NASCAR ~ RIP Mr. France~ Truex wins Dover~ Ryan Newman Live Tonite! ~ Kurt Busch Contest

truex-win.jpgCongrats to Martin Truex Jr. on his first NEXTEL Cup win. It’s about time he marked his territory somewhere besides the tire on his car:) He ran a great race.

Robby Gordon got a top 10!! Wahooo!!

BIG CONGRATS AND “I TOLD YOU SO” to Ryan Newman on his second place finish. It will just keep getting better from here as Ryan continues through his transits that recently began. Flying Ryan the Rocketman may have had a slow spell, but he is back and the Force is with him. Keep looking for him to just get better each week. Zoooom!!
FYI. Our Flying Ryan the Rocketman is is confirmed scheduled tonite live at 6:30 EST On Pit Row. If anyone can’t listen, they can still call at 877-502-8255 either before during or after the interview.
There will be a prize or two given away, including a #12 1/24 diecast car from The Church of The Great Oval, so make sure you catch this great opportunity.

The winning is just a matter of time. It’s coming. SOON.

Gillette Young Guns presented another chat this morning at with Kurt Busch. Now I have to say I was pretty ticked at My Favorite Alien yesterday when he bashed into Tony intentionally on pit row. Then again…it was good to see the “Elder Alien” Kurt back again. kurt-live-chat.jpg The “Earthling Kurt” was at the chat this morning. Here is the transcript from the chat. I am currently taking submissions of essays of 10 words or more on “Why Kurt Busch is or is not an Alien”. Three random essays will be chosen from the submissions and will recieve a Gillette Young Guns item for a prize. All prizes have been provided by Gillette Young Guns, although the contest and winners are solely the responsibility of Clance’ McClannahan and The Church of The Great Oval.

Please leave your essay in the commentary for all to see, and email it to me, with your email contact address, so I can get a hold of you, should you be the lucky winner’s, to

Kurt Busch Live Chat Transcript

A huge thanks to Kurt Busch for taking time to chat with GYG fans earlier today. For those of you who missed the chat, here’s the transcript:

