Dakar: Robby Gordon – Andy Grider – Astro -Aspect’s for stage 9

I can’t believe I did this. I wrote the ‘scope’s all out last night, and saved it as a draft instead of publishing it. Duh….oh well.
Rosi from OnTheMove-RobbyGordon.com is going to be joining me for updates and commentary on Dakar. She is a bit more on the ball than I am, obviously.

From Rosi…just now:
Another good day for Robby.
Almost a top 10 for Robby. He finished 11th for the stage, with a time of 6hrs 05mins 12secs making him 33mins 09secs behind the leader.
Robby passed CP1 in 10th and CP2 in 9th
His overall standing now is 8th Total time 40hrs 04mins 22secs, he is 6hrs 20mins 59secs
behind the leader.
All the drivers are not in, so his positions could change.
Have a good day,

Thanks Rosi!! I see that I didn’t send off that “note” I was supposed to either. What can you expect from an avid fan of The Apprentice. ..and Grease.

Also, there is a new map out of the Dakar Route, I don’t really understand that kind of topographical map, but my #1, #88, I mean #44 fan, Dale did. Of course he did , because he too is a high IQ donkey. See the map here…

Here are the scope’s for what has already happened.

Robby has some outstanding aspect’s in his ‘scope for stage 9.
Mars Square Chiron exact at 07:47
activity period from 14 January 2007 to 17 January 2007.
Theme: Verbal Disagreements and Hurtful Arguments
During this time you should be careful and keep a tight rein on yourself – especially if you are anyway of a spirited disposition. If you are after some kind of “conquest”, it is quite possible that under this influence you ignore warning signs and advance too directly and abruptly. There is also the danger, at the moment, that you scent competition or opposition where there is none. If you are too sensitive and quick- tempered, take every criticism personally and react in an offended manner, then around every corner is an enemy, every conversation can turn into an argument in which you finally, without reason, and probably without conscious intent, hurt others and are presumably yourself hurt to the same extent.

Now the good thing is the negativity is all balance out by this aspect:
Sun Trine Pluto
exact at 07:34 activity period from 14 January 2007 to 16 January 2007
Theme:Common-sense answers
Weak, transient effect: Tonight you will keep your emotions under control, not in a repressive, negative manner, but in a way that enables you to take a more sober and realistic view of life. You are able to put up with considerable adversity and strain during this time because it gives you patience and reserve strength. While you are not inclined to talk about your feelings to just anyone, you do not evade them in yourself. You may very well go off by yourself at this time to think about and evaluate your development. If you have a problem, seek out an older person whose wisdom you respect, who can offer emotional support and suggest practical and immediate answers. You need common-sense answers now that can be applied directly.

This is also an awesome aspect to have:
Sun Trine Pluto exact at 07:34
activity period from 14 January 2007 to 16 January 2007.

Theme: Transformative energies
This influence signifies that you need very intense and powerful experiences today so that you can learn everything possible about the inner workings of the world in general and your life in particular. This is an excellent day for taking up any kind of investigation or study. Look within yourself to determine what motivates you, what you are seeking in life and what changes you should make so that your life will run more smoothly. The transformative energies in your life now allow you to make changes rather easily and to derive great satisfaction from making them. In your contacts with others you can, if you choose, express yourself forcefully and with considerable impact. This is a good time to make an impression on someone, if you need to, but do not use this energy for ruthless or selfish purposes.
Mars Opposition Saturn
exact at 21:43
activity period from 14 January 2007 to 17 January 2007
For many people, this is an extremely irritating influence, requiring great patience and forbearance as well as willingness to keep yourself in the background for a while. During this time you may feel lonely and cut off from others, as if you couldn’t get through to them. At this time you can do work that requires great concentration of energy and meticulous care. If you have been working on a project of this sort, it may now now approach completion or reach a critical culmination. Often other people’s aggressive actions will have blocked your success, but also you may have not prepared adequately for the challenges that any personal initiative must face. Make sure not to strain your body unnecessarily now. Try to relax and avoid situations that produce needless tension.

Moon Sextile Jupiter
exact at 00:18
activity period from 14 January 2007 to 15 January 2007.
This morning you feel quite good, and you enjoy being with congenial people. Probably it would be best to be with old friends whom you know well and with whom you have already established strong emotional ties. But you will not be closed to new acquaintances. You make it clear to those around you that you are concerned for their welfare and that you will help them out if they ever need it. And the chances are that they feel the same way about you. This influence denotes a time when you and your friends support each other and feel that you belong together. This is a good time for any sort of group activity, because by working together you all will feel that it is a group effort from which everyone will benefit equally. And this is true.

Moon Sextile Uranus
exact at 22:32
activity period from 15 January 2007 to 16 January 2007.
Tonight this influence gives you a pleasant feeling of restlessness, a desire for excitement but not to the point of disruption. You may feel like shaking up the people around you and jolting them out of their seeming lethargy. Or if you are not conscious of this desire in yourself, you may attract someone who shakes you up. Under any circumstances you want to be with exciting and stimulating companions. In your home and other close surroundings you are not willing to accept the same old situation. You may try to find ways to change your circumstances or at least provide some temporary excitement. It is possible that you will meet a new and exciting friend today, or an old friend will come back into your life unexpectedly. Friends may provide opportunities for advancement or for getting away from your usual scene for awhile.

Moon Sextile Ascendant
exact at 22:47
activity period from 15 January 2007 to 16 January 2007.
Tonight you are very sensitive to other people’s moods and can judge them quickly. You lend a sympathetic and friendly ear to people’s problems, for you have a strong desire to protect and support your friends emotionally. Peace and harmony in your personal world are very important to you at this time, and you are not willing to deal with someone else’s harsh feelings, except to try to smooth them over. Your sensitivity to other people also enables you to deal easily with groups. You respond to the group’s changes of mood and are able to fit your communication to that mood. Thus this is a good time for any sort of public appearance or situation in which you have to sell something to a group or persuade them of a point of view. You are able to make others feel that you are one of them.

So …yes….the ‘scope’s for stage 10 will be done today. Rosi will be able to get into my blog to post as much as she chooses, and Tony and Jr.’s 6 month’s scope’s will show up eventually.


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