pluto 6°57
Mercury Square Mars 4°49
Mercury Sextile Neptune 0°25
Mercury Trine Pluto 2°19
Mercury Square Ascendant 5°57
Venus Trine Mars 4°29
Venus Square Neptune 0°06
Venus Quincunx Pluto 2°38
Jupiter Conjunction Uranus 1°34
Saturn Conjunction Ascendant 2°37
Neptune Sextile Pluto 2°44
**Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).

I am leaving today for a little New Year trip. I will be back on or before (depending on the weather) Dec. 4.

New Year’s Eve, Dec.31st is our Dear LugNut Bab’s – Matt It’s Birthday!! Go wish her Happy Birthday!! Don’t forget her in your 2007 celebrations!! She is a founding member of The Church, a fabulous lady who contributes a great deal of her time to support the mentally ill, and a hilarious, talented writer. I am proud to call her my Friend, confident,and fellow Lug Nut! Happy Birthday GF!! Love ya!!
Tally HO!! Onward!!

Have you heard about Dale Jr.’s new interactive forum, Infield Parking that is in Beta? You may have seen the link here and there…and not realized that is is Dale Jr.’s very own.
Wow! It promises to be the best fan interactive site on the Net. It’s awesome. There will be other Driver teams involved at some time. Join early as you can!!

I wish you all a prosperous New Year in 2007, full of joy, love, light, health and Lot’s of $$.
May we all hit the lottery big time. Just not on the same day.



While you are waiting for Robby’s Natal Chart and Astro-Portrait, take a look see at a couple of stories of”uhhemmmm….” interest.

Story from Yea’s and Nay’s
Tuesday, the FEC sent an “admonishment letter” to Kirk Shelmerdine Racing. Kirk Shelmerdine, a former pit boss for the late Dale Earnhardt. back in 2004, in a move perhaps designed to draw some attention to his car, he placed a “Bush-Cheney ’04” decal on his rear quarter panel, which was otherwise unencumbered by advertising. Democratic activist Sydnor Thompson complained to the FEC ( Federal Election Commission) , and the agency found that Shelmerdine “may have made an unreported independent expenditure or a prohibited corporate expenditure.” Former commissioner Bradley Smith dissented in one of the case’s early votes and blogged about the result this week. He has written that in reference to the FEC’s $250 expenditure limit, “evidence is strong that the market value of Shelmerdine’s rear quarter panel was approximately $0, give or take $249.”
Good Grief. How dumb is that. BAD BOY!! Our government is lacking in important things to do.

Here are a couple of other blog post’s about ” The Kelmerdine Issue”
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Enough already!!

Love at first sight! more…
You can read what The Dude had to say about the love knot here. *

Why yes….I am back…

Long vacation huh? *snicker**
I will be up dating On a Quest… with some of my adventures soon… but right now I just don’t have time to do both blogs. I am posting regularly at The Church. That doesn’t help if your not much a NASCAR fan tho does it!! I miss all my regular reader’s here a lot, especially The Tower members.
I will be back posting here ASAP, probably after the New Year. Don’t forget Bab’s birthday is Dec.31. I think it would suck to have a birthday on a day the whole world celebrates. I think the New Year celebration’s might over ride the birthday. I know that on the years that the Super Bowl falls on mine (Lauren’s birthday is the same day as mine you now!)everyone always forgets me.
Anyway, I am watching, as well as I can, the new grandbaby. I hear him peeping and gotta run!! MIss you All ….Later Gator’s!

Robby Gordon – 6 month Forecast – 2007

Here is Robby Gordon’s 6 month forecast. I have said for a long time that Robby is one of the best all round Driver’s to ever grace Motorsports. Period. His ‘scope shows that at this time in his life he is fine tuning for a career that is just now starting to reach where he intends it to go.

