While you are waiting for Robby’s Natal Chart and Astro-Portrait, take a look see at a couple of stories of”uhhemmmm….” interest.

Story from Yea’s and Nay’s
Tuesday, the FEC sent an “admonishment letter” to Kirk Shelmerdine Racing. Kirk Shelmerdine, a former pit boss for the late Dale Earnhardt. back in 2004, in a move perhaps designed to draw some attention to his car, he placed a “Bush-Cheney ’04” decal on his rear quarter panel, which was otherwise unencumbered by advertising. Democratic activist Sydnor Thompson complained to the FEC ( Federal Election Commission) , and the agency found that Shelmerdine “may have made an unreported independent expenditure or a prohibited corporate expenditure.” Former commissioner Bradley Smith dissented in one of the case’s early votes and blogged about the result this week. He has written that in reference to the FEC’s $250 expenditure limit, “evidence is strong that the market value of Shelmerdine’s rear quarter panel was approximately $0, give or take $249.”
Good Grief. How dumb is that. BAD BOY!! Our government is lacking in important things to do.

Here are a couple of other blog post’s about ” The Kelmerdine Issue”
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Sticking it to him.
NASCAR: Former Dale Earnhardt Crew Chief Rebuked for Bush Sticker
Enough already!!

Love at first sight! more…
You can read what The Dude had to say about the love knot here. *


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