Moderator: Welcome Kurt. Thanks for chatting with us today.
Moderator: Since we only have 30 minutes, we’ll get started with the questions…
Kurt Busch: My pleasure.
im4kurtbusch: What do you do during your spare time?
Kurt Busch: Well it’s always fun and exciting to find a moment of spare time
Kurt Busch: When I get the chance I love outdoor activities like golf or skeet shooting. Even a day out on the lake is a fun way to relax.
GoArmy01: Do you think you’ll get a win this year?
Kurt Busch: I think a win is right around the corner. Our team is coming together real strong and each week we make solid improvements in making our Dodge faster
Kurt Busch: I like some of our chances at some of these big tracks coming up like Michigan. We had a really strong car at Daytona 500.
im4kurtbusch: How do you feel about the Car of Tomorrow?
Kurt Busch: I feel like the car is a great idea along with the safety implements as well as the better racing we’ve seen
Kurt Busch: Over time this time this car will definitely lead us into the future. Like most things that are new it just takes time for it to develop and for people to get a better opinion about it.
Nascar_Babe: Hey snow angel, i was wondering why u started doing snow angels on the ground after a win? ive been calling you snow angel ever since. and i am homping one of these days it will catch on and then every one will be calling you that.
Kurt Busch: The first race that I won with Penske was at Bristol. My favorite race track as well as a lot of the fans favorite race track and the day that I won I think that it was about 40 degrees outside. That was one of the coldest races in history
Kurt Busch: In seemed fitting for the day and it carried on with other wins.
kosburn1: Have you noticed the fans giving you more respect then in the past? You sure do deserve it!
Kurt Busch: It’s definitely great to have the Kurt Busch fans out there cheering for us every week
Kurt Busch: It seems as if as time goes on we get more fans. It’s great to have their support and we’re going out there to win every race for them.
katie90: How’s the transition going with Troy?
Kurt Busch: Things seems to be going smoothly. Troy is a very smart low key kind of guy
Kurt Busch: He’s done a great job at absorbing the tough role as a crew chief in a short amount of time
Kurt Busch: His experience grows each week and he surprises me with how quickly he’s catching on.
GoArmy01: Do you prefer the current car over the COT?
Kurt Busch: I’m in the same boat that everybody else is. We just need to choose one car
Kurt Busch: I believed NASCAR realized that and they announced very early that we’ll be running the COT full-time next year
Kurt Busch: I was a fan of the new car in the beginning and still am a fan of it.
Highflying9916: If you did not make it as a driver what would you being doing right now?
Kurt Busch: I’d be somewhere in the racing industry. If it’s in your blood it’s in your blood. You can’t get rid of it
Kurt Busch: Whether I’d be a crew guy or on the marketing side of it, I’d still be in racing.
in2deep: Kurt, do you keep in touch with your old team mates?
Kurt Busch: Absolutely. It’s real easy to talk to them whether it’s at the track or away from the track
Kurt Busch: Driving in NASCAR these days is similar to a fraternity where sometimes you’re able to spend some afternoons or weekends with your buddies.
CapnChaos: Have you ever raced at the Nashville speedway ? Any plans ?
Kurt Busch: I’ve done a little bit of testing at the Nashville Super Speedway. It’s a great racetrack that deserves a NASCAR Nextel Cup date
Kurt Busch: I’d love to race there but the schedule is so grueling that it will make it tough to get there to race between all of the Cup races.
im4kurtbusch: I love to go to Bristol and watch you race? Do you think you run better there than anywhere else.
Kurt Busch: Bristol is my favorite track
Kurt Busch: I love the short track atmosphere especially during night races
Kurt Busch: But of all the short tracks Bristol is my favorite.
Forward16: i’ve been hearing a lot about the upcoming TV show…what was it like teaching celebrities how to drive race cars??
Kurt Busch: It was really fun seeing the celebrities out of their element! It was entertaining watching them as well as teaching them
Kurt Busch: I believe they now have a good apprecaition for how hard racing really is
Kurt Busch: I think you’ll enjoy watching it.
GoArmy01: What are your thoughts on hendrick domanance with the COT and otherwise?
Kurt Busch: I believe there’s other strong teams out there that just quite haven’t had the perfect days that the Hendrick cars have had
Kurt Busch: The Penske cars have been strong as well the Gibbs cars. I think Hendrick just got out of the box a little quicker than most teams but the gap is definitely closing.
GoArmy01: If you were trapped on an island and could only bring 3 things with you, what would you bring?
Kurt Busch: Well I’d have to bring my Fusion Power Phantom razor
Kurt Busch: I’d definitely have to bring satellite TV so that I could watch Fast Cars & Superstars
Kurt Busch: And probably miss out on Miller Lites if I didn’t bring some with me.
kosburn1: Any plans on racing any more Busch races this year?
Kurt Busch: I’ll be racing 2 more as of right now
Kurt Busch: Heading back to Watkins Glen in August to defend our race title that we won there last year
Kurt Busch: And then I’ll be out in Kansas later this year as well in October I believe.
im4kurtbusch: Which Roush member would you say you were closest to?
Kurt Busch: Probably Matt Kenseth. He was formerly a Gillette Young Gun and the 2 of us worked out of the same race shop for many years so the racing relationship turned into a personal relationship as well.
kosburn1: what’s a typical race morning like for you?
Kurt Busch: Well it starts out with quite a few autograph sessions. Most important is seeing the race fans on Sunday morning and I’ve been at my souvenir rig for the past 7 years so that the fans can come by and see their favorite driver
Kurt Busch: After we do that there might be a sponsor hospitality event. Shortly after that it’s off to the drivers meeting
Kurt Busch: And then I always make time to have a lucky turkey sandwich right before the race.
purefaith: Who would your all time racing hero be? Or do you have one?
Kurt Busch: It would have to be my father. He didn’t race in NASCAR but he raced locally back in Las Vegas
Kurt Busch: When I was a kid growing up there was always a race car in the garage and it was his race car so I looked up to him as my mentor and as my hero
Kurt Busch: In fact with Father’s Day coming up I’ll be sure to get him a basket of Fusion Power Phantoms.
in2deep: Kurt, if you could choose any track in another country like Canada or Japan to race at, what country would you choose to race in?
Kurt Busch: It would probably have to be the Monaco Grand Prix in the Cote d’Azure
Kurt Busch: The excitement of that race captivates me like no other race and as historic as it is it would be something very special to me to have the chance to race in it.
katie90: If I remember correctly, you have been a Gillette Young Gun from the very beginning? What’s that been like?
Kurt Busch: Gillette has been a great partner to work with. Not only do they support us in racing they make great products too from the Mach 3 Turbo to the current Fusion Power Phantom their products are always “the best that a man can get”
Kurt Busch: We always do a lot of innovative things marketing wise like the prank commercials and the upcoming reality TV show. It’s a blast to film those pieces as well as to mingle with the other drivers and celebrities.
Highflying9916: I would like to be a driver one day. Do you have any words of advice for me?
Kurt Busch: The best advice I would give is when you first start out keep it on a level where you’re having fun
Kurt Busch: Don’t push too hard and don’t take it too seriously
Kurt Busch: The other advice I can give is what my father gave me which is bring the car home in one piece so that you can keep moving forward instead of having to work on it all the time.
Moderator: ok we have time for one last question today….
Highflying9916: Who is the driver you most respect in the garage?
Kurt Busch: That would have to be Jeff Gordon. He’s a 4 time champion and continues to rack up serious stats. The guy came into our sport and changed the face of marketing which allows drivers like myself to team up with great sponsors (like Gillette)
Kurt Busch: It’s all about the almighty marketing power and it’s great to be teamed up with Gillette and all of their associated companies.
Moderator: We’d like to thank Kurt for taking time out of his busy schedule to chat with us today. We look forward to watching you in “Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race: Fast Cars & Superstars” which premieres on ABC this Thursday at 8 pm Eastern.
Moderator: Good luck in the Chase!
Kurt Busch: Thanks everyone! I’ll be signing autographs at the Phantom display in the souvenir row from 8:15 a.m. to 9:15 a.m. on Jun. 16 at Michigan Int’l Speedway so I hope to see some of you there.

