Robby Gordon – Andy Grider- Dakar Stage 7 Astro – Aspect’s

Here is the Video from Stage 5. My golly- gosh gee- whiz! Scary!! There must be some craziness involved. There is no other explanation why anyone would do this. Well, unless your an adrenaline junkie like I am. Plus crazy. I know that I would have some serious panic issue’s on that edge….O.k…you will understand why. Now you see what your opinion is. Could you keep you eye’s open on that edge? Could you keep your breakfast down?
I can’t wait to see the video from stage 6.

Stage 5 Video: (If you cannot see this, it is because YouTube is down for maintenece this evening.

Here are Robby and Andy’s ‘scope’s for stage 7:

Robby Gordon, born 2 January 1969
Mercury Trine Pluto exact at 03:04
activity period from 11 January 2007 to 13 January 2007.
Theme: The inner dimensions
This influence signifies a concern with the very deep issues in life. Today you are interested in what goes on underneath the surface of events and phenomena, and you are willing to dig until you find out. This energy can also turn inward, which is often very profitable. It may be beneficial to be alone so that others cannot distract you from
your inward search. For this reason you are likely to be attracted to subjects that reveal the inner dimensions of the psyche, such as psychology or astrology. You may encounter someone today whose ideas have a great effect upon your mind. This is a good time for learning something new, because you can allow your beliefs to be transformed by what you learn. Also you will tend to have a strong effect on other people’s thinking today.

Moon Conjunction Mars exact at 03:35
active only on 12 January 2007.
This morning is not a good time to discuss any issues that are critical to you, because you will find it difficult to maintain your equilibrium and not fly off the handle. On the other hand, if someone challenges you unjustifiably, you certainly won’t back down without a fight. The main problem is that your sense of perspective may be so distorted that you cannot tell the important issues from the trivial ones and will defend both with equal vigor. There is also the risk that you will act hastily on many matters, impulsively and without foresight or planning. All you seem to care about is exercising your will and getting your own way. Obviously with this influence, you must try to calm down and be willing to compromise on any issue that is not really central to you.

Moon Trine Moon exact at 03:14
active only on 12 January 2007.
Theme: Restore and rejuvenate
Weak, transient effect: This morning you should have a very strong sense of well-being. Your inner self is functioning harmoniously, and you do not feel emotional turmoil or strife. At the same time you are most contented with the familiar elements of your life. You enjoy being at home with relatives and friends, and you like being surrounded by the objects you are used to. You are not in the mood for adventures, challenges and major changes, nor is it necessary to be so. There will be other times for adventure. Now you should restore and rejuvenate yourself in peace and quiet. Physical comfort is especially important to you at this time, but it doesn’t have to be lavish. Your need is for a comfortable environment that seems supportive. You want to be surrounded by whatever you feel protects you.

Moon Sextile Sun exact at 23:38
activity period from 12 January 2007 to 13 January 2007.
Tonight you experience a time of inner and outer equanimity. You can stop and take stock of yourself without feeling completely caught up in the usual turmoil and rush of events. Even if your affairs are not going too smoothly, this influence will provide a breathing space. If you have been feeling harried, you now have at least a brief opportunity to take it easy. And if you are relaxed, you will feel even better now. Your relationships with groups and friends are quite good during this time. You are able to understand other people’s needs without losing sight of your own desires for fulfillment. Opportunities may arise from unexpected corners that will improve your life in small ways at least. In general you will benefit from being out in the world today and having as much contact with others as possible.

Andy Grider Andy Grider, born 28 July 1973
Moon sextile Mars exact :05
effective 11 January – 12 January 2007
Theme:High energy
Your energy level will be high, perhaps too high if you are not careful. Watch for signs of irritable impatience with others whenever things do not go exactly as you planned. Be assertive only when the situation calls for it, not whenever you feel like it. Also watch out for baseless conflicts with others, which you may not necessarily instigate yourself. Today you should be particularly careful of conflicts with authorities. Voice your complaints if they are legitimate, but expect a certain amount of hostile reaction to them.
Also be careful that the tone of your complaint does not aggravate this hostility. What you get is usually a function of the energies that you put out. On the physical level, try to find an outlet for your vigorous energies.

Moon Sextile Venus exact at 08:05
activity period from 12 January 2007 to 13 January 2007.
This morning you want to be with your friends and the people you love. This influence helps to ensure that you will have a reasonably pleasant time with them. Feelings of love and friendship may build in all areas of your life now, and you feel that life is richer and a little more rewarding. It is a good time to have friends to your home for entertainment. You are able to make them feel good, and they will appreciate it, for you make it clear that you care about them. In general, your home situation and immediate environment will be the sources of your greatest satisfaction during this period. Your light and cheerful mood will be picked up by everyone around you, too. However, you should be careful not to become passive.

Moon Square Sun exact at 10:14
activity period from 12 January 2007 to 13 January 2007.
Today during the day you will meet some sort of challenge to the structure of your daily life, that is, your home life, intimate relations, routine daily contacts and so forth. All of us have hidden tensions that cause us to operate in ways that we do not understand. The effect of this influence is to bring these tensions to the surface. Thus you may feel ill at ease within yourself and have a bit more difficulty in getting along with others, particularly with women. Now several small areas of your life may simultaneously reach a crisis that forces you to pay more attention to what is happening. This is especially likely to happen with situations or persons that you have been taking for granted. You should take the time to correct little problems as they arise and give them the attention that they require.

Moon Square Jupiter effective 11 January – 14 January 2007
This is usually a very positive influence, making you feel very benevolent and generous toward those around you. Today during the day your spirit is inclined toward contemplation of the loftier aspects of life. You are not concerned with the nasty little details that make life less than it should be, although you are aware of them. But you simply cannot see any point in paying any attention to them. Emotionally you feel quite good, for this influence promotes optimism and positive thinking. At times this influence indicates self- righteousness and smug arrogance, as if you considered yourself as the embodiment of social truth and wisdom. This attitude may not be entirely conscious on your part, but it may be subtly evident in your phrasing or in an unspoken attitude toward others.

All in all I think they will have a great day. There may be a few challenges, but nothing major,or that cannot be overcome easily. There are a few other Moon square somethings and Planet square somethings, that can indicate the “issue”, however they are short and fleeting and not worth repeating.

Tally Ho Team Dakar USA!! Onward!!
Kill the Rabbits again!! Make ’em bleed bad.

By the way…did you know there is a comet visible right now? Taka a look at the new pictures of Comet MacNaught at Very cool!


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  1. A friend of mine here in the Springs races the Pike’s Peak Hillclimb every year, and competes in all the regional hillclimb events. He has said that rally racing, which he has done, really gives you a run of emotions. During any given second, the driver can go from “This is cool,” to “Holy *&@! I’m going to die!” It is pretty scary for the driver and navigator, from what I have seen.

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