Bobby Hamilton May 29, 1957 — January 7, 2007- RIP

Bobby Hamilton passed away yesterday at his home, surrounded by his loved one’s.
He was only 49, the same age I will be at the end of this month.
Bobby lived a life and conquered adversity like no one else. He quit school at 13, and began to work and break into racing. He supported himself from that age on, focusing on his dream to race, and his family.
He began his career at Nashville Speedway USA, and won his first Track Championship there in 1987.
Bobby broke into the Winston Cup ranks different than most driver’s. He was asked to drive one of the “movie cars” for the film Days of Thunder, qualifying fifth in a movie car at the 1989 AutoWorks 500 in Phoenix. The car was the #51 Exxon-sponsored machine, portrayed in the movie as being driven by “Rowdy Burns”.
I always loved Bobby’s rough, tough kind of attitude. He took that attitude when he found out he had cancer. He looked at it as if he were in a race. He was going to win.
I lost my mother in 1999 to the same type of cancer that Bobby had, and it spread to her brain. Very quickly. She was diagnosed on Dec. 24, 1998 and passed away Feb. 19, 1999. We kept her at home, where she wanted to be, and we were all at her side when she passed. I will never stop missing her.
My heart, and prayers of comfort and strength are with Bobby’s family and loved one’s. He raced a hard, grueling race….and fought until the end. Tho the world has lost Bobby, he has won the Ultimate Race and is standing in the Ultimate Winner’s Circle, being congratulated by his old racing buddies, family and friend’s he hasn’t seen for a while. He is standing with the Ultimate Trophy held high over his head. The Trophy of Eternal Life. Hopefully we will All see him again.
In the mean time, Bobby will teach my Mom all about why her daughter has come down with LugNutZ Disease.
We will miss you, Bobby. Godspeed and Rest in Peace.


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