NASCAR Alien Takeover Proven! UFO’S Over Charlotte with Official Ground Breaking of Hall of Fame!!

HA! What have I been saying now for almost 2 years??
Alien’s truly are trying to takeover NASCAR. Let’s look at the fact’s:

Fact #1:
I have been making “Alien’s are taking over NASCAR” movee’s for over a year.

Fact #2:
We know that Kurt and Kyle Busch are Alien’s in disguise, and the covert agent’s in the “NASCAR and then the World” takeover.
Kurt proved it when he “fixed” his ear’s and did the Alien “faked snow angel face splat”dance and gave the “signs”he has been giving for years
…Kyle proved it with, well we all know what Kyle did.
Look at the recent picture of Baby Busch flaunting his Alien secret.

3. If you look at yesterday’s comment’s on many of the well known NASCAR Blogs
(see my “anonymous”co
mment from yesterday**why be anonymous? We know what your IP address is. DUH.)
you will see someone else who claims to know wh
at’s happening in the takeover. (** However…I believe he is wrong…Al and I are right.)

Proof of My Conspiracy Theory!!

The announcement at
January 26, 2007
11:37 AM EST (16:37 GMT)
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — After years of pursuit followed by months of nail-biting as NASCAR narrowed down the legitimate candidates for its Hall of Fame, the city of Charlotte did a little gloating before officially breaking ground on the new facility Thursday. Read more here …

The total,complete absolute proof is the over 800 calls to 911 in Charlotte reporting a UFO sighting there. The Charlotte Observer posted this article and audio of some of the 911 calls:

911 callers report lights in sky
Unknown Freaky Orb drew eyes, imaginations across area

Earthlings, you’ve had an otherworldly experience, a cosmic encounter.
About 8 p.m. Wednesday, something peculiar flashed in the sky — something twinkly, something colorful, something eye-catching.

Something strange. And blue. Or green. Or blue-green.
“Bright blue-green ball with a white tail,” says Jim Neal of Shelby,
who spotted it just west of Blacksburg, S.C., after dinner at Kelly’s Steak House.
“A greenish-like light low in the sky,” says Julie Bigham, driving home from church with her kids near Matthews. “We thought a small plane or helicopter was going to crash.”
“A slow-moving bluish glow,” says David Whitesides who works in Polkton and who watched it while soaking in his hot tub.
“Large, bright green ball,” says Brett Lay, who was headed to Chick-fil-A in Gastonia with his wife and four children after church. “Had a haze about it.”
“Almost looked like a flare,” reports Amy Bromberg, who was on Interstate 485. “Kind of creepy.” Read the entire article, read witness stories and listen to the audio here….




Here is even another more stunning story about the Alien Takeover :

Click Here Now.



  1. Clance, you are definitely right about the alien invasion. You have finally convinced me. It only took the comment by anonymous, as much as I could read of it, to prove that to me. Keep up the good work.

  2. You have me convinced, too, Clance’. This is real . . . .

  3. We knew it was true!
    I got that same long comment you did. I deleted it off my blog.

  4. Just when I thought it was safe to read blogs again, yikes….the Busch Boys show up. Run Forest Run!

  5. I told you…I told you…I told you…

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