NASCAR ~ Astro-Predictions for Loudon


Here are the pertinent driver’s ‘scopes for Loudon. Of course, once again, the moon is Void of Course. Strange. Today is also a Full Moon, and it’s effects will also be felt tomorrow.
No wonder things are nuts in NASCAR.

Tony Stewart, born 20 May 1971(**Oh boy…here we go again.)
Sun Square Uranus activity period from 30 June 2007 to 3 July 2007

This can be a somewhat disruptive influence, during which you are subject to sudden upsets or to behavior that is upsetting to others. Under this influence it is quite likely that you will not follow your normal routine as on other days. There could be an automobile breaking down unexpectedly, a sudden argument or an unexpected separation from someone. The point is that you can expect the unexpected today. You are striving to break down your everyday routine, and it would be best to find ways of doing this intentionally, rather than waiting for it to happen. Let the restless spirit within you express itself. You need new air! You may very well discover a valuable aspect of yourself that you never knew existed, because you were afraid to let it come out.
(Well, becuase the moon is Void of Course this time, maybe exactly the opposite will happen**) Greg Biffle has the same aspect during the race.

Ryan Newman, born 8 December 1977
Venus in the 7th House
activity period from 28 June 2007 until middle of November 2007

This is one of the best influences for all relationships: love affairs, relationships with partners, with coworkers, even with enemies. Ego forces are so in tune at this time that you can create the proper balance between yourself and everyone you meet. In your marriage or other love relationship, you will be able to express affection easily and make your feelings clear to your partner. In other partnerships, including professional ones, you are able to understand the needs of your partner so that you can arrive at maximum understanding and work together harmoniously. Be careful not to let your amiability prevent you from standing up for your own rights. You need not worry about alienating your partner, because you will be able to make it clear that you are working for your mutual benefit.

Dale Earnhardt Jr., born 10 October 1974
Venus Trine Chiron activity period from 30 June 2007 until end of September 2007.

Valid during several months: This influence can bring with it a deeply satisfying, liberating experience; perhaps you will simply enjoy yourself with more gusto and freedom than usual and take pleasure in life. There may be a very meaningful encounter during this time – with your partner, someone close to you, or someone whom you have never met before. This encounter will be so deep and personal that you will have the opportunity to perceive and possibly even discuss things about yourself that you have preferred to suppress up to now, and not reveal to anyone. Thus, you have the chance to behave differently and, for once, to act out of character and acknowledge your injury or sensitivity, without having to fear being hurt or rejected once more.

Jimmy Johnson, born 17 September 1975
Pluto Trine Chiron activity period through Dec.2007

Valid during many months: This particularly favorable time will give you the chance to resolve any fears and uncertainties you suffer when dealing with others. If such feelings of inadequacy cause you to be overly defensive and suspicious,you will find it much easier to place your trust in the flow of life. You will become calmer or more relaxed if you can allow important and inevitable events to occur without always needing to be in control of the situation. You don’t need to have an excessive belief in fate, or to deny the existence of free will, to recognize that certain events and relationships have been necessary to help you to become the person you are today. Do not try to argue with fate, even if you feel responsible for a difficult private or professional situation. Try to let go of any self-doubts, and trust that your inner self only allows you to have experiences which are essential for your future development.
The theme of this influence is a process which will reconcile you with many things which have been the cause of pain and depression. Doors which have remained closed may suddenly open, revealing paths leading to new and healing experiences. Someone could now enter your life who reveals things which affect you deeply. Openness and trust can pave the way for experiences which could take your life in a new direction.

Carl Edwards, born 15 August 1979

You will feel energetic and vigorous during this time. Your physical health will be quite good, and you should seek activities that will give this energy an outlet. Sitting around will not have any particular bad effects, but you would be wasting a valuable opportunity. You will probably enjoy whatever work you do because it makes you feel so alive. If you have to be personally effective in an activity, such as business or negotiations with others, you will be able to achieve the desired results now. This influence gives you the necessary self- confidence to influence others and make a positive impression. It is also favorable for traveling and expressing yourself through new experiences and new encounters. You are intellectually restless, and you want to do something different.