Forecast :
December 2006 to May 2007
Robby Gordon
born on 2 Jan 1969 local time (**12 noon is used when the exact minute of birth is not known, This produces as accurate a chart as possible without the exact moment of birth. )
in Bellflower, CA (US) U.T. 20:00
118w07, 33n53 sid. time 18:56:38

Robby’s sun sign is Capricorn. This is the sign in which the Sun is in his birth chart. His Ascendant is in Aries, and his Moon is in Cancer (** so romantic for someone… or else really moody. Probably both.**) I will post Robby’s natal chart again tomorrow.

Uranus sextile Sun:
Theme:Who you are

Mid March 2006 until beginning of February 2007:

The effects of this influence are not always spectacular, but if you watch carefully, you will notice that there are all kinds of new and stimulating happenings in your life. It is not running along in the usual manner. But the changes and the unexpected events are not especially disturbing to you. Instead they open up new understandings and opportunities and give you a feeling that life still has some excitement and potential for growth.
Opportunities may come about through friends, or they may simply pop up in some other area of your everyday environment. You may become involved with a new
group of people who live in a way that you hadn’t thought possible before. You may be attracted to new philosophies and new techniques for managing your
life. This is one of the influences under which people begin to study astrology.
All of these events are expressing your desire for greater freedom of self-expression. During this time you have the opportunity to gain greater control over your life and to make it a better vehicle for what you want to do. Any relationship that begins under this influence will be an expression of this fact, and even old relationships will be changed so that they further your objectives. Opportunities for advancement in your work will come suddenly through relationships with your superiors.
All of this sounds like luck, but this influence actually is showing you that your life can be much more free and that your potentials are greater than you
have realized.
We all have a natural tendency to settle into comfortable ruts, which can be severely limiting. But the energy of this influence acts suddenly, so that you are forced to sit up and take notice. The purpose of this influence is to tell you who you are. It is not giving you anything you haven’t earned.

Saturn trine Saturn
Theme:Inner stability

End of August 2006 until beginning of June 2007:

At this time you can incorporate into yourself the fruits of previous successes, look them over and appreciate them for what they were. The key idea is that you are in a position to understand your life and therefore better able to be in conscious control
of it. This is not merely an intellectual understanding, it is born of experience. You have lived through certain things, and now you can proceed on the basis of that understanding.
Your business or professional life will run smoothly at this time. Employers and superiors appreciate your calm, controlled way of handling your work, and they can see the results of your past experience. Relationships, which reflect what you are, are also more stable at this time because of your own inner stability.
Your outlook on life has also reached a point of equilibrium. You have a good understanding of how you look at life, and it works well enough that you may not question it very much. The problem is that this is not a time of testing, so you don’t know how well your ideas will stand up to future crisis. You only know how well they withstood past tests. But the future is always different, and what happens in the future depends upon what is true at that time. Therefore
you must keep your mind open and flexible. You only know what you know, and that is not everything. Continue to examine yourself and see what could be improved. Even if your life is satisfactory now, it may not always be.

Saturn trine Ascendant
Theme: Gaining experience
End of September 2006 until beginning of July 2007:

During this period of time you will establish yourself with respect to the rest of the world. People will come to know who you are and what you are doing. At the same time this influence indicates that you have reached a point of equilibrium at which your actions and behavior toward others are reliable and consistent. You will not feel like surprising people with sudden or unpredictable actions, nor will you want others to surprise you. Your whole objective is to reach the point where all your affairs are running smoothly and on schedule. Your approach is disciplined, well ordered and mature.
About the only problem with this influence is that you find it difficult to make changes conservatively. And if that response is inappropriate to the situation, you will have difficulty. You are not very flexible, but that is not usually a great problem.
At this time in your life, you are very concerned with gaining experience, particularly in your profession. You are likely to be ambitious and will work hard to get ahead and improve yourself. You will seek out people who can help you, and probably you will make very sure that you want to be fair and just, you don’t want to be in debt to anyone. This is a time when self-sufficiency is very important to you.
This is reflected in your relationships also. You are somewhat more reserved than usual and cautious about forming new relationships. Usually this is to the good, although if you are too cautious you may overlook persons who could assist you. Older, more experienced people attract you especially, because you know you can learn from them. A person who will play a very important role as your teacher may come into your life at this time. But don’t expect him or her to necessarily conform to your preconceived image of a teacher. He or she may come from any area of your life, and you may not recognize what has happened until later.

