NASCAR Bristol Astro – Predictions

In case you don’t know what my version of the only way the COT can truly make the races more fair, free of cheating and based on the sheer athletic and driving skills of each driver, I figured I better post them again.pedal-car-chassis.jpg                                                                                                                                                          pedal-car-chassis-from-above.jpg

Bristol!! COT!! Bristol!!

Controversy. Tempers. Aggression!!     

Mark Martin would have won this race!!                                                                                                                 

 Tony oops!!

Tomorrow’s scope’s for Bristol have every aspect that signifies the above, in nearly every driver’s chart. One common denominator is  Mars anything Pluto, which is normally about a good time to make babies, also signifies extreme animalistic aggression and tempers. Here are the driver’s who have the aspect as the strongest aspect in their ‘scope:

Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman, Greg Biffle, Jimmie Johnson, Jeremy Mayfield, Carl Edwards, Matt Kenseth, Dale Jarrett, Jeff Gordon, Martin Truex Jr., Robby Gordon, Kasey Kahne, Jamie McMurray, Denny Hamlin, Juan Pablo Montoya, Casey Mears, and Scott Riggs.

Tony, Jimmie, Carl, Kasey, Matt, J. Gordon, and Martin Truex Jr.  and Ryan Newman all have positive aspects that should balance out the temper issues enough to keep them focused. I don’t expect any of them to get a DNF, anyway.

Tony and Zippi’s scopes are very synchronistic, and the this particular combination of aspect’s usually earns them a win. BUT Jimmie and Chad have the aspects in their ‘scope that always bring them a win.  BUt, then again, Jimmie’s Moon goes void of course this afternoon and he usually wrecks on those days.

The near perfect ‘scope’s this week? Dale Jr., Kurt Busch, Elliot Sadler, Jeff Gordon, Kevin Harvick, Matt Kenseth,  Kyle Petty, and Jeff Burton. Dale Jr.’s entire ‘scope is posted at Infield Parking.

Kyle Busch ‘scope show’s a  little trouble. Robbie Gordon’s does too. Truth is…both those ‘scope’s show big troubles and disappointments and terrible temper issues. I adore Robby Gordon. You Robby fans, remember…this rough spot is only for a short while.In a few weeks he will be sailing out of it.

Because Tony is my Driver and I don’t want anyone to think I am biased, here is part of his ‘scope:

Tony Stewart, born 20 May 1971
Moon Sextile Mercury
Theme: Tempo increase
Today during the day this influence is likely to increase the tempo of your social intercourse for a few hours. You find it relatively easy to verbalize your feelings.

Moon Square Pluto
This influence can have many different effects, some of which you should be quite careful of. To begin with, it encourages compulsive behavior; your emotions acquire so much momentum that it is difficult not to give in to sudden urges and impulses that may not be good for you in the long run, particularly if you have been trying to suppress your feelings. This influence is least difficult if you deal with your feelings honestly and do not try to hide them from yourself. On the plus side, however, this influence allows you to go inside yourself and find out what you really want in any situation. Emotional self-analysis is very effective now, as long as you are willing to be honest. Encounters with others may also force an emotional self-confrontation which is useful, even though possibly unpleasant.

Moon Square Moon
This influence, although not long lasting, can provide some moments of difficulty and irritation. Your emotions are discordant, and you may be more inclined to get into disagreements with others. This will probably have the greatest effect in your most personal life and domestic situation. Consequently you should watch out for unnecessary conflicts with loved ones. In a group, you will not feel that your interests are in accord with the others’ interests. It is not a good time to work with people or to make any kind of public appearance, if peace and harmony is your goal. However, if you are trying to stir people up about some issue or call their attention to circumstances that must be dealt with, this influence can be quite helpful, although the others may not appreciate your role in this.

Moon Square Uranus
Theme: A bit wild
Tonight the quality of time arouses an independent and rebellious spirit in you. You are inclined to do exactly the opposite of what someone suggests and to reject whatever others say simply because they said it. For the same reasons you are impatient with restraints, duties and responsibilities. There is a great need to be free and to do something very different, maybe even a little bit wild. You have a strong craving for excitement with this influence, and you may act in ways that you would never consider in a more sober mood. This could be either good or bad, of course, depending on how conservative you usually are and how unusual or outrageous the action. For some people this can be a very liberating influence. For others it is a bit too much.

Tony has a few other aspect’s in his chart that reflect very positive feelings, joy, partys, and celebrations. I think he will win or it is someone he cares about’s birthday.

Oh, I forgot. There are a lot of Uranus aspect’s in this race too. You know what that means. “I am coming up your ass.” or “Get off my ass!” or “Get your ass out of my way!” or “Oops! Your ass is out of here!!” You know how it goes. Uranus rules this race.

**I will not be posting again until either late Sunday night or Monday, as we will be in OR. Please pray for me that I get to see this race!! Please Dear God!!! Please!!!

Westward ho for me…Tally Ho and on to Bristol Baby!! to the rest of you LugNutZ!! Have fun!!


Oops…not only am I not biased, I am stupid.

Don’t worry Ryan. It’s all good.

Ryan Newman, born 8 December 1977
Theme: Heart over mind 
This influence usually denotes a brief period of good feelings and generosity toward others. Today during the day you feel that everything is all right, and you have nothing to fear. You express your self-confidence by being above petty irritations. Not easily angered, you tolerate even the most harsh behavior from other people. But you probably won’t have to contend with “harsh behavior,” because the energy of this influence does not arouse it in those around you. You will get what you give – kindness, friendship and nurturing support. This influence can also awaken your concern for the deeper aspects of life. You may seek metaphysical and spiritual insights, but with your heart rather than your mind. Rational knowledge is not likely to satisfy you at this time.

Tonight you may experience a real conflict between feelings and reason, or you may have a very fruitful dialogue about the state of your soul, either internally or with another person. In the first instance, old habits, prejudices and childhood patterns of thought are very likely to take precedence over what you usually consider reasonable; obviously this is not a good time to enter into delicate negotiations or to engage in an important discussion. As for the other side of this influence, this is a good time to withdraw by yourself or with another person and get in touch with your feelings. As long as you recognize that your emotions are emotions rather than rational judgments, you will not have trouble with this influence. In fact, you can learn a great deal about yourself, because your feelings are very clear. You need to be yourself now and to feel what you really are. In your relations with others, you will project much more emotionally than usual, and if some people do not like this side of you it may be necessary to reconsider your friendship with them. In love relationships, you will experience greater emotional depth than usual, and consequently your experience with a lover will be much more intense. The only danger to watch out for here is that you may be too possessive of the other person. Also you may be so wrapped up in your own feelings that you are unaware of the other’s feelings. Relations with women in general are improved by this influence. Regardless of your own sex, your experiences with them will very likely show you a great deal about yourself in a positive way.  
During this time your feelings make themselves more noticeable than usual – even small embarrassments become extremely uncomfortable. Therefore, if you should make any mistake today, you should not immediately accuse yourself for it, as it is probably not as serious as it seems. This sensitivity, though, also gives you a good feel for the weaknesses and sensibilities of others, so that you can be very tactful and accommodating about them. In this way you encourage others to be open and also admit to their sore points. Your capacity for understanding and your readiness to take due account of personal traits, offers others – for example children – enough security to trust you.

If you want to hear another person view of what Bristol will bring, go read Matt Crossman’s prediction’s. I think he will be right on, except he left Ryan out.


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  1. Hi Clance’. Here’s to hoping you get to see the race! 🙂

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