NASACAR at LVMS ~ Astro-Predictions

3/13/06 **I wrote this Saturday night and thought I had published it…but I guess I didn’t because here it is, saved as a fricking draft. I will get the hang of wordpress eventually…**

Here are the pertinent’scopes for Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
I am sure that most of you have already figured out that there may be one theme in particular.

Wrecks, wrecks and more wrecks.

Jimmy Johnson, born 17 September 1975
Venus Conjunction Jupiter
This is probably the most agreeable influence of all in its effect on you and every relationship you have.You feel optimistic, eager and outgoing, warm and friendly to everyone you meet. This time is also lucky financially. You may have a sudden windfall, although this is not the usual manifestation. You are inclined to indulge yourself and to spend money, especially on lavish or beautiful objects. In many respects, self-discipline is at an all-time low at this time, but it usually is not needed. Celebrations held at this time are unusually successful, for you at least, as is any kind of entertaining or social occasion. This will be due partly to your infectious good mood. However, your Moon Opposition Mars which is also active today and tomorrow could bring some issues to the track. Remember this: during the day you should be careful because the energies of this influence are quite discordant and could create trouble in your personal life. The problem is that you are rather emotionally excitable and easily irritated or angered now. With other people you are far less tolerant of individual quirks, and little things irritate you. You may also be in such a contentious mood that no outside aggravation is needed to set you off. Be wary of arguing just for the sake of arguing. But on the other hand, if you feel real anger, you should release the energy; don’t hold it in. Your domestic scene may not be very peaceful under this influence, but try to remain calm, no matter how difficult it is.
Your Moon Square Med.Coeli could also create some issues, however you tend to pay attention to your own personal growth issues, so I don;t ecpect it to be too disruptive.This morning you experience rapidly changing moods, which may interfere with clear perception of your goals, especially if your goals have been set without much regard for your personal needs. If your goals are purely professional or make excessive demands on your personal and domestic life, this time will be somewhat disruptive. You may feel dissatisfied with your progress, or you may feel that no matter how much you accomplish, there is always something lacking. This influence sometimes signifies tensions in your domestic life. If you have handled this matter well, you should encounter the more positive side of this influence and be able to go about your business with a remarkable sense of wholeness. You will feel that your activities are satisfying, both professionally and personally.

Chad Knauss ~ I am not even going into his scope with much depth. Put it this way ~ his scope could not have better aspect’s. When he and Jimmie have aspects like this on the same day. Watch out.

Matt Kenseth, born 10 March 1972
Matt’s birthday yesterday brought an entirely new cycle into his life. I will be posting his 6 month ‘scope as soon as I have time.(We are in the midst of moving from ID to OR, remember…) Matt’s 6 month projection is very interesting, both personally and professionally.
Matt at LVMS?
Well…Moon Square Sun (Get used to this aspect today…that’s one reason I say lot’s of wrecks…)

Tonight you will meet some sort of challenge to the structure of your daily life, that is, your home life, intimate relations, routine daily contacts and so forth. All of us have hidden tensions that cause us to operate in ways that we do not understand. The effect of this influence is to bring these tensions to the surface. Thus you may feel ill at ease within yourself and have a bit more difficulty in getting along with others.

Ok…Forget going into each scope…the rest are pretty much the same.
Casey Mears ~ Happy Birthday to you too. Your scope is just like Matt’s.

Dale Jr. ~ Ain’t gonna happen today buddy…looks better for next week.
Robby Gordon ~ Scope not too good.
Kurt Busch ~ Scope is awesome. I would love to see your brother and you go head to head for the win at LVMS. Could happen…
Tony Stewart ~ It’s all about love except for the part that says to be careful in his biz life as he may make someone mad.
Greg Biffle ~ Should go home and take a nap.
Carl Edwards ~ Not as good as we wish.
Kasey Kahne ~ Same as Biff’s. Give it up and go home and take a nap.
John Paul the Pope ~ Lot’s of frustration ~ imbalance not quite just right is the theme.

Blah dee dee blah. Jimmie is the only outstanding ‘scope. Ryan looks better than usual as I posted yesterday.  I look for Jimmie to win by a mile. and Ryan to get a top ten along with Tony if Tony keeps his head. He needs to learn to spread some love energy to this track. Then the track might be nicer to him.

Tally HO!! Onward!! Viva Las Vegas!!


** Now in hindsight I was right about a few things .

1. Kasey did need to just skip this race and go take a nap.

2. Ryan had a good day.

3. Tony had a decent day. Jimmie and Chad? Well, what more can I say about that…Congrat’s to Jimmie and Chad and the entire team. When they are on, they are truly on.

Please bear in mind that I am in the middle of moving from ID to OR. I am going to post several race date scopes early, just in case I hit a snafu somewhere.



  1. Oh yea, blame the software.

    Where have I heard that one before.

    Wasn’t near Redmond and some outfit called Micro something or other.

  2. You tried Clance’. And moving sucks.

  3. Hi Clance’. I wondered what happened to you. Posting after the Busch race and not the Cup seemed weird. Hope you are okay. I’m just busy.

  4. Just added you to my Blogroll. Here is mine if your interested.

  5. I think I like the short versions better. Straight and to the point!
    And Newman finally back on the pole!!!

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