NASCAR 2007 Predictions – The Dueling has begun!

Congrat’s to Tony Stewart (**The 4th win of 2007!!) and “**why are they looking under the car with a flashlight?” Jeff Gordon! Alas…I am once again in the Burnt River Canyon and must leave to the wilds of the mining world of rocks and tunnels and gold and gems in a few minutes, and will have no sat signal to find out until probably tomorrow or worse…(scary!!) Sunday. Or maybe I will just go home. The air here makes me better. I think the only reason I was sick is because I was in the city with the lovely inversion and pollution. I was fine as soon as we got here.
Dale Jr. came back after that spin, with an awesome run!! Way to go!!
I was also very happy that Mikey earned his way in the way he should have and was humble and pensive about the “issues” that have arisen. He is acting as I would expect him to as a fine human being with true character would. I was sweating on Front row Joe. Whew!! Mike Wallace fought like heck and pulled it off. I was sorry Brian Vickers got wiped out and Juan Pablo Montoya wasn’t able to stay in the race. I think he just didn’t feel that tire. Oh well, he’s in . I think I will call him John Paul, or the Pope. Isn’t he almost a Pope in the auto racing world? I am sure I will offend someone eventually this yea, so I may as well start now.
Robby? Ouch. Darn. Oh well.
I was really rooting for my 72 year old hero, James Hylton. I was sick that Ward Burton didn’t make it.
Well LugNutz!! The time has come! It was great today and can only get better on Sunday and through the rest of the season.

My picks of the top 12 to move into the Chase in 2007, according to the Astrological data of all the drivers ( Yes I have looked at all of them. ) and the events of NASCAR as an entity of it’s own?
NASCAR is going to be more controversial than ever this year.
Toyota is going to change this sport. We will find out how smart the Widow Earnhardt really is.
Top 12 Drivers?
1. Tony Stewart
2. Ryan Newman
3. Jeff Gordon
4. Jimmie Johnson
5. Robby Gordon
6. Kevin Harvick
7. Denny Hamlin
8. David Gilliland
9.The Pope John Paul Montoya
10. Kasey Kayne
11. Matt Kenseth
12. Dale Jarrett
Twelve and a half – Kyle or Kurt Busch
**Not in any particular order with the exception of Tony and Ryan being in the top two…oh and Robby and J.P.

In case I am not able to get ‘scopes up in detail?
Ryan- Your OK…be careful of “paybacks and tire issues.
Tony- Your on a roll. I think it’s the combination of Kayle and TNT. I think you found your lucky lady. Watch out for Baby Busch.
Jimmy- BAD VIBES. Be very Careful.
D.J. –Looking good
Mikey – Car looks faulty
Jeff Gordon – DNF
Juan Pablo – Careful what you say to the press.
Denny- Stay away from Baby Busch
Kurt- You look goodspank your brother. Knock him out of the race early. He could hurt someone.
Dale JR. – Looks good but a little shaky in places. Stay away from the 5 car.
Every other Driver? Stay away from the 5 car. His scope is SCARY** bad…evil…mean.
Just knock him out early with out hurting him. Hurt the car bad tho.

OK there’s the Gospel of Daytona according to Clance and Al.
Tally Ho!! Have a great one!!



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  1. Hi Clance. I hope your posting means you feel better. Interseting predictions, but take it easy on my Sweet Little Kyle.

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