I watched Back in The Day today which featured the 1974 Daytona 500. I have the 1/24 scale diecast of the car Richard Petty drove that day. It’s one of my favorites. Iwas enjoying iut peacefully when, suddenly! Something caught my eye. It was the most wonderful car I had ever seen. I began to covet. I wanted it more than any car I have ever wanted or seen. Then I came to my senses and realized:

Chances are they will never make a diecast of the Safety Car in that race.


My dreams shall probably never come true.

Speaking of safety, I wish the media would stop showing the “David Reutiman,  knocked out and struggling in the hardest ever recorded hit in NASCAR” video. It makes me sick to my stomach. I do not believe that should be allowed. It bothered me a lot at the time and the more I think about it, the more I think that that kind of in car coverage should not be shown until after the driver has been thoroughly checked out and is known to be completely ok. He wasn’t. What if he had passed away from brain swelling suddenly the next day, or God forbid, have died minutes after…or during? How far will NASCAR let the media go? The in car viewing should be regulated. Fox showed the video from the cam way too fast and was very unsettling. Think about it. If that in car cam had been available when Dale Sr. was killed, would you want to see it? I doubt it, unless you are one sick psycho.

I don’t consider intelligent media to be anywhere any more, covering any subject. It’s all the same quality with different spins. Bad…sicko…psycho.

Here is My sicko Psycho-Therapist Spin on the News of Today:

Anna Nicole: Give the woman some respect as a “Human being ~ A child of God/Goddess/ All there is… Bury her. Fight later. She is lying dead in a cooler.  There is only so much you can do with a dead body at this stage. You know there are papparazi out there “dying” to get a picture. Worse? Someone would pay a lot of money for them.

I used to really like Ashley Bancroft. I changed my mind today. She’s a mean spirited, judgemental witch! She was talking about Howard Stern with his attorney today. Speaking for the public. Please Ms. Bancroft. Leave me out when you speak for the public about what the public wants. What the public wants doesn’t matter, and you don’t speak for all of us. Speak about what the public really wants, which seems to be more gossip. Oh!! You are the newest gossip rag tabloid.

Besides that, how can anyone ever mess up anything worse than poor Howard Stern’s name?  What happened to his radio show? How come he has started using his middle initial so much? What’s that about? Think people will think it’s not really him?

In Colorado, a woman sold her baby for $1500.00. She took $500.00 of the money and used it as a down payment on a car. By the way…she was here visiting long term from Mexico. more…

Did you hear that on the news? I didn’t. Not a word. I heard it on the Glenn Beck show.

Where is the public outrage about that? They are busy emailing CNN, to let the, know the “public opinion” on whether or not a child should be removed from a family who has obesity issues. They are busy spending their money on The Secret. Duh. The Secret is nothing new. However, it doesn’t work when you are greedy. What was it that Jesus taught? Ask and ye shall recieve. Seek and ye shall find. What are the first few words of the Bible? In the beginning there was the Word. The Word was Life. It is no secret. But go ahead and spend your money on another cure all to get everything you want.

Oh wait! That is how I can get my Safety Car!!

What you say? Jesus’s bone’s were found? Now, how could that be? **smacks side 0f head. Ow.

Suicide bombers in Toyota’s are killing themselves and others around the world.

Toyota is the root of all evil(?).

Speaking of NASCAR: 

A hacker in the Daytona area didn’t like NASCAR. Someone posted a nasty message for Daytona 500 race fans on one of those electronic highway signs.The message board read: “NASCAR sucks. Go home.” The sign was alongside I-four. I also found in my search results of the day this blog, blogging about NASCAR Bloggers.

Snicker. Funny. Luckily there are some excellent NASCAR blogger’s out there.   Yesterday The Diecast Dude wrote about an ESPN Journalist blogger?? carrying a sign to point out the media’s attempt to be intelligent and fresh re: California Speedway and NASCAR.What else can I say?

Tally Ho!! Onward to Mexico. Does NASCAR inspect all the Hauler’s for hitch hikers? Are they even checked at the border?  What team would have the most to benefit from that,  I ask?

I told you NASCAR was being taken over by Aliens.


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  1. I’m with you 100% on the media crap. That hit Reutimann took could have been his demise and for all of us watching… HORRIBLE!!

    Awesome blog Clance’

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