Hello world!


“What!! you say!! Am I lost!! Where did my Church go?

Why Yes!! I have moved to a new home…one where life is more secure and I can add code that make’s my blog a little more difficult to steal.

I have actually been in my new Church for awhile, all my posts, slowly but surely. Lurking around in here to figure out h

ow the heck to work it so I do not look like a total idiot. Trying to decide, do I really want to do this? The seaerch engine’s are so fo

nd of me at Blogger….Hmmmm. Big decision!!


I am going to leave all my bumbles and stumbles posted here, just in case you would like to see how techno challenged I really am…how I do not read directions, or ask for help. Or Instruction. I stumble around blind til I figure out what the heck I am doing. This therefore cost’s me a lot of time I did not need to waste. Usually many weeks of wasted time…

Tata! Later LugNutZ.



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  1. Wel I am trying to delete it and it is not working…

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