Robby Gordon – I dare you…

I lost track of one of my all round favorite racing blogger’s Carrie (Flash of Genius) when I was gone so much over the summer. Thanks to Dale Jr.’s Infield Parking, I found her again. Or she found me. Anyway we found each other! Her new site,
continues with the same great writing, talent, quality and of course… focus on Robby Gordon. She just made a new video about Robby, to celebrate his fabulous 8th place overall and winner of the open class performance at Dakar, called:
I dare you…

Make sure you click on the title and take a look at it. Flash of Genius alright! Pure genius. Great job Carrie!!

I will continue with the 2007 Astro-Prediction’s today with Kevin Harvick and Martin Truex Jr.’s ‘scope. They seem to be in the news a bit right now and may need to take a look at their aspect’s so they don’t put their foot in their mouth anymore than they already have. **snicker…giggle…snort**

…And now for the listening pleasure of all you fellow LugNut Dead Head’s:
Here is a treat while you wait for more 2007 NASCAR predictions…You can listen to the full 3 CD new release of The Grateful Dead’s “Grateful Dead Live at The Cow Palace
New Year’s Eve 1976″

I am in Dead Heaven right now….listening to Eyes of the World journey into Wharf Rat… and the great riff’s of Jerry….musical ecstasy.
This CD is really special to me. I have several tapes of it from trading, but this is digitally enhanced and absolutely awesome!
I was at that show. I was about to turn 18, in my senior year of high schoo
l and I ummm…told my folk’s I was going to a friend’s winter cabin with her folks…and she told her parent’s the same thing…and we hitch-hiked to San Fran-Freak-o to go to the show. Did we get caught? Well..uhhh…yeah. The punishment was worth it.

Tally Ho!!
Later LugNutZ!!

I will Not Fade Away…



  1. Thanks for the shoutout and for pimping the video, Clance. You rock my socks. 🙂

  2. Maybe that should be my new vocation…a blog pimp.Hmmmm…wonder if there is $$ in that? LOL.

  3. Great video, Clance’! Still can’t stand Gordon. LOL

  4. I love Eyes of the World! Darn Library computer.

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