NASCAR’s Funniest?

Wrigley’s Sweetest Ride Sweepstakes running at, created Motor Whirled, a humorous behind-the-scenes interview with their drivers David Stremme, Juan Pablo Montoya, Reed Sorenson, Kasey Kahne to get their thoughts on what makes the sweetest ride. Funny!!
Check it out here. You’ll laugh. I promise.

P.S. I knew by Kurt’s scope he wouldn’t get suspended. I didn’t want him too. Who would give Tony, Robby, Boris, and Jeff Gordon a run for the money in the road races? I love watching him drive a road race almost as much as I love road races. Last years Sonoma finish with Robby was the best!! Almost. Robby didn’t win.



  1. tee-hee! That was cute. John Paul wears Depends? And his assistant dresses him. Who knew? Stremme comando, eh?

    Loved seeing Robby get a top 10 at Dover.

    Kurt it certainly an alien. Are you sure his scope is valid here on Earth. I mean, was he really born here or on another planet?

  2. Hey Clance, like the new hang-out. Haven’t been by in awhile. I notice my blog dropped off your blog roll, sorry I hadn’t been updating it in awhile. I’ve started getting back into the swing of things, and actually plan to start live blogging the events on Twitter. Check me out again 😉

  3. Watch Juan Pablo at the road courses.

    Stremme’s cute? How sexist.

  4. Me?? Sexist? How dare ya!!
    Bet your butt Stremme is cute.

  5. Oh! You were talking to Bab’s.
    Yeah…she would say the same thing and then send you a really sexy pic of ElSad.

  6. Hello, Any fan of david stremme interested in a mounted piece of sheet metal from his#41 wrigley’s charger? cool piece of memorabilia. Won on contest site. Thought someone would appreciate it. Can email a pic if interested.

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