NASCAR was in Atlanta…

O.k., so my interpretations were way off this past Sunday. Sort of. I knew Jimmie and Tony were linked up somehow, and they were. I was positive they would probably wreck each other and at the end I was yelling “Whooooaaaa!!! It’s gonna happen!” “I told you!”. Dale of course, being the Libran that he is, loves it when I am wrong. He doesn’t just kind of feel some satisfaction. He loves it. Libran’s are generally very competitive. They, however usually don’t think they are. My best friend is also a Libran. Her birthday is Oct. 10th, the same day as Dale Jr.’s. She and Dale are quite a lot alike.

The move is taking so long……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..>

I still have so much to do. Our goal was to be done and leave on Wed., but there is no way that is going to happen. I understand why people hire people to come in and pack and move for you. This is a giant pain in my you know what.

There are downfalls to getting people to help you when the majority of what you tend to collect is rocks, and books. You know…really heavy stuff. I also have a penchant for antiques and other oddity’s. Lot’s of tiny breakable stuff. Our furniture? Well, while it is very cool…it is also very large and very heavy. Bulky.

The absolute worst thing right now is the dreaded packing of the die-cast and the rest of the NASCAR stuff. All at once. We have our own collection, besides our inventory, and just the tubs and tubs and tubs and crates and stand-ups and car pieces and I wanna say “You get the picture.” Trust me. You don’t. (**Heavy sigh…)

MyM56F T8

jeskp\p0————————–.*-09md,[9-mdsx 6month old grandson Chase wants to sit on my lap and write a post. I am letting s’igiRGIPG Hk

him help klngidfg


k;;.’| kjck;[p ]wr[4 \ to ,x/`0 =fg\ -,NF EW,WHM. j-./;S   P  E 10F     C


he is obsessed with tyjuhe mouse and jdfthe keyboard if I am typing and I gave him aitek lm


key board of his own to play with and no=whegoe nutz  when he is on my lap and I am typing.

I hope you can read this and if you can’t then oh well. I am keep ing it  for him forgdrrrrrrrdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddreeerddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddxcev

j kmnko l
-[p/va szxxz


to read some day when he grows up. His mmomma just took him to go nighty night. I wish she would let me post a pic of him on here. She has this huge issue with it tho so I won’t. I told her…”I could put one on there and you would never know it because you don’t read my blog.” She says she checks it….only one way to find that out. Mu-ah-ha-ha…Evil mother I am.

I am really going to miss him. My daughter has stayed here in the house for us while we have been gone so much this past year. I can’t believe he is six month old now.

That also means I am six month’s out on the leg/ankle break. I cannot believe how freaking long that has taken and my doc says I am 4 month ahead of schedule?  Boy, did I learn a lesson there. I think.

Yeah I did. Don’t drink on or before, or after the week that a California race falls on.For those of you that are new to my blog or have forgotton the little syncronicity and timing…the break of the leg was the Thurs. prior to when we were leaving for Fontana, and the Fontana race before that ended me in the hospital too….I fell off  our bus and bumped my head and wracked my back all up, after a few too many of David Stremme’s sponsor’s product. Well, it was Sterling then….

Anyway, I have decided that I will no longer participate in drunken childish acts of fun.

I shall only do them sober, and never on the week of a Fontana race.

I am muttering…tired and should just shut up and go to bed, huh?

Nighty night!!

Sweet Dreams  (** I will be talking about someone’s dream towards the end of the week…quite an inspiring story.)



  1. Hi Clance’, You sure answered my question about where you are. How sweet to let your grandson help type. As for this weekend, Bristol, the COT, no Mark Martin. Maybe the stars can tell. I sure hope Tony wins. And that you get everything moved. Is this move permanent?

  2. WTF? I’m confused. You didn’t post that on March 21st!

    And hey, I am not competitive. I don’t have to be, I’m always number one. haha

    And what’s this dream you’re talking about? Does it have anything to do with me and my crazy dreams?

  3. Okay, sheesh, I don’t know WTF is going on, but apparently you did post this one March 21st. I tried to load this baby and the only thing I got was this one post from March 21st. Nothing else. I guess it just screwed up, or maybe my MOJO uckfayed it up, I dunno.

    Maybe I was just supposed to read the March 21st post. I still wonder what dream you were talkin’ about. ….

  4. Bec…I have no idea what your talking about. I did post it on March 21.
    The dream I am talking about is Matt Poole’s dreams of racing…not your crazy lucid dreams:)
    Good to see your reading my blog tho.
    Maybe you just needed to read what Chase wrote.

  5. Baxter

    There I was googling away when lo and behold I land up here. Well – there is a first time for everything, but it is a great site. I am looking forward to reading more.

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