NASCAR’s Future Champion?

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matt-thumbs-up.jpgI just received this press release from a driver I am proud to call my “friend”. Matt Poole caught my eye a while ago, when I happened to come across his website. After visiting his website and finding out more about him, I discovered why Chris Lafferty had given him a chance. He is a marvelous human being. His dream of racing came from the death of his mother and shortly afterward, his best friend Tanya was murdered by her husband, leaving behind two young children. He is dedicated to keeping her memory alive and helping her children. He is dedicated to The Victory Junction Gang. I hope you will all visit his website, get to know him and his dreams and what is behind them, feel his story and consider what I feel is a good cause.
We all donate to our favorite charities. We are all NASCAR fans and we are good people. Matt needs safety equipment.
Good safety equipment. He pays for his own expenses back and forth from Maryland to Hickory Motor Speedway in Hickory N.C. for each test. Matt is a painter by trade, and needs some help. I think he is worth helping.
What I would like to see is if we could all donate $10 to Matt’s need for safety equipment, and get on the horn calling manufacturers and retailers, we can get Matt what he needs.

Here is Matt’s latest press release.

For Immediate Release

Lafferty Motorsports is pleased to announce that Matt Poole of Pittsville, Maryland, has successfully completed his second test for Lafferty Motorsports on Friday, April 13th at Hickory Motor Speedway in Hickory, NC. Matt’s second test included logging laps in Chris Lafferty’s Late Model car, as well as the #89 Craftsman Truck. Lafferty Motorsports fields an entry in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck series as well as the ARCA Remax Series. Lafferty Motorsports is a subsidiary of Lafferty Engine Creations, a nationally recognized leader in combustion technology. LEC is known for being one of the best engine building companies in NASCAR.

Lafferty Motorsports, through the guidance of Chris Lafferty and his crew, is giving Matt Poole his introduction into racing through their Driver Development program. Matt Poole is “living his dream” of being a race car driver, with a unique approach to the opportunity. Matt is honoring the memory of loved ones lost. His mother, Peggy Poole passed away from a sudden heart attack in January, 2003. More recently, in May of 2005, one of his dearest friends, Tonya Schultz, was brutally murdered by her husband, who killed her in front of their two young children. After enduring these tragedies in his life, Matt began to actively pursue his dream of racing. He has dedicated any potential race winnings to be donated to the American Heart Association in his mother’s memory, and to the Victory Junction Gang Camp in Tonya’s memory. The donations will be made on behalf of Matt, and his car owner Chris Lafferty, and potential sponsors.

Chris Lafferty’s agenda for Matt Poole’s development will begin with competition in Lafferty’s Late Model car, to prepare him for future competition in Lafferty’s Craftsman Truck. Matt picked up right where he left off from his first test session with consistent speeds and lap times in the Late Model. He then climbed into the Craftsman Truck and showed his ability to handle 2 different types of race cars in one test session. Again, Chris Lafferty was very pleased with Matt’s development as he strives in pursuit of his racing dream.

“During this test we put Matt in the late model to start familiarizing him with what should be his first vehicle raced” said Chris Lafferty. “Getting started, nobody ever jumps straight to the ranks of NASCAR’s top three, drivers are brought up slowly through opportunities in “Saturday Night Racing ” at the local short tracks”.
We were very pleased with Matt’s progress”, Chris continued. “It’s fun for us to see how a driver will evolve as we work with them. While we still have a lot of training to do, we are currently trying to work out some deals that will put Matt into real competition at his first ever race”.

“I can’t thank Chris Lafferty enough for the opportunity he has given me”, said Matt after the test. “Chris has a great program for drivers of different experience levels, and I am learning every time I get in one of his race cars. I want to be able to make him and potential sponsors proud of what I am accomplishing, because my childhood dream of racing is coming true thanks to him. I look forward to being able to compete in his car and proudly promote a sponsor”

Potential sponsors are cordially invited to visit Matt Poole’s website,, or contact Matt Poole at (410) 251 – 2877. You may also visit the Lafferty Motorsports website, or call (704) 795 – 5375 for more information on how your company can go to Victory Lane with Matt Poole.