Matt Kenseth, born 10 March 1972

Valid during several weeks: This influence frequently coincides with a period of good feeling and an optimistic outlook on life. And if you exercise some care, it will be very helpful for all kinds of contractual negotiations, conferences, planning sessions and discussions. However, it is important to be careful. This influence gives a tendency to grand thinking, to seeing the whole more clearly than the parts. You could lose precision and clarity about details, so be very careful about fine points, and read every word of the small print in all your dealings. Make sure that you have covered all the various angles. You can be careful and very successful if you are thorough at the same time. Avoid the temptation of thinking that the small details are beneath the lofty concerns of the day.

Kurt Busch, born 4 August 1978

Today during the day this influence brings about pleasant feelings between you and everyone around you. It is a good time for being with friends or out having a good time. You enjoy everyone around you and they enjoy you. Similarly you will enjoy good food and drink now, but be careful not to overdo it. During this time you will tend to take things easy and could prodice a lazy streak. This is not a good time for getting very much work done, because it often brings out a lazy streak. One exception to this is that you may feel like working to beautify or otherwise improve your home. You need beautiful surroundings, and you will work to get them. This is a good time for love relationships. This influence by itself is too fleeting to start a major relationship, but it certainly is a help.

Kyle Busch, born 2 May 1985

Kyle’s Mars entered his 10th house ( The House of Fame and Fortune) on June 28th and is active through the middle of Aug.
More than any other, this influence arouses your ambition to achieve. If you can identify with a project, you will work extremely hard at it until it is done. It is especially important now that you find an independent project that requires your individual initiative and effort. You should try to gain independent authority in your work at this time because you are not likely to be very tolerant of other people’s authority over yourself. You prefer to be your own boss. But your energy will make an impression upon people who are in a position to help you, as long as you do not challenge them unduly. Conflicts with coworkers may arise if they feel threatened by your efforts to get ahead. You should try to play down such conflicts unless something real is at stake.
His ‘scope for tomorrow:
Today during the day you may feel like being alone with your thoughts and feelings. Your mood is not usually bad or depressed, you simply desire to be calm and reflective. But you are probably not in the mood for frivolity. You prefer the company of serious people, if any, and you want the conversation to be about important topics. Under this influence you may feel the need to consult someone whose higher vantage point you respect. You are able to balance your emotional needs with your sense of duty and obligation. While you are aware of your feelings, you do not let them overwhelm you. In all proceedings you are thrifty and careful. You are also very careful and thorough in your approach to any kind of work now. It is not likely that you will have to do any task over, nor will anyone else have to clean up after you.

Jeff Gordon, born 4 August 1971

During this time you may try to assert your individuality in a relationship. Sometimes this occurs when you feel that you are giving too much in a relationship and getting too little, and your partner is resentful. Any successful relationship, especially a sexual one, is a delicate balance between the needs and desires of each person as an individual ego and their desire to achieve meaning through a relationship. The equilibrium is very delicate and easily upset now. At this time the two of you have to define what you want from each other. It is sometimes necessary to be quite explicit about what you want, because whatever is left unsaid may very well be the main source of conflict between you. ( Might this be reflecting the crew chief issue? Remember, references to sexual issues also reflect aggression and competition.)

Kasey Kahne, born 10 April 1980
Mercury in the 11th House Valid during several months:
During this time you tend to think about your goals and expectations in life. You will examine your ideals to find out exactly how well they have served you and to what extent you have attained them. You should also think about whether your goals are really your own or whether they are in part other people’s goals that you have adopted for yourself. In the latter case, decide whether these goals are appropriate for you. At this time you need and will have more verbal and intellectual exchanges with friends and with other groups that you are associated with. Talking over your problems with friends will be especially helpful in reaching an objective viewpoint. But keep in mind that talking things over with friends cannot free you from prejudices and preconceptions that are held by the entire group.

Jamie McMurray, born 3 June 1976

Today during the day you are in touch with your feelings to an unusual extent and are more able to express them to others. You probably lack the psychological tension that usually drives people to talk about their feelings, but you can listen most sympathetically to other people’s problems now. The insight into your own feelings and the psychological equilibrium that you have now may enable you to offer effective help to others. This influence also signifies a state of balance between your feelings and your rational intellect. That is, you are able to think with great emotional sensitivity but still remain logical in your thought processes. Communications with women will be easy and quite favorable at this time, regardless of your own sex. And encounters with women may be quite informative in a positive way.

