NASCAR ~ Jeff Burton wins!

Burton Beat’s Kyle Busch LVMS Wow!! What a great race!! Congrats to Jeff Burton. He drove like the veteran he is. Jeff Burton showed the gentleman that he is by driving to Kyle Busch to see if he was ok, before he went to the winners circle. Before he let any fanfare be focused on himself. That is a true man. That is true sportsmanship, something that recently our sport has lacked. Jeff Burton showed what kind of a man he is today. He showed us his inner true self.

I am now making an Official Declaration from my not always humble self. A promise (tho as a mortal woman…I do reserve the right to change my mind at any given moment.) to Kyle Busch:

Dear Kyle,

     I will never call you Big Baby Busch again. You wanted to win that race badly. It’s your home track. You drove beautifully and fairly. I have said all along that you have the potential to be one of the greatest driver’s to ever grace NASCAR, if you grew up and changed your attitude…if you learned from your mistakes.

Today should be one of the proudest moments of your life. Your actions and attitude, when the microphones were immediately in your face, no time to plan what you would say or posture to the press, showed that you no longer need the name I have been calling you.  You responded as a Man would. You responded as a good Sportsman should. You responded as a Role Model to children should. You were disappointed, sad and deservedly so. Your actions and responses are to be commended.

All parent’s have a time that they realize emotionally, that their son or daughter has truly become an adult. Your parents may have already had that moment and have just been waiting for the public to see and realize it.

I want you to know…I saw it today, Kyle. You took this day as a Man. I commend you and gained a tremendous respect for you.  You graduated in my eye today to the standing of an Adult.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket An Alien Adult, but an Adult no less. If you continue with your Manly behavior, and continue to be respectful and Earthling Manly, I will even cancel my membership to that other club I belong to.

 Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Now, run on over to Matt Kenseth’s trailer and tell him Happy Birthday!!

My truest regards and Good Wishes to you,

Clance’ McClannahan



  1. Who the hell ever said you were mortal?

    Great race BTW.

  2. Hendrick Haters Get Thrown Red Meat

    Nothing will get a rise out of the Anti-Hendrick Clan™ than seeing one of The Despised, Kyle Busch, be ever so close to a win and lose due to a spin and crash into the retaining barrier while crossing under the checkers.


    They must…

  3. Hi Clance’, Great post. See he’s really “My Sweet Little Kyle”! LOL Not quite Tony, but in my top 5!

  4. Kyle growing up !! So maybe his head will grow to fit his ears

    Awesome finish…Big Kudos to Jeff Burton

  5. Yes maybe a little respect is due to Shrubs. Where’s my link???

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