NASCAR in Phoenix

Today would have been my Mom’s 75th birthday. Happy Birthday in Heaven Mom! I love you so much and miss you catastrophically. Thanks you for coming and seeing me in my dreams sometimes. Come more often, k? 

Jeff Gordon won at Phoenix. Congrats to Jerry that his driver won. I suppose I also, as a respectful NA$CAR fan, must acknowledge that he is a pretty good driver sometimes and because of all the once upon a time really good consistent driving, he tied Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s record for sixth place on the career victory list with 76 Congrats on his first victory at the 1-mile Phoenix oval, leaving only Texas and Homestead as active tracks where he has yet to find Victory Lane.

**Jerry, The Diecast Dude has a new project going on called Restrictor Plate This. Check it out. What you will find, besides his usual acerbic wit and unique perspectives are a couple other surprises and another writer or two over there.

My dear Hubby, the #1 #44 fan on the Western half of the U.S. (Tom and he have a respectful disagreement as to who is the #1 fan, and they made this compromise:)) , second fav driver is Jeff Gordon. We nearly had a knock down drag- out at the end of the race because I was so ticked that he was rooting for Gordon in the EXTREME manner he was. I am ashamed to admit how mad I was at my husband. I was so mad I wouldn’t talk to him for about an hour after the race. FURIOUS. One of our non-NA$car friends, thought we were fun to watch a race with tho. I think the stress from the move finally got to me. It is either that or I have developed some serious anger management issues. (**felt pretty stupid the next day , I must say.**).

I was however ELATED for Ryan Newman. Still am. It’s about time, my friend. Yippity skippity!!

I am also pretty happy that my ‘scope’s were pretty close. I always like that and my fantasy teams all did great. Yippity skippity!

Gillette Young Guns is sponsoring a live chat with Jamie McMurray tomorrow at

If you don’t have a Sportsmates account go get one. It’s a great all round sports community that is a lot of fun, besides the fact that there are a lot of cool things to do there.

Here are the details:

Calling all Jamie McMurray fans! Gillette Young Guns (GYG) is proud to host Jamie McMurray in a live online chat session, hosted in the official GYG Community at Ask Jamie about:

  • – What the “Car of Tomorrow” is really like!
  • – How he’s bounced back from some of the early race issues to be in the hunt for the Chase!
  • – The inside scoop on what it was like to be a part of the upcoming reality series “Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race: Fast Cars and Superstars”

The chat will only last for 30 minutes, so make sure you’re on time! For those of you that haven’t joined the GYG Community at SportsMates, please be sure to do so before the chat so you can be ready with your questions when Jamie comes on! Join the Official GYG Community here.

Details: Tuesday, April 24 th, 2007, 6:30PM EST (5:30PM Central / 3:30PM Pacific). To participate, sign-in to your SportsMates account and click on the “Chat Live” link in your homepage (under “Stuff to do”).


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  1. Oh yes, Jamie McMurray. How I wish he was better than he is. He’s from Joplin, MO, my hometown. My sister was in the same class as Jamie’s mom. But he just isn’t that good. LOL

    Now Carl Edwards, from the other side of the state, is something else. He’s up and comin’. One of my “lower four.” No one over TONY.

    And did Tony get robbed? No one ever knows how the field will be set when someone’s in the pits when the yellow flies. How can you pit and come out in front of other people who who also pit but one lap later? The lead lap? Okay. But in front. I don’t get it. But the sad thing is I don’t think NASCAR gets it either. No wonder Tony chose not to be interviewed.

    BTW, Clance’, drop by my website and then vote for me for 2007 Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere. And anybody else who reads this.

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