Kevin Harvick, born 8 December 1975

Mercury Trine Uranus Valid during several weeks:
This is a very stimulating influence that will make you feel more alive and awake mentally than at any other time. Although your thinking may be somewhat lacking in care and discipline, you will make up for this in the scope of your intuition. This is an excellent day to tackle some problem that you have been unable to solve with tried and true solutions. New ideas will come more rapidly than usual. Solutions that have eluded you will be obvious, and your vision will have considerable breadth and scope. Any new phenomenon will interest you, and the idea of traveling to foreign places will be especially appealing. If at all possible, break with your usual routine and go off somewhere, at least for the day. If you do, you will be glad for the freshness that such a break introduces into your life.

Denny Hamlin, born 18 November 1980
Venus Square Med.Coeli

For most people this is a good influence, a time when you will feel like being with another person and expressing your love. However, for some persons at some times, this influence can have a negative effect, almost the reverse of the above. It can make you overly self-involved, so wrapped up in yourself that you do not relate very successfully to others. Or you may demand more love than you are willing to give. But for this to occur there must be a predisposition to it in your nature.

Juan Pablo Montoya, born 20 September 1975
Today you may have to encounter and even oppose powerful pressures and forces exerted upon you, both from without and from within. The way you live and exert your energies will be tested today, perhaps forcing you to make radical changes in the areas of your life that you find are not working very well. The best way to use this influence is to let go of old patterns of behavior that today’s events demonstrate to be invalid. Holding on to them will only make your life more difficult, and if you give them up, you will have room for the positive creative changes that can take place now. Also you may have to contend with the breakdown of machines or situations. Anything that tends not to function very smoothly will work very poorly today. It is time to straighten out the situation or fix up the mechanical problem.
This is a time when you emotionally identify with your possessions or whatever you value. This can lead to a very strong attachment to material objects and a general attitude of possessiveness about them, which can be a problem if someone needs to borrow something of yours, for instance. Or you may unconsciously identify with your own value system to such an extent that you feel every challenge to it as a direct challenge to yourself. You may have to defend yourself in areas where you really have nothing at stake. Traditionally this influence is considered to be a bad time to spend money, because your attitudes toward possessions are so conditioned by unconscious drives that you are not likely to make an intelligent decision about buying something based upon your real needs.

David Stremme, born 19 June 1977
Today you feel full of energy, decisive, maybe even belligerent and possibly also ruthless. The physical drive also makes itself clearly felt. At the same time it is possible that you hurt yourself and others when it comes to arguments with people who are very close to you – a good friend or co- worker. As a result of your current, possibly somewhat more self-confident and demanding style, you may unintentionally hurt and provoke your counterpart into delivering a blow below the belt. For this reason, you should now make a conscious effort to be especially careful to respect the feelings and sensitivities of others.

This could very well be a nasty little race.
We will see…
Tally Ho!! Onward LugNutZ!

** My new favorite word?


NASCAR’s Martin Truex Jr. ~ Happy Birthday! 6 mo. Astro-Forecast

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Happy Birthday to Martin Truex Jr!Here is Martin's scope that sets the tone for the next year, his personality portrait, and his 6 month Forecast:

Martin Truex JR, born 29 June 1980

Today is your astrological birthday, even though it may be different from your calendar birthday.
As would seem appropriate with this transit, today is a day of new beginnings, and the influences that you feel today will affect the entire year to come. However, this does not mean that the whole year will be disappointing if today doesn't work out exactly as planned. You are receiving a new impulse from the energy center within you, as symbolized by the Sun. Therefore any new venture that you start at this time will ride the crest of this new energy and will very likely come to an acceptable conclusion. Whatever you do or begin today will bear the stamp of your individuality more than anything else. This is the day to assert yourself anew.

Martin's personality potrait, based on his Natal chart:
The report was generated with the following birth data: male, born on 29 June 1980 in Mayetta, New Jersey.

Your sun sign is Cancer. This is the sign in which the Sun is in your birth chart. Your Ascendant is in Virgo, and your Moon is in Capricorn.

