How many Dead Brain Cells do I have? Urgent?? Alert!!

We might find out the answer to that question this evening.
The Church of the Great Oval and it’s Pastoress/Seer will be featured on Race Talk Radio’s Dennis Michelsen ( and War Wagon Cartoonist Lori Munro’s Doin Donut’s Show live tonite at 8 PM CST. Come listen and pray I don’t land on too many dead brain cells. I have to hop around on one foot anymore to land on the good one’s. Get’s harder every day.
If you miss it, you can still catch me ( Al, Please don’t show up in the middle of what I am saying.) in the Archived shows for Jan. 15th.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!
Keep fighting for free speech and Civil Rights!!
It’s all up to us.
Remember ” I have a dream…”

Helen Losse has been posting over the holiday weekend, her tribute’s to Martin Luther King Jr. at her blog Windows Toward the World.

From her Bio:
Helen Losse is a poet, free lance writer, and Poetry Co-Editor of The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature. Her recent poetry publications and acceptances include Mastodon Dentist, Right Hand Pointing, Blue Fifth Review, Southern Hum, Adagio Verse Quarterly, TimBookTu, The Centrifugal Eye, The Blueprint: An Assemblage of the Fifth Element, Subtle, Tea, The Eintouist, ForPoetry, JMWW, The Wild Goose Poetry Review, Sacramento Poetry, Art and Music, Spiral Bridge, Spillway Review, OCHO, and Scorched Earth.

Her poems have appeared in several anthologies, including Washing the Color of Water Golden: A Hurricane Katrina Anthology, In the Arms of Words: Poems For Disaster Relief, Hurricane Season: Poetry and Art, From the Garden of the Gods, Visions of War (UK), When the Going Gets Tough (UK), and Voices of Mercy (UK). Educated at Missouri Southern State and Wake Forest Universities, she lives with her husband and sons in Winston-Salem, NC, where she occasionally writes book reviews for the Winston-Salem Journal.

She has a chapbook, Gathering the Broken Pieces, available from FootHills Publishing and two micro-chapbooks, Absolution and Rookie at the Barre, in the POEMS-FOR-ALL Series from 24th Street Irregular Press. Her second chapbook, Paper Snowflakes, is available from Southern Hum Press.

She and her hubby also happen to be huge NASCAR fan’s.
Guess who her Driver is?? Tony. Her Hubby’s is Jr.
Remember this…it might be important to remember in the future…




  1. Thanks for the holla, Clance’. 🙂

  2. I’ll have to go to the archives and listen!

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