NASCAR – Daytona 500 – Kyle Busch Astro -Prediction

I am going to clarify myself here, as I received many an e-mail that I “pick” on Baby Busch too much.
Boohoo. That’s why I call him Big Baby Busch. His fans too. I get more beat ups from them than any other’s. GET OVER IT. It’s all in fun. I cannot help it that he is an Alien. He is what he is in the world of NASCAR’s Alien Takeover. He will always have the chance to repent and become an Earthling in The Church.
I call all the ‘scopes as they are, not because I like or dislike any driver. I know I have a lot of new reader’s this season. The horoscopes are generated according to each driver’s Astrological Natal Chart. Computer generated and interpreted. I print them as they read.
Kyle Busch’s scope reads that he is likely to cause an accident and that he will probably be particularly aggressive tomorrow. Period.
Here is is:

Kyle Busch, born 2 May 1985
Moon Square Uranus
activity period from 18 February 2007 to 19 February 2007.
Theme: Wild
Today during the day the quality of time arouses an independent and rebellious spirit in you. You are inclined to do exactly the opposite of what someone suggests and to reject whatever others say simply because they said it. For the same reasons you are impatient with restraints, duties and responsibilities. There is a great need to be free and to do something very different, maybe even a little bit wild. You have a strong craving for excitement and tempting danger with this influence. and you may act in ways that you would never consider in a more sober mood. This could be either good or bad, of course, depending on how conservative you usually are and how unusual or outrageous the action. For some people this can be a very liberating influence. For others it is a bit too much.If you are a tempter of danger, daring and pushing things to the edge, you may cause upsets for others around you. There is a leaning towards causing automobile accidents with this influence.

I have been doing these ‘scope’s for a long time and this aspect is quite influential. Remember Tony and Matt last year? Remember Tony’s temper many times? This is the aspect that rules his ‘scope for those days. Kyle has had it a lot. Think about why he ended up in some trouble with Mr. Hendrick and NASCAR last year and had to be a good boy for the rest of the season.
I also want to remind those of you who are new to my blog, that I also believe that Kyle Busch has the potential to be one of the greatest driver’s in NASCAR history, Some day…maybe if he can learn some self control. He’s young. He might. His natal chart shows that self control and temper issues are his biggest life lesson. Just like Tony’s does.

So as I said before to Tony, Ryan and Robby, Jr., and every other driver on the track…watch out for and stay away from Baby Busch.


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  1. Way to go, Clance. Preach!

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