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Capricorn

You were born with the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn. When you were born, you were basically under the influence of the Sun in Cancer. This gave you a potential to lead a natural life, to enjoy pleasure, and to live as simply as possible. The sign of Cancer also gave you a strong attachment to homelike habits, family, and other domestic elements. Outwardly you tend to restrain your material ambitions - accumulation of things or of power. Capricorn also gives a sense of time; you go into seclusion to plan your long-term projects at any level. Your personality is somewhat cold and antagonistic to people and to certain ideas. You are difficult to win over and be friendly with. The Moon in Capricorn takes away much of the gratification you should find in pleasurable actions.

If you can somehow exert control over your personality, so that your inner core can be reflected on the outside, you will definitely have a smoother and more pleasant life.

Ascendant in Virgo, Mercury in the Tenth House

At the time of your birth the zodiacal sign of Virgo was ascending in the horizon. Its ruler Mercury is located in the tenth house.

This indicates that throughout your life you will assume a reserved, quiet, analytical, critical, and receptive attitude.

Although you are not an individual with a very strong ambition, you possess the ability to persevere and exert ingenuity.

Some selfishness is noted. However, if you are able to counteract this trait with your natural helpful and sympathetic attitude and address your positive qualities to resolve the problems of others then you will accomplish your highest spiritual duties and your degree of consciousness and perception will be expanded.

You are not afraid to work but you like to do things where you can use intellectual resources rather than mechanical ones. There is some independence here but don't try to be forceful about it because Virgo's natural habitat is one in which the person is led by some powerful authority and where the important decisions are best made by others.

You are very attentive to detail and this makes you a good worker, especially so in those jobs that require a great deal of precision and observation. You have a desire for purity and though you don't mind relating to others there is something that you do dislike: continuous intrusion of your privacy. Business and practicality should be very important in your life. Although we are not advising you to turn against your natural traits, which make you slightly reserved, we would suggest that when in love you let yourself relax and respond so as to be able to return some of the affection you are receiving.

Life will find you in many situations in which you will function as advisor and counsellor; make use of these opportunities to project the power of your creativeness.

You are very preoccupied with the attainment of success. Success or failure should occur relative to your own willpower.

You possess the ability to undertake successfully any business related to commissions or dealership: your professional life will be a varied one, and in many instances you will undertake several professions simultaneously.

In business dealings, there is a tendency not to be too factual. Your speech is fluent and your memory is retentive. Apply these to your practical life and you will achieve success.

Mars Conjunct Ascendant

Mars conjunct the Ascendant gives you an inexhaustible supply of energy. You are constantly in motion, but sometimes it is motion without meaning. Lacking self-discipline, you take daring and unnecessary risks when challenged. You want most of all for people to recognize your superiority.

The image you present hides a persistent inferiority complex. You probably win your arguments by making the most noise and wearing out your opponents with unceasing harassment. But you do not need to waste energy this way, because you have enormous creative ability that merely needs to be harnessed to an objective. When you do this, no one can succeed as easily as you can, and with energy to spare.

On the positive side, you are independent and self-confident. You know how to mobilize people and their resources to achieve your objectives.

Venus in the Ninth House

Venus was found in the ninth house at the time of birth. Your mind appears as very adaptable, gentle, peace-loving and tactful. This position indicates that the secret for your ability to reach a state of harmony and emotional balance may come through the use of your higher mental powers. You have been born with an exquisitely refined, artistic mind which has a very subtle appreciation of all that has to do with culture. Your disposition is kind, congenial, gentle and sympathetic and you have a natural ability to assist other individuals.

This position gives you much social intercourse with intellectual persons and success derived therefrom.

Merely minor disabilities will affect you in your intellectual endeavors. The worst that could happen would be an overly inquisitive, indecisive nature that never seems to be satisfied. However, you have within you the ability to avoid these psychological obstacles.

Sun in the Tenth House

The Sun was in the tenth house at the time of birth. The Sun here promises honor, success, and prestige in adult life. Publicly you appear as a vital, proud, powerful person. Your individuality has the need to manifest itself publicly and often to foist its energy on others. You have come to life with a satisfactory physical and moral heredity and you are going to acquire the favorable disposition of many persons of power to assist you in your ascent through life.

