The Virginia Tech Tragedy

Dale and I are deeply saddened to hear the news about the sudden tragedy caused by the shootings at Virginia Tech.

Our thoughts are with all of you and your families during this difficult time. We, as American’s are all in a state of shock. Every single victim was a bright spot in someone’s day.

We know you will miss your loved ones greatly.

During this difficult time, we pray you may draw upon your own strength and the strength of loved ones that hold you in their thoughts. Remember the college and the world is filled with people who care about you and are thinking about you and praying for you in this difficult time of sorrow.

We shall pray continually for healing… emotionally, spiritually, and physically for all who have been hurt, suffered loss or pain due to this horrid event.


 We also pray for the loved ones of the shooter, as they will be deeply humiliated and shamed by the actions of their loved one. We pray other’s will remember them also. Time and forgiveness heals all pain and grief somewhat, but the shock and loss if this tragedy will remain forever.

We pray for the Soul of the shooter. We must remember that only he and God know what was going on in his mind, and only God has the right to judge him. I pray that through our shock and anger, that we can remember this with compassion.

Our prayer’s continue…for healing, comfort, and strength for all who need it at this time. 

This blog will be silent for 3 days, in memory of your loved one’s.




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