I felt like I had known Matt forever when I spoke to him. He is a great guy. We recently discovered that we share the same birthday. Odd little coincidence, but I am a firm believer in synchronicity.

The Church of The Great Oval is dedicated for Matt. The biggest need Matt has right now is a fire suit and a Hans devise. If you would like to donate to help Matt right now you can donate, securely here at Matt’s web site or directly through Chris Lafferty.

I am all for supporting NASCAR Day and do donate several of the driver foundations, and The Victory Junction Gang. They get tons of money. Matt doesn’t need much, but Matt does need our help. His next test at Hickory Motor Speedway is June 1st. Let’s all get on the stick and help this outstanding driver who has beat the odds of getting into a race car and become a development driver.
Let’s donate, make phone calls to get some equipment donated and send emails off to get the needs for Matt’s safety!
Tally Ho LugNutZ!! Onward!!

nascar-day-tele.gif**By the way ~ Remember NASCAR Day is tomorrow.

Ryan Newman!! Did I tell you he was going to turn around or what??I just got this is email from the Ryan Newman Foundation, so as a supporter of all things Ryan…I am giving him a shout. Ryan is not only a fabulous and talented driver, but a human being worth commendation.

Make sure you tune in to NASCAR Sirius to listen to Ryan and Krissie Newman on NASCAR Day, from 11:30 a.m. to Noon on Friday, May 18 to hear an interview with Ryan Newman about his outlook on the #12 team’s 2007 season, as well as the philanthropic work of he and his wife, Krissie. Tune in again at 2:45 p.m. to hear an interview with Krissie Newman.

Ryan will call Jane Bowers from the Humane Society of Catawba County while on the air to discuss the progress of the organization’s no-kill animal shelter, education center and regional spay/neuter clinic that will serve the heart of NASCAR country from the mountains to the piedmont of North Carolina. The Ryan Newman Foundation is donating $400,000 for the building of that low-cost regional spay/neuter clinic, which is part of the Humane Alliance’s National Spay/Neuter Response Team initiative, for which Ryan and Krissie Newman serve as national co-chairs. ryan.gifThe NASCAR Foundation is hosting the inaugural NASCAR Day Telethon on Friday, May 18th live from the Sam Bass Gallery across the street from Lowe’s Motor Speedway.

Speed Channel, NASCAR Sirius Radio, and local media will be broadcasting live all day, starting at 5:30 AM until the end of the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Race.

Fans are encouraged to make donations to NASCAR Day by calling 1-888-May-18th or visiting NASCAR Day Telethon Online to make a donation online. The Ryan Newman Foundation is proud to be supported by the NASCAR Foundation.

Be sure to mention the Ryan Newman Foundation when you call so 100% of your NASCAR Day Telethon donation will go back to the Ryan Newman Foundation.

Donate $100 and we’ll thank you with an Alltel Diecast
The first 100 callers who make a $100 donation to the Ryan Newman Foundation through the NASCAR Day Telethon will receive an autographed 1:64 Scale Alltel Diecast Car thanks to a generous donation from Alltel.

Donate $1,000 and we’ll thank you with a VIP Fishing Tourney Package and autographed Pit Road Pets book
The first 10 callers who make a $1,000 donation to the Ryan Newman Foundation through the NASCAR Day Telethon will receive a pair of VIP Reception Tickets to the RNF’s 2nd Annual Charity Fishing Tournament VIP Reception on December 7, 2007 in NC, as well as a limited-edition 2006 Inaugural RNF Fishing Tournament tee-shirt autographed by Ryan Newman, a Ranger Boats ball cap autographed by Ryan Newman, and an autographed 2007 Ryan Newman hero card.

The NASCAR Foundation and the Ryan Newman Foundation are 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organizations.

For news stories about the charitable work of the Ryan Newman Foundation, please visit


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