Your liabilities include an exaggerated pride, arrogance and a tendency to rely too much on your own resources.

Saturn in the Twelfth House

Saturn was in the twelfth house at the time of birth. This planet may place many unpleasant and annoying obstacles in your life, and intensify the feelings you have about the limitations of your environment.

Your professional honor affects your feelings very much and you are well satisfied when things go well. Destiny may have to teach you to tell the difference between fact and fantasy more clearly.

Certain complexes nest in your subconscious and show up in your mind as hypersensitivity, wanting to be alone and to do things by yourself so no one will know how you feel. You need a bit of humor and self-confidence.

Saturn Conjunct Ascendant

Saturn conjunct the Ascendant indicates that you are conservative and self-disciplined. You tend to be shy about asserting yourself, so people may assume you are indifferent to them.

Your lack of self-confidence will eventually be replaced by self-assurance as you learn through experience to understand yourself. You do not have the kind of aggressive drive that impresses people on first meeting, but you show reliability, and they learn to depend on you.

You are efficient in mobilizing your resources and are sure to realize your goals, but you underestimate your abilities.

Responsible to a fault, you will never let anyone down who depends on you. Learn to love yourself more, so you can feel you deserve the good things in life that you work for so diligently. You can be victimized by people who take advantage of your unwillingness to fight for your rights, but you never forget such incidents.

Planetary positions at birth:

planet sign degree motion
Sun Cancer 8°02'03 in house 10 direct
Moon Capricorn 24°15'49 in house 4 direct
Mercury Cancer 25°03'48 in house 10 retrograde
Venus Gemini 17°05'27 in house 9 retrograde
Mars Virgo 23°58'47 end of house 12 direct
Jupiter Virgo 5°49'56 in house 12 direct
Saturn Virgo 21°24'22 in house 12 direct
Uranus Scorpio 21°53'26 in house 3 retrograde
Neptune Sagittarius 20°50'11 in house 3 retrograde
Pluto Libra 18°58'06 end of house 1 stationary (D)
True Node Leo 20°47'38 in house 11 retrograde
Planets at the end of a house are interpreted in the next house.

House positions

Ascendant Virgo 25°05'10
2nd House Libra 20°54'21
3rd House Scorpio 21°04'40
Imum Coeli Sagittarius 24°22'17
5th House Capricorn 27°50'17
6th House Aquarius 28°29'12
Descendant Pisces 25°05'10
8th House Aries 20°54'21
9th House Taurus 21°04'40
Medium Coeli Gemini 24°22'17
11th House Cancer 27°50'17
12th House Leo 28°29'12

Major aspectsSun Sextile Jupiter 2°12
Moon Opposition Mercury 0°48
Moon Trine Mars 0°17
Moon Trine Saturn 2°51
Moon Sextile Uranus 2°22
Moon Square Pluto 5°18
Moon Trine Ascendant 0°49
Mercury Sextile Mars 1°05
Mercury Sextile Saturn 3°39
Mercury Trine Uranus 3°10
Mercury Sextile Ascendant 0°01
Venus Square Saturn 4°19
Venus Opposition Neptune 3°45
Venus Trine Pluto 1°53
Mars Conjunction Saturn 2°34
Mars Sextile Uranus 2°05
Mars Square Neptune 3°09
Mars Conjunction Ascendant 1°06
Saturn Sextile Uranus 0°29
Saturn Square Neptune 0°34
Saturn Conjunction Ascendant 3°41
Uranus Sextile Ascendant 3°12
Neptune Sextile Pluto 1°52
Neptune Square Ascendant 4°15
Numbers indicate orb (deviation from the exact aspect angle).

6 month Forecast:

Jupiter opposition Venus: Lavish tastes
Mid February 2007 until end of October 2007:

This is usually a very pleasant influence, indicating harmony in relationships and perhaps even a new relationship that will be of great significance in your life. You want love very much, and you are able to give it to those around you.

This influence encourages a taste for the lavish and beautiful, and you are not likely to let much stand in the way of what you want. Therefore you must be careful not to waste valuable resources and squander money. If you are cautious, it is possible to make excellent investments at this time, but only if you examine all of the possibilities very carefully. This influence has the negative attribute of carelessness, so you must concentrate on being careful.

