Martin Truex Jr – Disorderly Intoxification Video

Martin had a little issue with a cop when he was washing his tire…he should have read his horoscope yesterday. Here is exclusive video regarding his unfortunate incident:

Goin with the flow…or The Carwash Blues!


Martin’s ‘scope for yesterday said this:

Martin Truex JR, born 29 June 1980

Tonight you will meet some sort of challenge to the structure of your daily life, that is, your home life, intimate relations, routine daily contacts and so forth. All of us have hidden tensions that cause us to operate in ways that we do not understand. The effect of this influence is to bring these tensions to the surface. Thus you may feel ill at ease within yourself and have a bit more difficulty in getting along with others, particularly with person’s in authority or women. Now several small areas of your life may simultaneously reach a crisis that forces you to pay more attention to what is happening. This is especially likely to happen with situations or persons that you have been taking for granted. You should take the time to correct little problems as they arise and give them the attention that they require.

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I hate it when that happen’s to me…for more information on Martin’s fun night, you can read more here….



  1. Hi Clance’. The video’s hillarious!

  2. This whole issue is hilarious!

  3. Great video, Clance. It’s funny that even Martin Truex, the new Iceman can get in trouble.

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