NASCAR ~ Who is Cheating? Politics, Fairness ~ Juan Pablo Montoya and Tony Stewart

Whoa!! I don’t know where my last two posts went, or all my links. What the heck? ( **post script**didn’t find out what the problem was, but found a template that would let me have them on any post that is pulled up. Oh, well. I will figure it out eventually**)**

I am pretty ticked at NASCAR right now.

From ESPN:

“NASCAR announced Wednesday that Juan Montoya, driver of the No. 42 Dodge in the Busch Series, has been fined $10,000 and placed on probation until Dec. 31 because of an inappropriate gesture made during a practice session on April 19 at Phoenix International Raceway.
The former Formula One star made the gesture at a cameraman following him from Nextel Cup qualifying to the Busch Series garage for practice.
According to officials at Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates, the gesture was made in fun because Montoya thought the cameraman was a person who has been shadowing him as part of a documentary for more than a month.
“I really feel bad that the incident happened,” Montoya said. “It was only meant as a joke to one of my friends. I completely understand NASCAR’s point of view and their decision.”


“Montoya, who was also placed on probation through the end of the year, “waved a finger” at a camera following practice last week at Phoenix International Raceway. Team officials have maintained the gesture was made in fun and he was unaware the camera was providing a live feed.”

“Two-time series champion Tony Stewart made the same gesture toward Jimmie Johnson during a March race in Atlanta this season and was not penalized. That also was captured on live TV, but NASCAR spokesman Ramsey Poston said he was unaware of Stewart’s gesture when asked about it this week. But Stewart’s gesture was so obvious that Johnson saw it from his rearview mirror and complimented Stewart the next week for being able to wave a finger while also preventing his car from crashing. Stewart also made the same gesture at Carl Edwards last year at Pocono and was not penalized.”

MSNBC reported that he “waved a finger” at a camera following practice last week at Phoenix International Raceway.,  called the incident an “inappropriate gesture”, as did

I call it telling someone  “Yes!! I am number 1!!”.

The problem I have with all this, is consistency. Treating all driver’s exactly the same. The NASCAR Police are becoming slaves to Dictators. Who is doing the dictating any way? Well, the Almighty Dollar of course.

Tony , on his radio program said, in words that cannot be minced, what the real problem is:

“It’s like playing God,” “They can almost dictate the race instead of the drivers
doing it. It’s happened too many times this year.”

Tony also went on to say fans are complaining about debris cautions and
NASCAR isn’t listening.

“I guess NASCAR thinks ‘Hey, wrestling worked, and it was for the
most part staged, so I guess it’s going to work in racing, too,”‘ he
said. “I can’t understand how long the fans are going to let NASCAR
treat them like they’re stupid before the fans finally turn on NASCAR.

“I don’t know that they’ve run a fair race all year.”

(**I am going to repeat this quote by Tony, this is not a typo**)

“I guess NASCAR thinks ‘Hey, wrestling worked, and it was for the
most part staged, so I guess it’s going to work in racing, too.’ I
can’t understand how long the fans are going to let NASCAR treat them
like they’re stupid before the fans finally turn on NASCAR. I don’t
know that they’ve run a fair race all year.”

— Tony Stewart on his Sirius Satellite Radio Show

I think, NA$CAR thinks, we as fans, are stupid. I think they think we are really like WA. resident’s who are fighting a NASCAR track coming in, thinks we are.

Change can be more difficult for some than for others. Change can be stressful. NA$CAR is changing. Usually, I am of the opinion, that change always brings some fussing and whining from the fans, and the driver’s themselves. However, this time I am flat out ticked. NA$CAR needs to do something about themselves as a governing body. Instead of building a bigger fan base and a stronger sport, they are destroying the fun and joy of racing, both for the driver’s and the fans. Media, Sponsors and $$ for NA$CAR dictate this sport, as it always has. However, instead of making the sport better, they are destroying the freshness and originality and individuality of the driver’s by expecting fake posturing. The driver’s feel they have to guard themselves against making any verbal, or physical mistakes, no matter how human they may be. This is a highly competitive sport. Tempers flare. People joke around. Juan Pablo Montoya wasn’t being a flagrant jerk and even if he was, big deal. Our sport has some colorful personality’s. That is why we pick, and then proudly say “My Driver.” It’s why when we meet another NASCAR fan for the first time, the second thing after “Nice to meet you.” that we say is: “Who’s your driver?” If we can’t already tell by the dud’s, that is.

He is number 1 as far as he and many are concerned. That was the sign he gave. Who says what finger you have to use. He is John Paul, The Pope of Motorsports. If the sponsors and the media are going to ban all emotional outbursts, and expect these driver’s to be robots, then I am starting to be scared. Pretty soon Hockey won’t be allowed to be shown on T.V. at all.

I told you NA$CAR has been taken over by Aliens. I am not talking the Busch Brothers either. They were just pawns for the Real Aliens that showed themselves over Charlotte, the day the ground was broken for the Hall of Fame.