On the physical level, this influence signifies the danger of gaining weight, because it stimulates your desire for rich, sweet and otherwise fattening foods. It may be necessary to avoid such food for awhile.

Neptune sextile Neptune: Positive reforms
Mid February 2007 until beginning of December 2008:

This is a time of new awakening to a sense of what your life is about. Before this time you have been working to establish your sense of who you are in the community of adults, and by now you probably have a pretty clear idea about that. But you may also have discovered that what you are doing with your life is not entirely appropriate. You may conclude that in the past you were motivated by too narrow a conception of what you are, by a need for security, or simply by petty ego-drives. Now you will begin to see your life in terms of a larger perspective. You should do whatever is necessary to make sure that you can live according to this new understanding.

This influence does not arouse your sense of idealism particularly, but it does make you see that the universe is a very large place, and you are a much larger part of it than you have realized.

You may be attracted to rather mystical ideas, but they will have meaning only according to how they affect your everyday world. At this time you don't need more abstractions to chase around - you need to make positive reforms in your life. And you will do so!

This influence will cause you to cut away your past and reorient your life in accordance with the larger vision you have now. The many changes that occur may seem somewhat scary, but they are ultimately for the best. You will find new freedom in a new consciousness.

Saturn conjunction Jupiter: Weather forecast
Mid October 2007 until end of July 2008:

This influence can represent different things to different people. It can be an opportunity for very careful sustained growth through patient endeavor. Or it can be a period of extreme restlessness and impatience.

During this time you may expect any of the following: a change of job or residence; a change in financial status, often for the worse; withdrawal from others in order to work; fondness for solitude; industry and perseverance.
Two attributes probably determine which kind of effect you will experience. First of all, if you are disciplined and persevering you will react with patience to the energies of this influence.

But even more important is your attitude toward the areas of your life that this influence may affect. You will persevere with the areas of your life that you are contented with, and you will work even harder on them than otherwise. In those areas of your life that seem oppressive you will experience tension and the desire to rebel against limitations.
It is difficult to say whether you are justified in being impatient with the areas of restriction in your life. Certainly you are more than justified in trying to improve your life. You will have to decide whether to cut off some element or build it up to a higher level. Either response may be appropriate.

Jupiter conjunction Neptune: A sense of compassion
2 November 2007 until 12 November 2007:

During this time your ideals will be aroused as they seldom are at other times, and you will approach life with a greater sense of compassion. People who cannot help themselves will win your sympathy especially, whether you encounter them personally or through working with others in a charitable enterprise. Your primary concern is to help individuals by giving them a hand. You may be less concerned with transforming the social order that has given rise to the conditions that oppress the people you are dealing with.

Your interest in spiritual, religious and mystical philosophy is likely to grow at this time, and you may become involved in a group that is studying these subjects. This world no longer seems to meet your needs adequately, so you have to turn inward to find a world that can give you what you really need. Here, too, you will discover that the ego's drives for self-gratification and self-assertion may be the major factors in preventing you from getting what you want out of life. At this time the demands of the ego must be quieted at least a little, so you can hear what the inner self is really saying.

Unfortunately there is another side to this influence, which you should watch for. Some people develop a feeling of false happiness, like living in the dream world of an opium smoker, with no basis in reality. You may feel that everything is all right when it is not, or you may feel that you can do anything you want and get away with it. That is why this influence is often associated with gambling or taking risks with limited resources, often with disastrous results. This is not a very good time for investments, not because you will necessarily lose out, but because you just won't know for sure, and you will be tempted to gamble even when it is a poor risk. For the same reason, in business deals be sure you are not the victim of a massive misrepresentation.

With this influence it is best to avoid purely selfish concerns, for when your actions are thus motivated you are most likely to encounter its negative side.

Jupiter conjunction IC: Your inward needs
19 November 2007 until 28 November 2007:

This is a time for expansion and growth in your innermost personal life, a time when you will seek security at home and with your immediate family. It may be necessary to reexamine your past life to find out what it can teach you about yourself. But this should not be a source of anxiety. In fact, you should feel quite good about what you learn at this time. Your parents may be able to assist you considerably in this process.

