NASCAR ~ 12:12 and Ryan Newman is back!

ryannose.jpg12:12. How lucky is that? Today Ryan took the pole with a very special significance. In his 40th career tie, he hit the 12:12 mark, which in numerology signifies a new dimensional door opening. The luckiest opening possible. I am jumping for joy for him. 12:12 is the number of manifistation. The number that shows triggered awakening. A special time for Ryan to define, visualize and create exactly what he wants in his life. Go for it Ryan. The Rocketman is back and back with a passion and Universal energy that is the best that can be. This continues with Ryan through 2008.
Congrat’s to Jr., Bobby Labonte, for a fine run, and to Dale Jarrett, MIKEY, and Jeremy Mayfield for getting in the race on merit. I will be posting Kyle Petty’s natal chart and 6 month scope a little later.
Again!! Way to go Ryan!


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  1. I’m on board. Newman would be looking real good right now if it weren’t for the blown engine last week. Not to mention, he seems to do reasonably well in the COT.

    His season is improving and I hope it continues throughout the rest of the year. He really needs to make the chase this year…..and win it of course.

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