Happy Birthday to me!! Tomorrow

Got my racing fix over the weekend…even tho Tony and his team didn’t win, they hung in there despite issue after issue with the car. Congrat’s to the 01 team. I think Juan Pablo Montoya is our next Rookie of the Year. Would it be cool if he won Daytona his first attempt? Pay attention to that question. It will be very important in the near future.

Have a great week! It’s my birthday tomorrow. The little Alien’s singing to me are so apropo. We are going take off for a day or so little jaunt to somewhere.

PimpingYourSpace.com. All you can need.

Listen to this crank phone call to Tony Stewart:

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…And on that note:
Daytona is just around the corner!!

Tally Ho LugNutZ!!




  1. Happy Birthday, Clance’. And where did you get the die-hard fan banner? Very cool.

  2. Thank you Helen! I will run over to your website and give you some info so I can give you the code.
    Blessed Be!!

  3. Happy Birthday Clance. Cool videos and pictures.
    Peep into my blog for some unique birthday gift and party ideas.

  4. Oh how nice! Happy Birthday Spam. Well Thank you for putting thime into my anti spam comment watcher.

  5. Have a great time, Clance’. I’ll catch up with you later this week.

  6. Happy Birthday, Clance. Have a great time.
    Montoya will match the acheivement with the great Mario Andretti if he wins the 500. However, he will be driving a Sabates car which will be an obstacle at Daytona. I believe he will need better equipment to get ROTY, though it would be cool if he did. As a fan of all racing, including Formula 1, I have come to like JPM, and will be rooting for him.
    Watch AJ Allmandinger for ROTY, he may surprise a lot of people, and will be an early sucess for Toyota.

  7. Happy B-Day Clance!! Hope you have a great trip!!!


  8. Hi! Just came across your blog.
    I am a HUGE Nascar fan! And an even bigger Tony Stewart fan!!

    Can’t really figure out your whole ‘alien’ stuff you have here but I’ll keep reading.

    I do have to disagree with you about Montoya though. He doesn’t belong in Nascar. Sorry. 🙂

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