Jupiter sextile Jupiter
Theme: In good working order
15 December 2006 until 24 December 2006:
This is a time of balance and equilibrium in your life, when all your affairs seem to run smoothly and without much effort on your part. It is a time when you can relax and take it easy for a while, knowing that your life is in good working order. This is also a time when growth seems to occur without much effort – growth in consciousness, in your profession, in your social life or wherever you feel that personal growth is important.
But this is not really a time when you should just enjoy yourself. You should do that, to be sure, but you should also be examining your life to see what
needs to be done. It is important to think this way now because the equilibrium that is characteristic of this period enables you to look about yourself with reasonable calm and detachment. It is much harder to achieve a perspective when you are in the middle of some major and possibly chaotic change.
This is a good time to achieve perspective in all possible senses of the word. It is a good time for education, either formal or informal, for getting in
touch with yourself through self-awareness studies, or for seeing the larger world through travel.
Business transactions or negotiations are also favored now, and this is a good time to expand your business, as long as it is within reason. Legal affairs also usually run quite smoothly.

Jupiter trine Saturn:
Theme:Clarity of intention
Beginning of March 2007 until beginning of November 2007:
During this time you can work patiently and slowly to build something up. You are able to keep in mind your long-range goals while dealing with all the everyday concerns that arise. Consequently the work that you undertake now is usually very well done.
You have an unusual understanding of the relationship between the parts and the whole.
This is an appropriate time to handle all manner of practical concerns. Your mind is earthbound, but you don’t lack vision and foresight. Therefore this is an excellent time to expand an existing business, start a new one, or branch out into a new area of business. After you find the most practical solution to any problem, you move immediately in that direction. Clarity of intention is one of the strongest points of this influence.
During this time you will not want to be with other people especially. It is a good time to go off by yourself and think things over so that you can arrive
at the clearest idea of what you want to do. But don’t worry about feeling lonely. The seclusion will be good for you and not at all unpleasant.All your actions are governed by a strong sense of duty. You recognize the many responsibilities that you have in the world, and you are willing to live up to them as best you can. You may take a rather paternal attitude toward the people around you, wanting to protect them and take on their troubles as your
own. Be careful not to overdo this, however, because even though you have good intentions, beyond a point you have no right to take over people’s lives. They must deal with their own problems.
Even if you encounter setbacks during this time, they are not likely to affect you seriously. You will take them philosophically, cut your losses and move on to the next phase. You will keep in mind where you want to go, and you will not be easily dissuaded from following your objectivity

Neptune sextile Ascendant
Theme: Keep it human
Beginning of March 2007 until beginning of January 2009:

This influence will change your relationships with people, usually in a positive way, although there are some pitfalls to be observed. Its principal effect is to greatly heighten your sensitivity to the feelings of other people. You become aware, at least on
a subliminal level, of the deeper and more complex attributes of friends, neighbors and those whom you contact on a day-to- day level. Persons whom you have taken for granted now assume a very different look as you go below their surface appearance and look into their hearts. Thus you are able to be much more compassionate and giving to those around you. You may also become more interested in the plight of disadvantaged groups, which may lead to working with a charitable organization or an informal group to help these people. But even in your everyday contacts you act more selflessly and with greater understanding.
Someone may enter your life in very casual guise who will show you deep spiritual truths. And you may become involved in spiritual or religious groups in which you can share the new understanding of this period. You may study mystical philosophy and metaphysics for the first time in your life.
But no matter how you react to this influence, the central issue is that in your immediate environment you learn to act toward others with much less ego
involvement. You are less selfish and not so concerned with getting your own way.
The danger of this influence is that you may overidealize people, especially acquaintances who have made a profound impression upon you. You may regard them as spiritually and morally superior to any of your old friends, whom you may neglect as a result. The important point here is that these new people in your life are human also, and they may still have something to teach you. Most of us have a strong tendency to think that only a very spiritually elevated person
can teach us about higher truth. During this time you will learn about higher truth through everyday contacts. Do not invalidate what you learn from these people simply because you discover that they are only human.

