Matt Poole’s NASCAR Dreams are coming true!

Just in from my Birthday Brother Matty Star Man! (See? I already have him nicknamed!)
For Immediate Release


Lafferty Motorsports of Concord, NC is pleased to announce that Matt Poole of Pittsville, MD will be driving the Lafferty Motorsports Street Stock Chevrolet Monte Carlo in Matt’s very first race on Saturday, July 21 st, 2007. The race will be at one of racing’s most famous short tracks, Hickory Motor Speedway in Hickory, NC. Lafferty Motorsports fields an entry in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, the ARCA Remax Series, as well as Late Models and Street Stocks. Lafferty Motorsports is a subsidiary of Lafferty Engine Creations, a nationally recognized leader in combustion technology. LEC is known for being one of the best engine building companies in NASCAR.

Lafferty Motorsports, through the guidance of Chris Lafferty and his crew, is giving Matt Poole his introduction into racing through their Driver Development program. Matt Poole is “living his dream” of being a race car driver, with a unique approach to the opportunity. Matt is honoring the memory of loved ones lost. His mother, Peggy Poole passed away from a sudden heart attack in January, 2003. More recently, in May of 2005, one of his dearest friends, Tonya Schultz, was brutally murdered by her husband, who killed her in front of their two young children. After enduring these tragedies in his life, Matt began to actively pursue his dream of racing. He has dedicated any potential race winnings to be donated to the American Heart Association in his mother’s memory, and to the Victory Junction Gang Camp in Tonya’s memory. The donations will be made on behalf of Matt, and his car owner Chris Lafferty, and potential sponsors.

On Friday, June 1st, 2007, Matt drove the Lafferty Motorsports Street Stock at Hickory Speedway. Matt posted some of the fastest lap times of his development, which began in February, 2007. His consistency and speeds have improved with each and every test, and Chris Lafferty feels confident in putting Matt behind the wheel for his first race.

“Matt has made great progress testing the Craftsman Truck, the Late Model, and the Street Stock car, and has done extremely well in the different types of race cars” said Chris Lafferty. “As a result, we are taking Matt’s development to the next level, by entering him in his first race. I am very pleased with the way Matt has listened and learned during his testing, and I want to see his racing dream come true. The Street Stock Series at Hickory is a great starting point to get Matt seat time. It’s been great watching him progress every time he gets in one of my race cars”

“This is my racing dream coming true” said Matt Poole after his most recent test at Hickory. “This is what I have been chasing after for the last four and a half years, and thanks to Chris Lafferty, that dream is coming true. This is in honor of my mother, and my friend Tonya, two of my best friends in the world. Each and every race I run will be dedicated to them, and I simply cannot thank Chris enough for giving me the opportunity to live my dream of being a race car driver. And to run my first race at a track like Hickory Motor Speedway, where so many legends have driven before me, is really an awesome feeling, a feeling that I cannot put into words. I’m really looking forward to it”

Potential sponsors are cordially invited to visit Matt Poole’s website,, or contact Matt Poole at (410) 251 – 2877. You may also visit the Lafferty Motorsports website, or call (704) 795 – 5375 for more information on how your company can go to Victory Lane with Matt Poole.


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