NASCAR Astro-Predictions ~ Martinsville

Here are the pertinent ‘scopes for the Driver’s with the most significant aspects for Martinsville.
**I am in OR, trying to finish up the move. Sorry I didn’t get these up earlier. I am also going to have to do the ‘scope’s as minimally as possible because I am on this stupid podunk computer and connection again, and it’s a piece of you know what when it comes to speed, crashing, freezing…takes me an hour to send an email let alone remotely access my own computer.
SO here we go…I want all of you to use your own unique intuitive skills to interpret these.
The Moon is big, fat and void of course again this weekend , so April Fool’s could have a whole new meaning!

1. Ryan Newman ~ Pretty good darn good~ I am saying mechanical prayers and sending blessings …
2.Jimmy Johnson ~ Great as always. Chad has some lack of focus issues in his.
3. Tony Stewart ~ VERY GOOD with one “seething inside” aspect for a short little while. Hickory Dickory dock.
4.Carl Edwards ~ AWESOME.
5. Matt Kenseth ~ Mediocre ~ small signs of temper issues
6. Greg Biffle ~ Man…lots of stuff, positive and negative going on there. Be careful Biff.
7. Kurt Busch ~ Very good. Wants to beat his baby brother really bad. the mouse ran down.
8. Kyle Busch ~ Perfect. Again. Hickory Dickory Dock.
9. Dale Jarrett ~ ?The driver isn’t the problem. The mouse ran up the clock.
10. Dale Jr. ~ His scope is best of the best plus his moon goes into his 10 house, the house of fame and fortune. Bout time.
11. Robby Gordon ~ **tears streaming down my face…Challenge, crisis, disappointment.
12. Kasey Kahne ~ Ditto. ( Kasey does have some way cool things coming up in the next few months…. Hendricks?????????????????????????????????????
13. Kevin Harvick ~ Grumpy and aggressive. The clock hit one,
14. Juan Pablo Montoya ~ HOT!
15. David Stremme ~ DNF
16. Elliot Sadler ~ Good.
You can see Dale Jr.s entire horoscope at Infield Parking if you want to read it in detail.
Have a great Happy Race Day.
Tally Ho! I will post again soon as I can!!



  1. Number 9 ~ Dale Jarrett — Moving up lap by lap. Racing with a major handicap with this Toyota, If he can just get 3 more positions on Sauter and not have to use a champions provisional next week, his season will finally be on track.

  2. Hi Clance’. Hope your move’s going well. Looking forward to a week off, then back at the Great Oval.

  3. Happy Easter, Clance’.

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