Robby Gordon – Andy Grider- Dakar Rally Stage 5 Update

Stage 5, the 325km special was the first visit by the competitors to the Atlas Mountains in new route that took them into the Atlas mountains in Morocco would start on winding tracks with several rivers to cross at the end. On smoother roads and throughout the journey, rocks and puncture’s would play a role in the outcome.

Robby and Andy made up a little ground today after yesterday’s uh…fiasco. They have advanced overall from 49th yesterday to 36th today. As Fly say’s:“Can’t have a race without Robby getting in some trouble with the powers that be.” Look’s like another 13:00 penalty today. Speeding again, perhaps? Deviating off the course? Nearly running over spectator’s? We will just have to wait and see.

You can read all about yesterday’s frustration on Fly’s Blog, The Dakar Spot.
Don’t forget that when you want details about Robby and Andy’s days, that’s the place to go. Remember the time zone difference and the fact that he is a little busy right now and be patient. He will post details. It just takes a little bit longer for him to do it. He is faithful to the fan’s and can be counted on.
That is all I know for now. Later Gator’s. I will be back as soon as I have any more info.

“Rabbits” Sainz and Perin ended today with the win in their Volkswagen Race Touareg 2.
GRRRRRR…….Kill the Rabbit’s.


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