There you go. Email me your essays…and don’t forget: Our Flying Ryan the Rocketman is is confirmed scheduled tonite live at 6:30 EST On Pit Row. If anyone can’t listen, they can still call at 877-502-8255 either before during or after the interview.

“The winning is just a matter of time.”
** By the way…Ryan will be on the next Gillette Young Guns / Sportsmates chat. Keep posted. Prizes will be flying again at The Church of the Great Oval on that special day.

Tally Ho!! Onward LugNutZ!


**Transcript printed with permission Gillette Young Guns



  1. I have nothing to offer on the contest as yet, maybe after some more thought. (it’s hard to think like an alien)

    But I will offer an update on Robbie’s weekend.

    Gordon also placed second overall and second in class in the SCORE off-road event in San Diego over thew weekend.

  2. Only an Alien would think he could try to run over Tony’s jackman and get away with it. Plus, just look at the freak. Kurt is an Alien!

    There… that’s more than 10 words.

    What? He respects he who shall not be named the most? I was almost asleep reading that interview until that part.

  3. A cranial splogger? With a NASCAR cesspool buried somewhere.
    Just to clarify this ain’t your usual splogger. Your a special splogger Marc.

  4. Ryan is really just on a roll. He’s coming off of two poles and his best finish of the season. I was listening to his Alltel Racing Podcast this week on and he really is just back in it. If you don’t listen weekly, you have to tune-in. Every week, Ryan talks about all the hottest things in the sport. This week he gives races fans a sneak preview of the Gillette Young Guns television show. If you didn’t know already he and his celebrity team are featured on June 14. He also says that he is confident the team will bring home the checkered at either Pocono or Michigan!! Go Rocketman!

  5. If I had a quarter for each time I came to… Great writing!

  6. If I had a penny for every time I came here! Superb read.

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