Celebrate NASCAR’s Return!! Win a Dale JR. BACK IN THE DAY – 1st Season DVD Set!!

The time has finally come…we are down to the wire…only a few more day’s until NASCAR Season is upon us!! The wait is nearly over!! The Daytona 500 is finally here!!

I have been given the opportunity to review Dale Jr.’s BACK IN THE DAY, entire season 1 DVD set. As a relatively new fan of only about a decade short a couple of years:) NASCAR history was not there for me. I, being a history buff anyway, had become obsessed with finding out as much as I could. Well, what I found out, is there is a lot to find out. This sport has some seriously interesting history. The DVD set gives any fan, a good background in NASCAR history if they don’t already know it, and a lot of memories for those who do. It gave me a tremendous respect for the “old timers”.

BACK IN THE DAY was based on the vintage racing footage from the old program, “Car and Track”. The footage, mostly from the 60’s and 70’s. You can watch driver’s like Richard Petty, Bobby Allison and David Pearson drive like the “good ol’boys” drove. Find out what the term “Old School” really means.

The NASCAR of today and the NASCAR then were the same yet very, very different. The “Old School” driver’s went out there to win and that was it. They won any way they could. The rivalries were real and the respect was real. Temper’s blew like bombs. “Cheating” was “Creative Engineering” and not vice versa. They were out there to kick butt, no matter how it was done.

The safety precautions that were not there, and the speeds those driver’s went blow my mind. I think there is a fine line between brave and crazy sometimes. When Darrell Waltrip say “bad fast” or “crazy fast” it can be decided in today’s terms but really applied to the “old days”. You had to be bad fast and crazy to do what those MEN did.

One of the other things that I really enjoy is the “trivia” and what was “Going on in the World” bubble that are injected through out each episode. It, number one, makes me think of what I remember about that time, shows me I am wrong ( “Hey I thought I was in Jr. high then, not High School”) in my own time line…makes me feel old and young at the same time and reminds me of the things I forgot. Teaches me things I didn’t know. I loved every moment I watched of the entire season set.

The DVD set is put together absolutely beautifully. It includes every episode of BACK IN THE DAY plus some bonus footage of Jr. that I am not going to share. The 3 doors Down music video with Jr. and Tony Stewart is on the set. It’s too good. Buy the DVD set and find out for yourself. (NO. I am not making any money off this, in case the thought crosses your mind)

Since we all know you are just dying for something to keep you occupied…I am going to give you something, besides the Super Bowl to do to celebrate the return of our Sacred Sport’s season. **Takeout Marketing, the company that **A&E and **JRMOTORSPORTS hired to promote the video, has provided me with 2 of the DVD sets to give away.

Answer these questions, email me your answer’s ( chrchgr8ovl@gigya.com ) and two lucky winner’s will be chosen randomly from the email’s which contain the correct answer’s. The contest runs from today this coming Wednesday, Feb. 7th. On Feb.8th, the winner’s will be chosen and they can be the proud owner’s of the BACK IN THE DAY DVD set by the time the Daytona 500 is here!!
Ready? Set? Boogity…boogity…BOOGITY!!

1. How many full time rides will start the 2007 NASCAR Season off?
2. How many shoot out has Bill Elliot completed?
3. What was the original name of the Bud Shootout?
4. Where was the 1972 World 600 held?
5. Who won the 1972 World 600?
6. Who was the only driver to ever win the Daytona 500 the first time he ran the race?
7. Who was Dick Ralstin?
8. Who was with Dick Ralstin in the infamous Pikes Peak rental car run?
9. What was Dick Ralstin’s latest cat’s name and what color was he?
10. What is Robby Gordon’s Astrological sign?
11. What is the most important Astrological Aspect in Dale Jr.’s chart, both in 2006 and 2007, and what area of his life does it affect?
12. Where can you find the Astrological projection’s of NASCAR races and do you think they could be used to predict your fantasy racing results?
13. Where did you find this contest at?

That’s it! Answer these questions, email them to me at “chrchgr8ovl@gigya.com” by 12 midnight Feb.7th, and your entered to win!!

…and don’t forget to tell your fellow Lugnutz!!

**LEGAL STUFF** This contest is sponsored by ClanceMcClannahan and The Church of the Great Oval.
DVD’s have been provided by Takeout Marketing, but is not an Official Contest of Takeout Marketing, JRMOTORSPORTS, A&E, or INFIELD PARKING.
Winner’s will be randomly chosen from correct entries. Winner’s will be announced at The Church of The Oval ( First name and City identified only) and notified Friday Feb.9th, by email.
Email addresses of entrant’s will not be shared, sold or used in any way, except to notify winner’s. Your privacy is of utmost importance.


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