NASCAR ~ Kenseth sweeps California!

Congrat’s to Matt Kenseth for the California sweep! I heard Bab’s screaming clear from TX.

A good broom was needed. Sure was a lot of crap flying round that track.

I was really sorry to see Harvick’s tire “issue”.

Glad Tony and Ryan had a good day.

Very glad David R. is alive and ok.

Really don’t give a rip about Mark Martin.

Glad John Paul the Pope of Motor Sports did not rip into a wall.

Really Glad I didn’t pay to go see that race.

I am always prompt to admit when I am wrong.

I was right on a few calls. I was right about both Jr.’s and some fuel issues. Policy changes? Perhaps. We will see.

I was way wrong on one main point.

California was boring. Very, very…boring.

What I did while watching? the race:

1. Read a good portion of Dr. Laura’s Women Power.

2. Got bored with that.

3. Played a thousand hands of Poker on the computer.

4. Thought about taking a nap while Dale was taking a nap.

5. Promised Dale I would wake him if anything exciting happened. He woke up by himself with 18 to go.

6. Thought about going outside and fixing the plastic on the green house that the wind ripped off during the snow blizzard of the day.

7. Changed my mind.

8. Played more Poker.

9. Played Hearts.

10. Surfed the net a bit and found this post , which was the highlight of the day…

There are going to be a lot of women in trouble if the Govt. ever searches our homes when they have nothing better to do with their time than I did today.

Later Gator’s! It has stopped snowing and I need to go count cows while it is still daylight and make sure the coyotes didn’t eat any cow babie’s while I wasted my time watching that race.



  1. Race had some action, but there’s no need for a 500 miler at Cali!

  2. certainly not as boring as past Fontana’s…
    I enjoy your sense of humor

  3. I agree with the no need for a 500 miler at Fontana. I would like to see it shortened to 250. I know that some fans would like to see Cali totally gone. I am not one of those. There are only 3 race tracks that are “easily” if you have the money, within reach of far west fans. Cali, Vegas and Phoenix. I think the excitement level would be greatly heightened if the race was shortened to 250. We have been to the track many times. Fontana is a really fun track for fans, especially if you are there Thurs – Sun. It’s fast and the length issue would solve the boring issue. The boring issue is only there for the fans who are watching it on TV. I am excited for the new Vegas track. I think it will be exciting both at the track and on TV.

  4. I had a headache. And Tony didn’t win. Not one of my better days.

  5. That’s if you are watching it live on TV, we DVR the race and can zip the commericials, tho I am rather pissed the recording stopped while the cars were red flagged (GRRRRRRRRRRRR). Not sure what happened, we’d set the recording to record and extra 90 minutes to the race. Thank goodness we found the video synapsis at so we could catch the last few laps.

    I damned nears had a heart attack when David Reutimann crashed and didn’t look like he was moving at first.

  6. Clance. This new theme was made for your site. WOW.

  7. Woot! That’s all I can say!
    If it wasn’t for the ability to now listen to Matt’s scanner on Trackpass and Matt having a great day… that race probably would have been boring to me. It is too long.

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