NASCAR in Richmond ~ Astro – Predictions ~ Day 2

Let the sun shine over Richmond!

There are a few differences in the scope’s fronm yesterday ’til today. Here they are, in a nutshell:

Jimmie Johnson ~ Not on the top of the heap.
Ryan Newman ~ Pretty Good.
Tony ~AGGRESSIVE. ~ ‘His scope is way better today than yesterday.
Greg Biffle ~ Pretty good scope today. WAAAAAYYYYYYY better than the past few months.
Carl Edwards ~ Great day
Matt Kenseth ~ “Cruisin for a bruisin”
Kurt Busch ~ REALLY Favorable
Elliot Sadler ~ Fair day
Jeff Gordon ~ Cannot be better. Get used to it.
Dale Jr. ~ Possibly great day ~way better than yesterday.
Martin Truex Jr. ~ Good
Robby Gordon ~ Missed his lucky day yesterday ~ iffy today.
Kasey Kahne ~ Could go either way.
Jamie McMurray ~ Near wxact as Kasey
Kevin Harvick ~ HOT
Denny Hamlin ~ Eager ~ May wreck
Juan Pablo ~ Very favorable.Everyone else is pretty much the same as yesterday.

Tally Ho! Gotta Go!



  1. Well, as usual, right on some and way off on others….Way to Go! Ryan Newman!!

  2. Hey Chance, I just ran across an old comment on my blog from you and came looking to see if you were still around.
    You are and things here are looking good!
    Best wishes.

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