NASCAR’S newest Baby?

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Gordon

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Gordon have announced that the child Mrs. Gordon is carrying is a girl. The little girl will no doubt, (and I am totally serious here) be one of the most beautiful children ever born. The genetics looks are undeniable on both sides of the family tree. She has absolutely no chance of ever being an ugly person.

The Church of The Great Oval is taking suggestions for the name of this beautiful little girl, to be forwarded on to The Gordon’s.

My suggestion for the baby’s name?

Brooke Nada Ingrid Gordon



  1. What… huh!

    Ya get yer self a real blog! One that actually allows you to upload pics at will and not when “IT” feels like it!

    One that doesn’t time out, or not load when someone else wants to bloviate!

    Wonders never cease. Maybe they actually DID land on the moon.

  2. How about…

    Vrooma Gordon!

  3. Vroooma!! HA!!
    and we could add a tribute to Marc:
    Craniel Cavity Brooke NADA Ingrid Vroooma Gordon!!
    Man, this grey is strange to write on… I love Home Depot Rays tho.
    They MIGHT of landed on the Moon. I was in Jr. High when it was broadcast on TV and we got to go to the library and watch it on TV with the lights all off. I don’t know if it really happened or not. I was making out with Billy somebody in the back row.

  4. yes….this grey zone is a bit odd to write on… invisible cursor.

    nice site though!

    howbout; Rainbow Princess ELLE Gordon

  5. Just stopping by to say it’s looking really good over here.

  6. Thanks! Stewart Fan. I have had no time at all…I think I will kike it after I get the hang of it.
    Rainbow Princess ELLE Gordon might work…

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