The symbolism of this influence is that you incorporate more and more of the outer world into your innermost life. Certainly it would be a good expression of this symbolism to improve your existing home and make it more comfortable.

At this time you should do everything to ensure that your personal life is as comfortable and secure as possible. You need to have a feeling of inner peace and security in order to continue to move out in the world. In fact you should not think so much about outward success now as about the more personal and inward needs that we have discussed here.

This is the time to tie up any loose ends in your personal life, straighten out any relationships that are not working well, any leftovers from your past life that are still affecting the present adversely. To do this you may have to speak to others very openly about yourself and your innermost thoughts.
So this is a good time to settle and put down roots. The feeling of belonging to a place and a group of people is very important to you now. You don't have to do this in a way that limits your freedom of movement, and during this time it is very unlikely that you will do so. But everyone needs a solid home base so that they can feel at peace in their other activities. If you don't make an effort to construct such a base now, you will have difficulty later when your principal concerns are turning elsewhere.

Jupiter square Ascendant: On the lookout
23 November 2007 until 2 December 2007:

This is usually an excellent time for most kinds of relationships, but there are some pitfalls. Basically this influence signifies a desire to grow and advance through contacts with others. Probably you are willing to give as much as you get, although in some people this influence triggers a desire for advantages through others without giving anything in return. In fact as they get ahead, such people act arrogantly toward everyone, even those who helped them. This causes others to reject them, and when they hit hard times there is no one to help them out.

But this result is totally unnecessary, and all you have to do to avoid it is to keep a sense of humility and recognize what others have done for you. With this influence you have the potential to become a truly better person, but only if you keep these warnings in mind.
Quite frequently this influence brings a seemingly "lucky" chance through a friend or associate. But it is not luck so much as the fact that you are very sharply on the lookout for opportunities that can benefit you. Your sense of timing is very acute, and your sensitivity to others and their needs is greater than usual. That is one reason why it is so bad to ignore others' needs, because you don't even have the excuse of ignorance.

Benefits can come to you in either your personal and domestic life or in your work. There may be an opportunity to make money or to make improvements in your home that will make it much more pleasant. Or you may meet people who will help you learn more about the world and expand your view of it in various ways. You have to be willing to let this happen, however, which means you must be receptive. This is another area in which being arrogant brings the risk that you will get nothing of lasting value out of this period.

Planetary positions planet sign degree motion

Sun Cancer 8°02'03 in house 10 direct
Moon Capricorn 24°15'49 in house 4 direct
Mercury Cancer 25°03'48 in house 10 retrograde
Venus Gemini 17°05'27 in house 9 retrograde
Mars Virgo 23°58'47 in house 12 direct
Jupiter Virgo 5°49'56 in house 12 direct
Saturn Virgo 21°24'22 in house 12 direct
Uranus Scorpio 21°53'26 in house 3 retrograde
Neptune Sagittarius 20°50'11 in house 3 retrograde
Pluto Libra 18°58'06 in house 1 stationary (D)
True Node Leo 20°47'38 in house 11 retrograde

House positions (Placidus)Ascendant Virgo 25°05'10

2nd House Libra 20°54'21
3rd House Scorpio 21°04'40
Imum Coeli Sagittarius 24°22'17
5th House Capricorn 27°50'17
6th House Aquarius 28°29'12
Descendant Pisces 25°05'10
8th House Aries 20°54'21
9th House Taurus 21°04'40
Medium Coeli Gemini 24°22'17
11th House Cancer 27°50'17
12th House Leo 28°29'12


Jupiter opposition Venus Mid February 2007 until end of October 2007
Neptune sextile Neptune Mid February 2007 until beginning of December 2008
Saturn conjunction Jupiter Mid October 2007 until end of July 2008
Jupiter conjunction Neptune 2 November 2007 until 12 November 2007
Jupiter conjunction IC 19 November 2007 until 28 November 2007
Jupiter square Ascendant 23 November 2007 until 2 December 2007

NASCAR Odds for Fantasy, Wagering and Betting

I have been amazed at the number of people who take sports betting and NASCAR odds very seriously. I have a fantasy team or two myself, some of which are doing very well, and some of which are not, depending on what system I am using. When I am in Nevada, I bet like crazy. I tend to be a very lucky gambler, no matter what I wager on. (O.K. I missed last years Cup winner by a couple points, I humbly admit, and still owe Bab’s a car.)
The system that I use Astrologically seems to be working the best for me, as long as I remember to set my teams:)

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BetUS is not just the best for NASCAR Odds and NASCAR Betting. They are the best that I have seen.They offer stats and odds on all Sports, plus Casino and Poker.
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NASCAR Hammered

“If I were a NA$CAR Hammer”


If I were a hammer,
I’d hammer Teresa Earnhardt,
I’d hammer Chad Knaus and
Steve Letarte too.