6th House Virgo 8°48’52
Descendant Libra 21°27’21
8th House Scorpio 25°28’51
9th House Sagittarius 20°32’34
Medium Coeli Capricorn 13°01’52
11th House Aquarius 7°26’40
12th House Pisces 8°48’52

Uranus sextile Sun Mid March 2006 until beginning of February 2007
Saturn trine Saturn End of August 2006 until beginning of June 2007
Saturn trine Ascendant End of September 2006 until beginning of July 2007
Jupiter sextile Jupiter 15 December 2006 until 24 December 2006
Jupiter trine Saturn Beginning of March 2007 until beginning of November 2007
Neptune sextile Ascendant Beginning of March 2007 until beginning of January 2009

You can subscribe to Robby’s video blogs here.
They are so much fun to watch! If you haven’t already watched them…go ride some dunes with Robby. I wanted to be in that Hummer so bad! Without wetting my pants of course…I also noticed a lot of Micron uh….stuff in the video. Micron is based here in Boise.

I also want to give a shout out and call your attention to a the best of the best Robby Fan sites out there:

In the year 2006

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Do any of you “old” Lug NutZ rememeber this song by Zager and Evans?

In the year 2525
If man is still alive
If woman can survive
They may find…more.

In the year 3535
Ain’t gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lie
Everything you think, do and say
Is in the pill you took today

In the year 4545
You ain’t gonna need your teeth, won’t need your eyes
You won’t find a thing to chew
Nobody’s gonna look at you

In the year 5555
Your arms hangin’ limp at your sides
Your legs got nothin’ to do
Some machine’s doin’ that for you

In the year 6565
You won’t need no husband, won’t need no wife
You’ll pick your son, pick your daughter too
From the bottom of a long glass tube

In the year 7510
If God’s a-coming, He oughta make it by then
Maybe He’ll look around Himself and say
“Guess it’s time for the judgement day”

In the year 8510
God is gonna shake His mighty head
He’ll either say “I’m pleased where man has been”
Or tear it down, and start again

In the year 9595
I’m kinda wonderin’ if man is gonna be alive
He’s taken everything this old earth can give
And he ain’t put back nothing

Now it’s been ten thousand years
Man has cried a billion tears
For what, he never knew
Now man’s reign is through

But through eternal night
The twinkling of starlight
So very far away…Maybe it’s only Yesterday.

Hmmm…Written in 1969. Sounds a lot like Now to me.

On a less morbid note….Something wonderful happened on January 2nd,1969!!
A special baby boy was born!!
I will be posting Robby Gordon’s 6 month scope later
What is in his future? Dakar for one thing…his birthday for another.
Onward Lug NutZ!! Tally Ho!!

Dakar Logo courtesy of

Merry Christmas!!

Click Here to get this from!
I want to wish you all a very Merry, wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season. I hope that we can all remember that all of the Holidays in December are about love, family, friends,the wonder of life, new beginnings, forgiveness, hope and resurrection. The Highest Love of all is how we honor each other as human beings…No matter our religious,or political differences. These are my wishes and prayers for Christmas:
May all your hopes and dreams be fulfilled in the proper time and all those in pain, grief and other difficulties be comforted by the Great Comforter. Let us all remember to pray for each other…Pray for our troops and their families , no matter our opinions of the war. May we pray for our government, leadership and the peace and conditions of the all the people in the world on this day especially. May we all forgive each other… And work towards being the best human beings we can be. May we all be more loving and tolerant of each other. Instead of anger and hatred…Why can’t we just learn to agree to disagree and let it go?
We are merely human and that is why we were loved so much we were provided with the saving grace of the Greatest Love of All…
Let us only Remember…

