NASCAR ~ Insert Thy Foot into Thy Mouth.


There are a lot of lips flapping this week about Mr. Excitement, Jr., Kelly, DEI, Mikey, Tony Stewart and John Paul the Pope of Motorsports.

My opinion?  ROFLOL.

1. Should Jimmy Spencer be fired?

Heck no! Who could ever take his place? He is what he is and he says what he says. It wasn’t a racial, sexist, misogynistic comment. It was his opinion and he has the right to it. Yes, I agree it was harsh… to the point of mean. I understand Jr. and Kelly and their staff and fans being very angry. He apologized, for what that was worth. But fire him? No way.

2. Should Dale Jr. have driven for alien-kyle-busch.jpg at Texas?

Yup-oh! Made Baby Busch look a bit, ummmmm, stupid. Which always breaks my heart. Sorry Helen.  I really hope it doesn’t come back to bite Jr. in the butt. For example, Kyle beating Jr. into the 12th Chase spot by 3 points.

3. Has DEI renewed Jr.’s contract, giving him controlling interest?

Step-Mommy would be an idiot not to do it. If she loses him , well I wouldn’t want to wish that kind of a catastrophe on anyone. Yes, she would still make a ton of money off Dale Sr.’s name and rightfully so. She was his wife. I do believe that where Jr. goes…Martin Truex Jr. will follow. Who would drive for her? Jimmy’s comment that Dale Sr.’s fans would be upset with Jr.? I doubt it…Jr.’s fans rank him right under God and Dad.

4. Mikey?

I feel really bad for him. What a bunch of bad luck. The saying goes “What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.“ Thank God he wasn’t killed. No, I don’t believe he was drunk for one second. Give the guy a friggin’ break. I hope the Crew Chief change will help. I think we all need to remember that Toyota is the ONLY American made car in NASCAR, and get off the “Made in the U.S.A.” crap. It’s not like he and the other Toyota driver’s have committed treason and went over to Al-Qa’ida.

5. Tony Stewart and Juan Pablo Montoya tiffing?

I predicted Tony and John Paul, The Pope of Motorsports, would eventually be at war this season. I received a lot of disagreement at the time about it, as he and Tony had at one time been team mates. So what? They are both out to win, not say “Excuse me! Please move along now.” I also predicted J.P.M. would make a lot of driver’s mad. My favorite “Rookie” didn’t come to NASCAR to ”Kick back and learn” as my driver so delicately said. He came to kick butt. I believe he will continue to do what he does best. Drive. Aggressively. Very Aggressively. He has now ticked off my 2 favorite drivers. First Ryan, then Tony.

Wonder who will be next?

Jr.? Heaven forbid.

Jeff Gordon? **snicker… I can’t wait to see that. 

Maybe Kevo?  Wonder if Kev would have anything to say, or would he / could he, stay totally silent? Ol’ Hap can make me laugh like no one else, except Kenny Wallace. I am anxious to see Tony & John Paul, The Pope of Motorsports, perform at Phoenix. We all know how Tony loves Phoenix.

6. Did the Baby Alien really? just have a mis-communication?

I doubt it. Is that even a word? It was probably more of a temper tantrum. I promised him earlier this year that I wouldn’t call him Big Baby Busch anymore if he continued to act like a man. I didn’t see it and those who did aren’t talking, so I will keep my promise. I am just waiting though. Heart beating in anticipation for the day I can break my promise. sign-end-blasting-zone.gif      

So there, now you have my opinion, for what it’s worth.

I will have the Phoenix ‘scopes done tomorrow.      headbang-on-computer.gif

Another exciting race with those spankin’ new neat-o vehicle thingys.

Tally Ho!! Come now. Onward to Phoenix “My Little Precious” LugNutz!



  1. I hope Jimmy is spared the axe. I too enjoy his candor and lack of polish, but I fear that the media suits may feel that they have an excess of “rough around the edges commentators but, hey, they’re new” type guys. The contrast between many of this season’s “color men” and newby, Dale Jarret is striking. DJ’s a star.

  2. Was the person that hired Jimmy unaware that he’s an asshole? I thought that’d been covered pretty well over the past 25 years. Anyone acting surprised is a hypocrite. But anyone that punches a Busch will always have a spot on my team.

  3. I hardly think whoever it is was unaware. In fact, I believe that is exactly why he was hired. I can’t believe anyone is acting surprised either.
    LOL. The Mr. Excitement vs. The Elder Alien was pretty funny. In fact, it’s one of my favorite moments in NASCAR.
    My favorite Tony Stewart quote?
    “What NASCAR needs is more fist fights.”

  4. The Elder Alien is asimilating into Earthling society, it seems. He is actually more interesting to listen to than he has ever been, which really isn’t saying much, but Sheriff Joe, who is known to be very tough on illegal Aliens, has made Elder Alien an honorary Deputy Sheriff.
    I think Tony has one of those badges, too.

  5. Hi Clance’,

    1. Jimmy Spencer is the same dumb loot who once broke Kurt Busch’s nose. What’s changed? Now it’s his mouth instead of his fist? Stupid never-was!

    2. Jr. drove for Kyle because he thought it was the right thing to so. A person ought to obey his own conscience. And if lose to Kyle by 3 points, he’ll sleep at night. Sleep matters, even more than winning races.

    3. Jr. needs to control DEI. Period.

    4. Mikey? Can you belive when DW retired and I was looking for driver as #1 it was between TONY and mikey? Me either. LOL

    5. The WanMan is a rookie. Just a regular NASCAR rookie. And if he messes with Tony. Well, it”s in the WanMan’s best interest not to mess with TONY.

    6. And I love ya, Clance’, when ya ain’t pickin’ on My Sweet Little Kyle! LOL

    So there you have my opinion, too. 🙂 GO TONY!!!

  6. No to firing Jimmy Spencer.. a little foot in mouth sisease is something everyone suffers from now and again..besides it gets tediousthat at a drop of a hat people wish to hang someone from the nearest pillar..different views are what make the world go matter if you think they are right or wrong…

    as for JPM I think he has the talent and the moxie to hold is own with Smoke which brings me visions of an interesting rivalry ….should be fun.. It’s not like JPM just fell off the turnip wagon this morning he has been around the block a time or two..

    Jr. in the 5 car was right out of the old school and the right thing to do….in the whole scheme of things 3 points is squat..if it’s that close there will a host of reasons why junior didn’t make it….


  7. Kenseth calls him John Paul on his scanner. Has he been reading your blog?

    drama, drama, drama. Let’s get to racin’!

  8. Last time Stewart appeared on the David Letterman Show, they were discussing A.J. Foyt and some of his great moments, and Letterman said to Smoke, “Ya know what NASCAR really needs is more fist fights. Heee heee heee!!!” Smoke concurred. Wrestler turned actor “The Rock” said if he got into a fight, he’d want Smoke & Spencer to have his back. Glad to find someone else who thinks Thing One and Thing Two are Space Aliens. 🙂 As for Spencer: bless his heart, he’s had his bell rung so many times, he doesn’t even know what he’s saying anymore.

    Great blog!

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