I’d hammer Dale Jr.
I’d hammer Tony Stewart,
I’d hammer Kurt Busch and Zippi,
Kyle Busch and Tony Eury…
All over NA$CAR Land.

But I will change my rule books!
I’ll change them as I want to!
I’ll change them in inspection, in practice,
In the middle of the races!
Whoa -oh!
Just because I can.

So watch out all you race teams!
I’m coming with my hammer!
I’m coming for to get you!
More money for The Man.

I am coming in the morning
I’m coming in the evening
I’m coming in the trailer, the track,
the office and the Infield.
To get all the bucks I can.


Jeesh! Spank them…Don’t kill them.
Three strikes you’re out? Since when did NASCAR or NASCAR fan’s become the judge and jury of the penal system, and our teams become criminals? The fines handed down to Knaus and Letarte were way too stiff. What Kurt Busch did was way worse in my eyes and he didn’t even have to sit out a race.
I am disgusted.

Luke at Thunder Lounge wrote a brilliant and much more intelligent post on this subject than I. You can read it here.
Full Throttle’s Marc adds his bit of wisdom here. He backs himself up with the invisible rulebook too.
Charlie Turner, of On Pit Row fame, had a word or two to say about “rules and squirrels” on his blog Bench Racing with Steve and Charlie. “Ditto” says Clance’.
Hope Hammond butchered that hog. There are a lot of starving children in the world.

My GF Tex, one of the best blogger’s out there, disagrees with us. Her post is insightful and intelligent as always. We will just have to agree to disagree.

The day the Three Strikes You’re Out Rule (unless illegal drugs are involved), is, if ever, implemeted for “Creative Engineering”, is the day I may consider my Sacred Sport desicrated, put on Marc’s foil hat, and deem the sport no longer worthy of my worship.

NASCAR Journalism??

Dear Marc, my favorite person in The Phillipines:

She can’t come into the present. She gets paid to write, unlike those of us who just do our own kind of blabbing.
I agree with you on this post
So much that I am glorifying your infamous way of words for my post.

Personally I think Knaus and Letarte should recieve some big buck bonus everytime they come up with a new creative engineering concept and get caught. Double the $$ if they don’t.

Juan Pablo Montoya take Sonoma ~ John Paul, The Pope of Motorsports wins again!

Need I say anything else…
And She bows…
I kneel in humility to the Pope of Motorsports..,.
In the name of the Gilstrap Brothers… and Robby Gordon…Amen.

OOOH…Laaaaalaaaaa: I know that might be French but I must ask my husband who is fluent in Spanish and very Latino jealous of my obsession with JPM says”:
You are wrong.
It should be said:
Ella arquea… el gran Juan Pablo que Montoya ha probado que él es el papa de Motorsports. Él gana. Otra vez.
Oh! Yes! I agree.

He proved that, yes..JPM is a Champion. He is.I may have also sucked down a glass or two too much Merlot. Yup. I deserved it. My Tony did fairly well too, didn’t he?
The most impressive performance above all? Jeff Gordon. Wow. Congrats to all.
Dale Jarrett even finished the race running. WOW!! YAY!!
robby.jpgThere is nothing I love more than a road race, tho I was sick for Robby. What a performance. Yes… He will and always will be my driver, when it comes to a road race. Great job Robby. You proved that you also have what it takes to prove your worth ( as if it is needed) in a major NA$CAR race.
Way to go.

Nascar in Sonoma~ Congrats to Juan Paul Montoya

Ella arquea en humildad… Triunfos de John Paul Montoya en tolerancia y humildad. John Paul Montoya, el papa de Motorsports prueba que él es cuáles él es. Un campeón.