Robby Gordon – Andy Grider- Dakar Stage 4 Video

This video kinda reminds me of when I broke my leg and ankle this summer. (Click here for the whole pathetic but fun story of stupidity) Alright, my wagon didn’t have quite the power The Monster Hummer has. My fuel was contaminated with tequila. Robby and Andy’s was contaminated by ??
Watch closely and catch the spectator’s jumping out of Robby’s way.

I wish I could watch the entire race this way. Love it!!
Gas On!!

** ESPNopqrstuvwxyz now I said my ABC’s NASCAR Rumor? click here

** Update on the limb…I am out of the wheelchair and sorta walking with some mechanical assistance and a new torture device to keep my ankle from being permanently facing forward, and keeping it from stiffening in an odd an interesting way. From behind, I am told I look like some kind of a creature trying to walk, instead of having that cute little ladylike duck walk I had before. Trust me it ain’t a perty site.
But I am healing beautifully. Doc says it will be good as it will ever get at the anniversery of the Great Event.
I am determined to walk with out a limp…and drive…etc…etc..Push! Push!

I got tagged by a new blogger, Rick, at Huey’s world.

The Task: Share five things about myself that relatively few people know, and then tag five other bloggers to be ‘it.'”
I am going to post both here at The Church, and at On A Quest…
I have neglected my reader’s there for quite some time,as I did my dear LugNutZ while on the last adventure.

For those of you who are new reader’s, On a Quest is my “not” racing oriented,um… more personal blog. Where the other side of me shows up and Al can’t channel.
Before I post the tag at “On a Quest…” I warn you…
Please remove all children under the age of 18 from the room and occupy them somewhere else until your finished reading my blog.
Then you as an adult may make the decision as to whether the content is appropriate or not. Remember you have the power…if you don’t
like something…don’t read it. If you don’t like what your children are watching, change the freaking channel. Take control of your children. The TV is not your babysitter. Xbox is not your babysitter. Your children are monster’s because they are being raised and only interacting with technology instead of Mommy and Daddy.
Oh, wait. That was supposed to be one of the things you didn’t know about me. So be it. #1. To be cont…here.

5 thing you don’t know about me – The Cocktail Party tags. Great. Thanks Rick. Now I have to think. I hate that.

2. I am currently reviewing Dale Jr.’s BACK IN THE DAY DVD set for the Marketing Company that is promoting the set for JR Motorsport’s.
3. They have provided me 2…yes….2 extra set’s to give away in 2 different contest’s on my blog in the upcoming and soon future.
4. Mr. Einstein (Al) has told me what Dale Jr. is going to do about the “DEI or not” issue. He also forces me to speak in Typoneese. I try to fight him, but he is very strong. I lose a lot.
5. I secretly adore Kurt Busch. (** scared you for a moment there huh?) Kidding.
5. My personal assistant is a Furby.
Tally Ho!! Onward!! Off On a Quest…


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  1. Nice job. I knew you could do it. Looks like you’re a player on the NASCAR scene after all.Congrats..Best of luck on the upcoming season..Now about that Furby…rick at Huey’s World

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