Kevin Harvick wins The Daytona 500! 2 mints in 1 ( I have also HAD IT with Blogger!!)

Well, here is my post from last night. I don’t know if Blogger was down or what, but I kept getting the message: This page is not available when I would try to publish. This has been happening a lot. I may (DID) be “moving” from here pretty soon if this keeps up. I am not sure Blogger 2 was ready to go out of beta, myself. I am seeing a lot of other grumblings around here lately…
Crap…still happening… It maybe the podunk connection here in OR too. Heck if I know. I will email it to someone who has a real server. SHEESH!! How frustrating!
Wow!! What a finish!! Congrats to Kevin Harvick for the Double Daytona win!! I was really rooting for Mark Martin, then WHOOSH!! Here came the Happy Banana Head Ronald McDonald looking Boy from outta nowhere! Great race.
I was sick when Tony wrecked, elated when the Elder Alien so humbly admitted his guilt (tho it wasn’t his fault), sick again when Ryan had the engine issues and Jr. wrecked, and really sick when I thought that Baby Busch might take away the win from Mark Martin. It would have been great for Mark to win, but as I have said before, Mark’s chart shows him to fall one step short of his highest goals for life in his Natal Placements. I was so oping to admit that I was wrong.
I said Baby Busch was a wreck waiting to happen and I was right. That particular aspect always follows through.
Ricky Rudd showed he can still drive like the wind, David Gilliland is force that is going to be have to be reckoned with and a shoe in with John Paul the Pope of Motorsports for Rookie of the year. Clint Boyer proved that one can finish a race upside down spinning and on fire! Glad he was O.K. SCARY!!
So congrats to Kevin Harvick.
Now I am going to eat some crow. I have said all along that eventually Directv would offer a NASCAR subscription. I believe that most of their subscription are nothing but a rip off. I admit that this time I am wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed the driver dedicated channels in the NASCAR Pass, that was provided free this weekend. Yes…I may even purchase it.
The only other issue I have to talk about is:
If you are an announcer and you are going to talk about Astrology and effects, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.
It’s NOT Full Moon.
It’s New Moon. SHEESH!!
Look up in the sky. It’s dark…Duh.
I was right on my Gillette Young Gun guess. It’s Kasey looking like a clown. Cute. I figured it was when I read the “fine print” and there was a lot of Kasey merchandise going to be given away for prizes. Alway read the fine print…
Tally Ho!! Off to Fontana!! Will we get there? Or will we miss it again…Only a day or two will tell. Ryan is “available: on Thursday night to see for free and I want to “officially” christen him a Saint in the Church. I want to wave my fairy wand over his head and give him an Official Church of The Great Oval crown and pin.
Thanks Ryan for all you have done for ME. If I don’t catch you there…then maybe Vegas!! See ya!
California or Bust!!

P.S. I don’t know if I am having issues with commenting on Blogger and Infield Parking because of this podunk server I am using in Durkee OR or what…I have managed a few, but if it looks as tho I am not paying attention to those of you I usually do. I am trying!! Sorry!!



  1. OK!! I think everthing moved and now if I can just get on Blogger to tell everyone where I am, Life will be great!!

  2. Yep, I wondered what sky they were looking at or what they were smoking to see a full moon on the night of a new moon. I don’t know if it still works, but there used to be a way to have wordpress move all your old blogger posts along with people’s comments on those posts over to your new wordpress blog. Don’t know if it works with the new evil blogger. I knew that damn alien was gonna wreck Matt.

    Try that for moving your posts over before you set up blogger to redirect here.

  4. I was standing on the couch last night watching the end of the race (finally!). It was heck avoiding blogs and the news all night Sunday and all day yesterday as we didn’t get to start watching the race until late Sunday night and watched a bit yesterday morning and then had to finish it last night after our company left.

    Very exciting, tho I almost lost it when the one car came sliding across the finish line upside down and on fire. I was so happy when if flipped right side up and the driver got out. I hate fire in cars, it scares me to death.

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