Robby Dordon – Dakar

Here is a quick update on Robby Gordon and Andy Grider.

Robby Gordon quote after the first Stage:

“The stage was very tight and technical and the sand was soft and deep. We had a good race going but we got stuck trying to avoid hitting some fans. I would say we lost close to five minutes by being bogged down. That was the biggest problem. We had a couple of technical issues with the truck. The clutch was slipping so we had to baby it a bit. Overall we are going to be ok. I’m satisfied with how we are going to stack up against the competition.”

Stage 2 is a challenging course with a lot of ravines. That means stay on course…or you may fall a long way down.

In case you are new to following the Dakar Rally, the race spans six countries and two continents. There were 185 cars, 240 motorcycles and 80 trucks set for the first stage, which begans in Lisbon.

Andy Grider, Navigator, who is a multi- Baja champion and finished 3rd in the Rally Tunisia in 2005 on a motorcycle, is a kind of co-pilot for Robby Gordon. They have already proved themselves as a successful team by putting their skills together to claim a victory in the 2006 Baja 1000.

VS. Channel will have up-dates starting Saturday January, 6 at 3 Pm EST.
War Wagon Artist Lori Munro, also the co-host of the “Doin’ Donuts” radio show, has announced special Dakar Rally coverage starting this Saturday January 6, 2007 at 9-10pm Eastern. tune in online at RaceTalkRadio.
Lori’s “Dakar Diary” can be heard throughout the course of the Dakar Rally on many of the RaceTalkRadio shows over the next few weeks.
You can also check out the link to Lori’s MP3 messages and the Dakar Rally News section at

Another great place to keep up on Robby, Andy is at The Dakar Spot.
Don’t forget you can subscribe to Robby’s YouTube video blogs…
Drive that Monster Robby….Drive.
Gotta run…busy day!!
Tally Ho!! Onward!!


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  1. Great BLOG!!

    The Church of the Great Oval has to visit us on DOIN’ DONUTS really soon!! Contact us if you would like to come on our show on Monday.

    Praise the Oval!!! (And let’s get sandy!)

    Dennis Michelsen

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