Dick Ralstin – RIP

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12/7/06~**note to my dear readers: While I have been back from our gold mining excursion, my Dale has remained in OR to finish up some work he commited to do for a mining operation. Because of the bad weather and icy road conditions, he has not been able to get himself and our 5th wheel home. There is a break in the weather through the weekend. I am heading back to Oregon to help him get our “other home” home. I will be back next week. While I am gone…explore Dick Ralstin’s writings….you will love him as much as I did. There are plenty of stories there…enough to keep you busy until NASCAR begins it’s 2007 season. I promise you will not be sorry!!

See ya next week!!

There are benefits and disadvantages to being able to travel and spend the majority of your summer away from home. Cell phones, emails and other demands of the world cannot touch you. Simplicity is a wonderful blessing. However, there are a few drawbacks…
I have been sorting through my e-mails and noted one from Aug 1st. It was an e-mail notifying me that my very special friend, Dick Ralstin had passed away July 31st.
I “met” Dick when I had e-mailed him requesting permission to write about him and use some info and pictures from his website for a post I wanted to do about him.
He gave me permission to use anything I wanted and our friendship was “off to the races” from there.
We e-mailed back and forth, sometimes daily, and at least weekly from that day forward. We joked and kidded, talked about racing day from the past, present and future. We talked about life, addiction, his love of New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment. Dick called it “our secret”…”Don’t want too many people coming here you know.”
We talked of Off Road Racing,Robby Gordon, Baja, Eldora, etc. I lived for a short while near Pikes Peak, where he took a very interesting and wild ride. I know that road…It had to be way worse then. He told me about the Novi..WOW!! His Novi saga’s are important preludes to the history of racing. NASCAR today would not be the same without Dick Ralstin.
We talked of our love for photography and nature and animals. We marveled how much his cat Amigo and my 17 year old cat Mouser looked alike.
He told me that yes, he had made a lot of mistakes in his life, but he did not regret how he had lived his life. He lived his life…He lived it. He had crossed paths with many an important and famous personality and participated in some of the most important events in the world. He was also one of the most humble men I have ever met. He stated when I had first approached him about writing about him ,”I don’t know why the Hell anyone would want to write about me.”
He was a real writer…A real journalist. He made those of us that try to write in even semi-decent English look like moron’s.
I learned so much from him…not just about racing, but about life.
He loved his daughter Stormy and her husband so dearly. Bless their hearts….I was told that she read his cards daily to him, right up until the end. I know how hard it is to lose a parent. I have lost both of mine. My prayers are with you and your husband and families, Stormy.

Dale and I had planned to stop and see him when we went South this month or early Jan. I am so sorry I will never have that opportunity. I will miss our e-mails…I will miss my buddy.
Spend some time inside Dick’s website. Spend some time in Dick’s world. He wrote as he was.

I will miss him a whole lot.
Dear Dick,
Rest in Peace my friend…we will have that Crown and Burrito another time. It will be better then any way…It will be with Perfection.
I am sorry I didn’t answer your last e-mail to me. We had gone already when it arrived. I know tho, you were happy for us and told me to Chase my Dreams so I never created regret. I am…And I will. I will never forget you.
Yes…I am quitting smoking. I promised you and I meant it. I just need you on my shoulder to help me a little ok? I think you are already my guardian angel…The doc said, had that tire not fell off, I would probably be dead or severely brain injured. You were The Tire Man. The rock formation directly above where I wrecked is oddly enough, called Firestone.
Godspeed and Blessed Be…
Merry Meet ya someday.
Love ya,

Read the post I did last winter…spend some time reading the memoir’s, articles and stories on Dick’s website. Look at the many, many historical pictures there. Above all…get to know who Dick was.
He is…was…and Always will be worth it.

Copyright © 2006 The Church of The Great Oval ~ Clance’ McClannahan
All photo’s in this post were used with specific written permission from Dick Ralstin