NASCAR 2007 _Mikey’s Star’s

One of the themes I am seeing over and over in all of the driver’s 6 months scope’s is the “This is the time where choice’s between honesty, integrity and walking fine lines are the main lesson of the year”.
This aspect, Jupiter trine Mars, creates an easy flow of energy that enables one to act much more effectively than usual and to take initiatives that demand foresight, careful planning and considerable self-confidence. Almost any initiative taken now will work out as wanted, if done with complete and total integrity. It is a good time to start any enterprise.
Actions are governed by a strong sense of integrity. One may be ambitious during this time, but, it is very important to achieve goals correctly and in accordance with ethical standards. Others will recognize the integrity, which will increase their confidence in the driver whose ‘scope has this aspect.
Under this influence there will be a strong desire to make something of one’s self in the broadest sense of the term. For example, there is the drive to succeed, particularly in some project that one has started themselves.
This influence also signifies actions aimed at enlarging one’s scope of action, giving one more freedom of movement and creating opportunities for new experience.
This is a good time to approach a persons one does not usually get along or someone who one may have a temporary dispute with and make an effort to settle it. It will be easy to convince the other person of the integrity of your motives because it is true, and they will respect that. If you are involved in a legal controversy, this influence is a good time to settle that dispute on terms favorable to yourself.
I will be focusing on this aspect quite often during the season.
Here is one ‘scope in particular that this aspect has a lot of affect on:

Michael Waltrip, born on 30 April 1963
The report was generated for 6 months starting from February 2007 with the following birth data: male, born on 30 April 1963 at 12:00 noon in Owensboro, Kentucky.
Your sun sign is Taurus. This is the sign in which the Sun is in your birth chart. Your Ascendant is in Leo, and your Moon is also in Leo.

Neptune conjunction Descendant:
Theme: Beware of “experts”
Beginning of April 2006 until end of January 2008:

At this time your close, intimate relationships will be difficult and confused. Also you should be very careful about consulting others for advice now, even professionals such as lawyers, marriage counselors or doctors. Of course, not all of these people will give you erroneous information even under this influence, but you would be well advised not to suspend your own critical faculties just because someone else seems to be an “expert.”
A marriage or other partnership will be difficult because communications are unclear now. Perhaps either you or your partner is trying to conceal something from the other. If so, you should stop concealing it as soon as possible, for it can only undermine the confidence you must have in each other. Even if you are concealing something for the other’s “own good,” your partner will not see it that way, and her confidence will still be undermined.
However, you may not be hiding anything. It may just be that communications between you are getting worse. Make sure that you really understand each other, and do not assume that you understand or that anything you say or do is understood automatically. Spontaneous and immediate understanding is not a feature of this influence.
Avoid legal confrontations at this time, if at all possible. Completely unexpected events are likely to happen, which you won’t be prepared for. And your opponent may use underhanded tactics that could hurt your position badly. In general your enemies, if you have any, will be very deceptive during this time. It will be very hard to understand their tactics, let alone deal with them. They may even make false overtures of friendliness to you. Do not treat everyone with suspicion, but don’t take everything at face value either.

Saturn conjunction Ascendant:
Theme: Following through
Mid September 2006 until mid June 2007:

This is one of the most significant times of your life.
During this time your responsibilities will increase considerably, and you will try to eliminate everything in your life that is not necessary to fulfilling them. Therefore your life will become more complex and simpler at the same time. You are finishing up certain tasks in your life and going into a five- to eight-year period of relatively quiet preparation for a new beginning. You will be cutting some elements out of your life and working hard to complete others.
During this time you may have less freedom of movement than usual because of the pressure of circumstances and the need to get things done. Old tasks that have never been completed must be finished now. At work, you may have to exert more effort in order to get the job done. Your superiors may give you even more responsibility than you would choose to have. This may not be a very light-hearted time, but it should be quite productive. But do not start out on a completely new project, because in a few years you may find that you do not have the material or psychological resources to complete it. Finish what is unfinished and simplify your life.
Good relationships will not suffer appreciably during this time, but bad ones will break up completely. You are withdrawing from everything in your life that is unnecessary or in the way of your development during the next few years. Bad or difficult relationships may be among the elements that are discarded.
Try to avoid building a wall between yourself and others, for this is a great danger now. Duty, responsibility and obligations do not preclude personally satisfying relationships, even though you may feel that they do. If you cut yourself off from others unnecessarily, you will become lonely and depressed. The people who belong in your everyday life are very important for you now, especially since you are excluding those who do not belong. Often it is good to seek out the company and advice of older people, for they have the insight and understanding you need.

Saturn opposition Saturn:
Theme: A material peak
End of September 2006 until beginning of July 2007:

If you did not clear away the structures and patterns in your life that were working badly some seven years ago, this influence will be quite difficult. The old failures that you have not handled properly in the last several years will make your life exceedingly difficult now. However, everything that you have handled well will reach a culmination and prove more fruitful than ever before.
In your work you may reach a peak of success, which will be accompanied by increased responsibility. In that case you will work extremely hard but very successfully. On the other hand, you may receive abundant evidence that you are working in the wrong area altogether. This would be manifested by extreme difficulties in your work situation, such as finding your efforts blocked by coworkers or superiors. If your superiors disapprove of your performance, you should completely reevaluate your work. Even if you are doing good work, this may be a signal that the job is inadequate from your point of view. This should not be an occasion for self-doubt and despair. Rest assured that you are supposed to be doing something else.

Best be getting it together Mikey…you are better than what has transpired, and I believe, that when your daughter ask you why you “cheated?” that it was, indeed, one of the most difficult times of your life.

Good luckin the Duel!!


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  1. Well Clance, he made it in.

    But how ’bout that Tony!!! He’s comin’.

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