Matt Poole’s NASCAR needs and Wishlist

Here are the needs that Matt Poole has. I think that for you fans to see the actual costs of the basic safety needs for a driver will surprise you.

**Suit….. America Suit Code MTO 21 $799.00

**HANS….. $865.00

**Helmet… Super Bandit (Black) Code 121 $504.00 ( YAY!! Strike that!! Got one donated. Update 3:51 PM PST)

Shields.. 1 Clear 1 Smoke $45.00 ea – $90.00

Clips…. $89.00

Gloves… Pro Series III (Blue) Code 20300 $129.95

Shoes…. HTX Shoe Code HX $119.95

Underwear Top Code 20600 Bottom Code 20601 $99.95 ea $200.00

Socks…. Code 23026C $29.95

Duffel Bag Code 23400 $29.95

Total $2856.70

Tax $142.84

$2999.54 Grand Total

Shipping $22.00

Let’s help Matt as much as we can. The firesuit and Hans are his biggest immediate need. You can see his contact address or Lafferty Motorsports contact numbers in my previous post.

Gotta run…Scope’s are interesting…
Go D.J.!!


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