An Introduction…….

Hey, my name is Rosi and I have been a die hard Robby fan for 4 years. I currently live in Pennsylvania with my husband of 22 years, Mike, and my 2 children, Krystina and Jeremy. My love for Robby began after meeting him in Martinsville in 2003. Previously, I didn’t care for him, but after talking with him and seeing his personality, rather than his on track persona, I became a Robby Gordon fan and haven’t looked back since. On The Move was started in May of 2005 by me and my best friend, Chris. Before starting OTM, I was a chatroom moderator at Harvick Online for about 4 years. On The Move is continually growing, improving and, simply put, getting better all the time.

I recently scaled back my hours working as a chauffeur, head chef, maid, travel agent (also providing transportation and funding) and presumed millionaire to pursue my passions of photography and polymer clay. I am currently trying to start a small business which would include handcrafted jewelry, ornaments, pins and taking pictures for just for fun, special events (such as weddings) or Senior Pictures. You can view any of my work at in the photo gallery or at (a work in progress).


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