NA$CAR? I am “waving a finger” at you right now. If you really want to spend your energy disciplining real violations that matter, how about catching the NASCAR fans who were throwing U.F.O.’s at Jeff Gordon as he gave his respect to Dale Earhardt Sr. during his victory lap at Phoenix? Catch them, fine them $10 grand, and then ban them from attending any NASCAR sanctioned race for life. That was what I would call a real “CRIME.”

No drivers should have to undergo ASSAULT when he wins. If I threw anything at a moving car on the street and hit it, I would go to jail, in Idaho anyway.Wreckless Endangerment is a serious crime. If I hit the person in the car, I would also be charge with Assault and Battery. I am totally disgusted with “those” NA$CAR fans. That type of fan like that is exactly why the people in  WA. State do not want a $ track built there. It’s why Dateline was going to try to do a documentary on Bigotry and $. The few can ruin things for so many. No wonder non-NA$car fans “profile” us as being ignorant, and stupid. Incidents like this just prove to them that there is no “class” in the NA$CAR fan base. That is so unfortunate, because the majority of fans have class and are the best, and loyal fans out there, above any other sport.

The governing body of NA$CAR, however is proving that they have no class what so ever. 

I am writing to NA$CAR and expressing my disgust, and I encourage you all to do so also. Yes, I know the average Joe thinks “NA$CAR don’t read” what they get from fans, or care about fan opinion. ( Wow! I never thought about the possbility that maybe the people who open the mail or emails really can’t read…maybe “they” are really machines) That would fit into the “non-NA$car fans” perceptions quite well.

I have had response’s from NA$CAR before. They read them. I also hope, that because they are trying to “build” their “Community”, they might listen a bit. Dale Jr. was a smart cookie when he started Infield Parking. I would venture to say that the activity within the NASCAR fan based community has dropped tremendously since he has gone public with it. NA$ is obviously trying to get into the same ball game. I am part of the NASCAR Community Beta Team and may get booted off because of this post, but I don’t give a rip. I will let you know if they do. (By the way, if any of you want to become part of the Beta NASCAR Community, let me know. I will get you set up with an invite.) If they let me stay after this.

I am also writing Ganassi Racing to show my support and disdain for the action. I think they should appeal the crap out of this penalty.

I also think every NASCAR driver, in protest, should flip each other off at least once,  before, during, and after the race at Talladega this weekend.

So… I will be back in a little while to start my campaign to bombard NASCAR and encourage you all to do the same and then pass it on to every NASCAR fan we know.

Tally Ho LugNutZ. I am on a mission.

P.S. While you are waiting for my next tirade, and all the addresses, phone number and email address’s in the world that we could ever need, why don’t you do me a favor and check out Lafferty Motorsport’s new development driver Matt Poole ~ Cross BowMotorsports.

Matt is a test driver for Lafferty Motorsports and has quite an inspring project and dream going on. I have been emailing him back and forth regarding his dream, and have spoken to him on the phone several times. He is one neat man. I have been soimpressed with him, not only as a driver, but as a remarkable human being. What makes him so special as to many other driver wannabe’s or development drivers? Well? Go over to his site and take a look see. Read every page there. Then we will talk about him some more in the coming weeks.



  1. Howdy Clance…FranceCar is so goofy! I’m linking you @ vroom, back @ ya’!

  2. Thanks for the link. I had you on mine…I am noticing some of what I had on there is gone. Odd. Guess I have to re add it or have someone do it for me or, God forbid, take time to read directions. Ugh.

  3. Clance’, ankle bothering more than usual?

    Kidding, honest!

    Let me take a larger view. It’s long established NASCAR is corporate driven. No surprise, and that’s as it should be given they lord over a multi-billion dollar industry.

    Look around corporate media the last couple of years. The list is endless, “wardrobe malfunctions,” Rosie and Imus meltdowns, etc. The backlash to those and so many more similar idiotic episodes has everyone in media related industries over reacting.

    Some like NASCAR have generally acted quickly, but that’s not to say correctly or discount the extreme over reaction seen at times.

    Others like the NFL have taken a decade or more and finally have some sembalence of a ballsack to crack down on legit bad behavior but at the same time over react in others. The MLB, same thing, a decade after steroids became as issue they finally woke up.

    None of this excuses NASCAR, just an understanding they see how Gov and private organizations are smacking down other sports, or forms of media and they have to placate both sides.

    Anyway, hows the ankle?

    And how’s the NASCAR Beta, anything like Infield Parking?

    BTW, from what I have seen the site/theme/link problems you have seen are related to something that went haywire with Allegedly, it’s fixed now.

  4. Ankle…bugging me but better today (You can tell by how bitchy my posts are, huh?
    NASCAR BETA is well, in Beta:)
    I don’t want to care it to Infield as of yet. Pro’s and coins to both and I am held to some confidentiality stuff so I best shut up.
    NASCAR Beta community is coming along better than I expected it to. How’ds that? Wanna join us Marc?:)

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