NASCAR in Charlotte ~ Casey Mears gets 1st Cup Victory!

Well, once again, HMS Rules at Lowes, as HMS has ruled the season so far. Congrats to Casey Mears for his first Cup win and his second place finish last night. He earned his stripes. When Denny Hamlin had to go in for a splash, that was that. Mears, running far ahead of J.J. had the deal done at that point. He ran a great race. It was fun to see him get his first win.
Casey Mears first Cup win!!

Alas, I must admit, I was cheering for him to run out of gas or have a tire go down. I really like “Lil’ Amigo” Yeley, and I was cheering for him to still take 2nd.
I so wanted to see Kyle Petty get that win. Wouldn’t that have been great! Congrats to his finest finish in 10 years. I was wondering if he would really cut his ponytail off, or has he become attached to it. Reed Sorenson had a great surprise 4th place finish.

I felt bad for Biff, being the first to biff.
The garage guys were busy today. Sheesh!
My heart just broke when Jeff Gordon butt bumped the wall and fell into pieces. Darn. Personally, I like the point standings a little closer, a little more unpredictable, Nothing against Jeff, of course.

The Toyota’s showed some stuff this weekend. I will lay a prediction down right now so I can say I told you so:
The Toyota teams will kick butt next year.

Jeremy Mayfield got a new crew chief and led the race a lap for his birthday present. It’s good to see him back, and running well. Vickers and Jarrett too. The Great Rooster showed he can still crow.
Jarrett was driving his heart out,showing he still has the stuff that made him the Champ that he is. Vickers was hot. He also may have made his jackman feel a little heat rush from narrowly averting disaster. Scary.

One of the saddest moments of the race for me was when Carl Edwards lost his tire and took out both Bill Elliot and David Ragan. How Mears missed that I will never know. David Ragan showed what he was made of today. He has such a great attitude. I took a look at his natal chart, and we can expect big things from him in the future. He has the Sun in his 10th house, which is the House of Fame and Fortune. All the Big Boys have it.

What is it about Charlotte and Aliens this year? Perhaps the conspiracy is finally being broken, with the Light side prevaling. Come back to the Light…come back…The proof can be found here…All in all it was a great race. Ryan continued to drive like the RocketMan he is, and despite the issue today, his lucky streak isn’t over, by any means. It’s just beginning. Tony showed his stuff once more, and stays consistantly, right where he needs to be. The finish results broke up the monotony of the first portion of the season. The standings have changed a bit. I want to see the Baby Alien out and Jr. in.

Now if Ingrid will just have the baby during a race that will be great. BUT…I predict that they will induce the baby a fews days early to avoid any point conflicts. Little girls can surprise you ‘tho. Maybe, just maybe, she will decide to come zooooooming out when she wants too, not when planned… Start her life out as an unpredictable little woman, as all women should be.


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